Flo Rida Denies Killing Rabbit

Faced with animal cruelty accusations, Flo Rida denied any involvement on the part of he and his entourage yesterday (March 26).

Though an eyewitness claims to have seen two men kill a rabbit during the tour bus stop in Kentucky on Wednesday (March 25), Rida responded, “While no one in my party was in any way involved in any incident, the media report that I saw was sickening. As an animal lover, I would never want to see cruelty inflicted upon them.”

Kentucky authorities still want to discuss the incident with everyone on the bus, but at the moment, Rida remains on a promo tour for his upcoming album R.O.O.T.S. (Routes of Overcoming The Struggle), in stores April 7.- Devin Chanda

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  • El Tico Loco

    It must be very slow business for police in Kentucky to do a rabbit killing investigation.

  • Joey Montana

    This is news!?

    Tha fuck?


    who gives a FUCK if he DID kill a rabbit

    • Flymasta


  • 239allday

    Shit, I killed some fat rabbit last night nigga!!!

  • tommy gunz

    best headline in the history of xxlmag.com

    “flo rida denies killing rabbit”

    thank u xxl

    • D-Block



    Who gives a fuck about Flo Rida or a fucking Rabbit! They should both Kill thereself! If you cop his album and say your a hiphop fan KILL YOURSELF!

  • big skiz

    dont nobody worry officer rick ross is on the case. carol city cops will get to the bottom of this. then rick ross will go sale 20 tons of yayo in mi yayo at 13 5 a key

  • gkid12345

    Wow now this shit has gotten pretty F*kn ridiculous. “FLO RIDA DENIES KILLING RABBIT” wtf. The law stay tryen to lock up rappers. Get some Lives

  • Penelope Rodriguez


    Has rap gotten so boring that we’re reporting about no-talent having rappers killing rabbits now?

    Rabbits?!?! Who gives a fuck about fucking rabbits!?!?

  • capcobra

    they tryna mike vick him.

  • LB

    This title sounds like it was published through the National Inquirer

  • El Tico Loco

    This is what you get when news and crime are having a slow day.

  • Three4

    This is thaaaaa shit…


    the hottest in hiphop 2day…straight from Iceland!

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Yeah I can see XXL back on their bullshit stories again…

    @El Tico Loco

    I’m surprised that the two are having a slow day seeing how the economy is nowadays LOL

  • Hanch

    Dont try to compare this to Mike Vick!!! Vick Deserved what he got! To treat any animals like that is inhumane and repulsive! Now with dude killing a rabbit that is a little ridiculous although if he did that is kinda of sickening as well. I guess the rabbit scared him or something

    • D-Block

      LMFAO who the fuck is scared of rabbits?

  • hannibal

    hip hop is so fuckin dead

  • cold

    rabbits OR dogs , i don’t care ! NIGGAZ get killed everyday

    • BGZ

      2nd to that.
      Fuck animals, humans are superior.

      God allowed men to kill animals, but forbade to kill his fellow men.
      Torturing animals is some Ozzy Osbourne shit, though.

      • AnothaGangsta

        Animals are precious, loving living creatures and are a whole lot better than your smelly human ass.

      • anothagansta

        Fuck you and your stupid religious shit. animals are precious, loving living and are a whole lot better than your smelly human ass.

  • dave

    i am getting so sick of ppl saying hip hop is dead, get a new fucking saying… heres one…..”hip hop aint dead, you all just choose to sing”(From Aint I(pmg remix)…Ya boy ft b-raw cik.money) such a true line because every1 says hip hop dead because of the auto tune

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    There’s a story in hobojunction.com about how Jim Jones travels with his pet roaches. He says he let’s them roam free & nest in his hair. He has them trained like homing pidgeons & shit. He also talks about Flo Rida’s situation, saying that rabbit meat doesn’t compare to possum.

  • chillin mayne

    jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajja…woooooooooo…tony grands u a trip son…..jajajajaaaaaaaaaa…godayum, godayum!! pet roaches jajajajajajajaja…priceless

  • chillin mayne

    p.s…..no jones

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


  • Trickdd

    This is just a sad day in time we got people robbing cause they don’t have a job to eat we got wars going on in the hoods fuck Iraq nigga there is wars in the USA the only difference is niggas don’t be fucking with Explosives but shit a fucking rabbit man if I was living on the street I would kill a rabbit and roast that bitch if I had to… Flo-Rida is a artist and I’m shirr he has a million if not a couple million and I’m shirr he don’t have the time to catch a fucking rabbit and kill it and how the fuck do you catch a rabbit it is nearly impossible unless it got on there bus some how Lol but still its just a rabbit I wouldn’t do it to one but even if they had the evidence to charge him what would he have to pay a $300 dollar fine

  • foolio_iglesias

    And here I thought after that fiasco in 8 mile Rabbit would kill himself.I was wrong…

  • mizeryluvkompany

    wow wut a big time thug, flo is a bitch, he aint hard, that aint hard 2 tell…lol….lock him up, “wut u up 4 homie”?…”shit, thuggin, kill rabbits”…lol…fake ass

  • fireforreal

    He can’t kill the mic so he gotta kill rabbit’s ? man fuck that nigga lol !

  • makaveli1671

    Did the nigga kill Roger Rabbit too?…lol Who gives a fuck…he should be under close observation for career suicide for that wack ass right round bullshit cuz even if he didn’t kill the rabbit that wack ass song FUCKIN KILLS ME! Lock his ass up for that shit….Oh & in other news Wanda Sykes is gay but who gives a fuck

  • mdb

    the fuck? arent people supposed to eat rabbits anyway?

  • http://yahoo.com DEADGAME

    i assume theres nothing better else to talk about in this rap game, nevermind i take that back cuz dis ngga aint no rapper!

  • Kinky K-Slay

    Oh damn, that so gangsta, he murdered that bunny coz he gettin’ no Playboy Bunnies!

  • MK

    I guess he wanted the boots with the fur…

  • maCaso

    HAHA…some of the funniest sh1t has been said on this forum! Co-Sign errthang

  • http://yahoo.com dbys

    haha bgz killed me wit dat one…”Torturing animals is some Ozzy Osbourne shit, though”.


    Bunny rabbits!!! You bastard!!!

  • real

    Stop Hatin on Flo he’s an artist and you can’t stand it because of his fast success. Please be honest with yourself. Most of you hatin so hard when his music come on you lock yourself in a stray jacket to keep from dancin…. Any way I bought more than 1 album because his new album is uplifting and it don’t make since how people been hatin since he first came out.. Ya’ll need Prayer… Hip hop dead cause we got negative people in our world with negative spirits passing from one to another. be your own man. Stop the hate PEACE!

  • http://yahoo.com DEADGAME

    c’mon man u cnt be serious u think hip hop dead cuz flo rida aint gettin respect from real listeners who listen to real hip hop? real really ur ass need to be preaching on a fuckn dance techno site flo rida aint no fuckn hip hop artist U CNT BE SERIOUS

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