Foxy Brown Let Off The Hook In Alleged BlackBerry Beatdown

Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown’s BlackBerry assault suit has been thrown out, according to the New York Post.

Reportedly On Monday (April 27) Justice Robert Miller of the Brooklyn Supreme Court dismissed the suit, ruling that the rapstress was never actually served with legal papers.

Brown, born Inga Marchand, was sued by her Prospect Heights neighbor Arlene Raymond last year over an incident dating back to July of ‘07 where she allegedly struck the woman with her BlackBerry phone. – Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    I’m still into her like it’s ’96. Don’t ask me why….

    • $ykotic

      Cause the picture is from then! LOL

      She’ll be iight. Know shorty from the dirtbomb days.

    • Big Perm

      Damn I didn’t know Blackberry had a “knock a nigga out!” app? Where can I download that shit!?




    LMAO her name is Inga Marchand?!?!?! No wonder she went with Foxxy Brown.

  • El Tico Loco

    Inga can get the Pinga real talk.


    she’s a bad mamma jamma… sorry couldnt help it. she is fine though. but XXL, ya’ll dont gotta report shit like this man.

  • sealsaa

    Yeah, she hasn’t aged a day, and her tits still look great, while Lil Kim looks like one of the long lost Jackson sisters. Keep hearing that Foxy doesn’t wash her bush, and i’ve heard it more than once.

    • BIGNAT

      she keeps it european down there mwhahahahha

  • sealsaa

    ^ Not cutting it is ONE thing, but not washing it?…I heard that on an especially hot Brooklyn afternoon, you can smell sour dough buscuits baking in her vagine. S’what I heard.

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  • anutha_level

    stank bush or not, i’d still creampie that ho…

  • sealsaa

    ^ You must be pretty hard-up for vagine to take some stank puss. Just be sure to crack a window, lest you fall in face first and suffocate.

    • anutha_level

      lol…will do, will do. good lookin out

  • Tony Grand$

    Maybe that shit happened around the time she started going deaf, & she didn’t know yet.

    Broad was outside smoking a cig with Inga, & she couldn’t understand why her service was so bad.

    “Damn girl, that’s why I fucks with Tracfone’s…”


  • contactmz

    yo foxy brown spits fire.. one of the coldest chicks on the microphone. check out “memory lane” & “fan love” from the UNRELEASED “Ill Nana 2: The Fever” album.. this is hiphop right here.. the game needs her back right now cuz shits weak..bring fire fox.
    foxy brown – memory lane
    foxy brown – fan love

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  • stacks856

    who hits people with phones lol……….

  • south jersey

    who hits people with phones lol………

  • south jersey


  • 11KAP

    yeah, mama! goodlook.

  • fireforreal

    Not really intrested in her music because her career has been over but she still looks good.

  • lostgyrl

    Finally she catches a break!!!

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