Update: C-Murder Released On $1 Mil Bail

C-Murder has been released on bail after he was sent to jail last month for violating the terms of his house arrest, according to The Times-Picayune.

Judge Hans Liljeberg sent Murder behind bars on March 9th, because he believed the New Orleans rapper allegedly left his house for about 10 minutes. Murder and his attorney claim that he was actually sleeping at the time and the tracking device used to monitor him malfunctioned.

Murder was released today around noon.

As previously reported C-Murder is being charged for the murder of a 16-year-old in 2002. He is due to stand trial a second time for the charges after the first one was ruled a mistrial. – Evanka Williamson

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    Come on C, you gotta chill my nig. They tryna throw you away for good. Keep ya head up. Free Shyne !!! Free A-Mafia !!!


    DAMN C! u one lucky nigga, P money is very long obviously.

  • mo

    So when is his actual trial? Niggas always assume shit before the real facts come out.

  • DV8

    you better not even look outside this time. Dont wind up in the SDN or DDN Tourneys.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Another example of a fake thug!!

    It’s bad enough he had to shoot a liitle kid, because he can’t fight and isn’t smart enough to hire some body guards to do his dirty work, but now this nigga put up 1 million for a get-out-of-jail-card because he’s to pussy to do the time.

    His family could have used that money for when he goes back to jail because the judge is going to throw the book at him for that murder.



      • LB

        A second AMEN…fuckin clown. When you first come to this site, you’d get a kick out of his character, until ya see that dude is TOO MUCH of a character.

    • Junior

      YOU Super DUMB nobody payed 1 million dollars to bail out you clown learn something about the judicial system its 10% of the bond amount in cash, for example, by requiring a $10,000 bond or $1,000 in cash.

      And there aint no such thing as fake thugs in the N.O. you better realize who stays on the capital murder rate. and thats nothing to brag about im just saying. His name is c-murda cause growing up thats all he had seen. Get a clue lame

  • Khayan from the bronx

    Thats a damn shame how they keep letting this nigga go

  • lostgyrl

    Good excuse… I was alseep!


  • Tre

    I don’t fuck with no C-Murder stories. Dude was stealing pac songs back in the day. The nigga “remade” when we ride on our enemies and released it. So disrespectful. Also he called his version “on my enemies”.

    Pac said: “heard the fugees was tryna do me/look bitch I’ll cut your fate this aint no mothafuckin movie”

    C-murder said: “Heard the industry was tryna finish me/ Look bitch I got your drank this aint no mothafuckin hennessey

    Therefore. Fuck a C Murder story


    didn’t he change his name from c murder like 2 years ago? if so, why is this mag still calling him that?

  • giantstepp

    Yeah that was P money that got him out. P cleaned the f&*k up with No Limit and several business moves that should have him set for life. You lucky C to have P for a brother, cuz most of us would be sittn in the joint w/that kinda bail.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Tre !!!!!!!!!!

    I been saying that shit for years !!, I been telling these niggaz since this dude came out he was a Tupac clone !! Even Master P was to a certain extent. Man glad to see somone realizes that shit too. And that was just after that nigga died so it aint no homage shit, its “this niggaz dead, lets steal his whole style”

  • I am legend

    Yall aint neva lied this nigga c murder rode pac nuts and master P stole pac whole image the way they drug out there words was exactly like Pac now i know Pac is the greatest ever and was very influential on the culture but damn.

    • SOLO

      so fucking what? ima major PAC fan but niggas style stealing all the time. if it were u my nigga u’d jack biggie’s etc. style if it was gonna bring in the dough…. then u’d probably say that he was your idol…. fake ass niggas make me sick….