Unfortunately making his first cameo of the year on a police blotter instead of a song, Andre 3000 was arrested for driving 44 miles over the speed limit of a Stockbridge, GA highway early Saturday morning (March 28).

According to Atlanta news network WSBtv, the MC, whose real name is Andre Benjamin, was speeding in his 2007 Porsche Carrera at 109 mph in a 65 mph zone on Interstate 75. "Traveling that fast along I-75, you're passing vehicles almost like they're standing still,” said Capt. Jason Bolton of the Henry County Police. “And it's an accident waiting to happen."

Benjamin told police that he was speeding because he missed an exit and had to turn around. He was released a few hours after his arrest on $1,200 property bond and is scheduled to appear in court on April 29. - Devin Chanda