Eminem “Relapses” On iTunes, Drops 2 New Songs Before Album Release

iTunes has just announced that they will be debuting two new tracks from Eminem’s comeback album Relapse before his May 19 release date.

The iTunes stores says that the song “Old Time Sake” with Dr. Dre will go up for sale on May 5 and the solo track “Beautiful” will be available on May 12. Both tracks will be onsale for $1.29 a piece, while already released singles “3 A.M.,” “We Made You”  and “Crack A Bottle” are currently available at the service.

Em recently took to the airwaves to reveal further details on his album. Speaking to Angela Yee on his Sirius Shade 45 radio network, the reclusive rapper said he experimented on his flows this go-around. “Dre made a lot of tracks,” he explained, “and I would get to pick through ’em and I tried to pick the ones that would challenge me rhythm wise. I tried to experiment with a bunch of different flows, “ he admitted. “I try to do that every album, but this album I actually got an opportunity to sit down, and go all out with, and try to make every flow different and just pick unique beats.”

Em graces the cover of the new XXL magazine as Marvel comic book character The Punisher, which hits stands on May 5. Relapse is set to come to shelves on May 19, with the sequel to the disc to be released sometime later this year. – Elan Mancini

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  • yoprince

    that explains how he picked the we made you track. i listened to the instrumental and that shit is just crazy. without em on it, it doesn’t even sound like some rap shit.

  • gaddic

    Cool can’t wait til the white boy relapse and please haters don’t post anymore bullshit dissing one of the GOATs. Whatever you sayor do Eminem will go down in history as one of or probaly the genre’s best!(And he ain’t have to die!) Fuck you you sperm drinking cocksuckers!!

  • General

    I’m hopin the next 2 tracks are better than the first 2.
    That 3am had a vicious flow on it, but I’m tired of that corny voice he uses on some of his tracks, just ruins the songs
    Can’t deny his skills are top 5 though

    • big deal

      yo man..i totally get what ur saying, i hate that voice



  • axl rain

    officer ricky!!!!!!!!!! your carreer is oveeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Youngz

    Co-Sign “General” to the fullest!! That 3 a.m. track would have been bangin if em would have used his normal voice. Im so sick of this Irish clown voice he´s started rockin.

  • 6Cubed

    First day sales I say 1.5 millie.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I wont say that high, not without a HIT single. I say under a mill. but high 700′s -800′s.

    • ?

      He has a HIT single foolio.
      We made you just cracked number 7 one the top 100, a career best for him. [[debuting]]

    • ?

      He has a HIT single foolio.
      We made you just cracked the top 100 at number 7, a career best for him [[debuting]]

  • tommy gunz

    so they hittin us up for 1.29 per song now?

    no more .99?

    kiss my asssss

  • venemez

    Fuck it ill pay 1.29 for an Em track.

  • DownSouth

    After the major album sales and awards, Em still cares about being creative with his flows. That’s beautiful. That’s why I support Em. Plus I like Dr Dre beats. May 19 baby!


  • Penelope Rodriguez

    The comment about me not paying $1.29 instead of 99 cents and Eminem being high is mine. I was a little absent-minded. Sorry for the confusion

  • macdatruest

    Fuck two new songs. Niggas usually leak trash. I’ll wait until one of the booey ass niggas I know buy it and just listen to it at school. I aint tryna hear no Encore 2. 3am was another dud. “oooh oooh his flow is crazy” yea crazy as a motherfucker.


    I think the second date is a typo. I don’t think they are being released the on the same day.

  • Ronald Mackio

    Eminem is way better than any rapper that ever walked the planet, damn right I said it. I already listened to “We made you” and “3 a.m. and that shit is crazy. This is the return of the King, Slim is definitely back in the building.