T.I. School Appearance Canceled By NYC Dept. of Education

With only a few weeks left to complete his sentence of 1,000 hours of community service, T.I. is going to have to find a last minute replacement for one of his speaking engagements.

New York 1 reports that an upcoming visit by the Atlanta rap giant to a local Brooklyn middle school has been canceled. Tip was supposed to visit Middle School of the Arts 578 in Crown Heights to lecture the students on the importance of education but the Department of Education nixed the event, stating it was too commercial.

The rapper’s appearance was set to be included in his MTV series T.I.’s Road to Redemption.

The “King of the South” is scheduled to start his one year prison sentence for federal gun charges at the end of the month. – Elan Mancini

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  • Devon

    good Im glad them niggas recongnized a bitch was comin to the building and stop it and Iknow some bitchass ness is bout to start bout this comment

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$


      They must must have the biggest douche nozzle superintendent in the county.

      I finally saw the show last night. I get it, but that “scared straight” shit only works on 9 year olds.

    • RDS

      Ain’t no bitchassness about to start, but in all honesty, the negativity around here is getting played the fuck out real fast…

      And co-sign about the superintendent. What kinda shit is that about?

    • mo

      ha too commercial….in the words of 50 cent: “you commercial I’ll hurt ya”

  • http://www.wtnrradio.com A-Beatz of WTNRRADIO.COM

    It’s a shame. Looks like T.I. could probably help these kids out here at least to think about doing something positive with their energy. Too comercial? Didnt J-Lo go to a Bronx school last year and they let here do that but not T.I.? Hmmmmm…

  • {80′s Babies Killed Hip Hop}

    t.i is going to jail

    • ksa1001

      You’re a bright one.

  • Barry Washington

    respondin to a couple comments of above me on how “scared straight only works on 9 year olds” ha nah dun think so homie, not sure if u ever watched the ORIGINAL scared straight that came out in ’78 but if people ran with that format today (where they have them in a room with actual prisoners) all these young “g’s” would be shitting their brains out . . the kids in the 70′s and back then were a lot tougher than the faggots out there today always duckin behind their mans and quick to pull out a gun cause theyre afraid to take a ass whoopin shit makes me sick

    its good to see TI is tryin to “grow up and straighten his life out” but come on dont fool yourself tip, youre not the right person to be apart of your show you should have just let your uncle try and help out other kids; no young kid wants to get pampered with your phony articulate ass, they want someone they can relate to

    anywhere nuff rantin, with this article does anyone honestly care?

  • lostgyrl

    That sucks!!

  • Marco317

    P.C. going ass coon….