50 Cent To Drop Two Albums This Year

50 Cent doesn’t have a release date after all, he has two. According to MTV News, the Queens rapper is scheduled to drop two albums this calendar. First, Fif’s long delayed Before I Self Destruct, will drop in June, roughly a month after Eminem’s Relapse. The mogul’s second LP will hit stores later during the year, a month after Em’s Relapse 2.

“And the new announcement is I’m dropping two albums,” Fif told MTV. “I’ve had an opportunity to record since I thought I was releasing this album in December, but the portion of my record that I recorded with Dr. Dre was incomplete because there was no opportunity to mix it. The only song we mixed that I worked on with Dr. Dre was ‘I Get It In’ — that one is out now. It’s cool, but I need the rest of them to be mixed and completed before I can present my project to the public.”-Bruce Moses

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  • http://xxlmag.com Bobby

    Who cares?


  • http://xxlmag.com Bobby


  • Jamal7Mile

    Did he say TWO albums in ONE year? Nope, I don’t believe it.

    • squadwildin

      He said he was droppin a greatest hits cd just to fufill his contract of 5 albums….Come on guys lets get real….it might be a couple new songs on there but to drop a whole full length album wit new material twice in a year is ridiculous

  • DAN


    • Stuey

      Exactly what is was thinkin. He’s trying to keep up with Em, but all the songs hes released have deemed wack as fuck, and i have a feeling his records will too. He’s taking crack a bottle for his album cuz he cant produce a fucking half decent singe. The funny thing is that song would’ve been way better his they dropped his wack ass verse, and let Em spit some more bars.

  • http://xxlmag.com Cal

    When will Fif finally cop out and realize he’s gonna flop regardless of who he copies. Dude can smell Em’s anticipation is hot and he’s riding that gravy train like it was 2002!!!

  • Nate

    Bobby cares. He had to be the first to read and comment on the article like a fat riot prone woman invading the Wal-Mart on New Years Eve, knocking down the workers for the free donuts and then denying she was even there after leaving footprints on the trampled worker…

    50′s that artist that got SO huge that it was old news that he was good. It’s old news that Walmart is a place people shop. But the funny thing like people who use his instrumentals and who bought his albums are the people who read about him, watch his videos, and used to like him, deny his existence or his relevance.

    It’s o.k. that you like 50 Bobby Hill. I won’t tell anybody that you read and comment on his articles.

    Last. wasn’t THAT funny and original…

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$



  • problems

    Oh well..that’s two albums i’m ignoring when i’m in bestbuy then…No one except g unit stans care u droppin that B.I.S.D bullshit so what would make him think we would care less about another one?lmao

  • eastsidemda

    If the first on is B.I.S.D wonder wat the second one gone be called Suicide

    • 2

      that wasnt even funny bitch

  • Jeff

    It would be hilarious if Fif did something like this:
    Bite Nelly’s 2-disc Sweat/Suit cd’s idea. 50 could can it G/Unit and come up with the usual lyrical garbage his camp is known for…Banks talking about taking my bitch, Yayo claiming he knows Pablo Escobar, then 50 running in the club like a little bitch finding you and shootin’ you up…maybe if he sells 500,000 G cd’s and 500,000 Unit Cd’s he can finally hit 1,000,000 records with having to publically battle with Kayne to do it…

  • $ykotic

    Aftermath trying to stop bank in 09.

  • King Richard

    I think that Fif sucks. The only way he can sell records is by some kind of beef. in all truth i think the man is a homo. he should just come oout of the closet. Maybe then he could stay in the public.

    • 2

      yeah i agree it totally sucks that a man can make over 400 million dollars off the rap game and stuff. u are totally right that he sucks, i wish i sucked that bad. fagget

      • TonyStackz

        lmao Daaamn someone is a butthurt Curtis Ratson’s Stan lol…get off his dick already dude havent U noticed that you’re the only lame here siding with that wackass homo all you G-String Unit stans need to realize that shits a wrap!!

  • The_Truth

    ***It’s obvious 50′s tryna fulfill his contract to get out of the music business. . .he knows his career couldn’t last the time it takes to make quality music, so he’ll probably do a ‘Best Of’ bullshit CD to get it over with.

    50 will make music history for the potential he started with, and his own self-destuction. . .I wouldn’t waste time downloading that trash, let alone paying for it.

    NY may actually gain ground when he’s gone.

  • http://xxlmag,com International

    Whooptie fuckin’ dooptie.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Do any of you have “Jack in the crack” (box) in your state ? (The commercial that comes on prior to the 50 video). I did not see them untill I moved back to Cali.


    Most of ya’ll have “Hardies”, while in Cali its called Carls Jr.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Hardies in Detroit got “shook” years ago and moved north of 8Mile, I think. If they are still in Michigan I sure as hell can’t find them. We got Rally’s and Coney Islands.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com YGBSHOWERGANG

    Sheesssh, niggaz love to hate on 50….I remember when he first bus out(No homo)….I put my yard on it, you man where feeling him on a different level…..Now niggaz just hate…..I’m not gonna buy his album but i still tip my hat to a nigga who made it that far….Keep doing your thing fif…Fuck these fuck face niggaz…Mandaville Kingston Jamaica (The real hood) is riding with you family!!!

    • 2


  • Juzzy

    If ya’ll hate Fif so much why read about him?

    • westcoastmexican

      so we can laugh at the stupid shit he says and its not hate, the man just sucks

      and “2″ is just like a puppet, just agrees to everything

  • m tizzy

    for real the comments that come out on this dudes posts are redonkculous….

    damn let that man live…..The worst part is the fucking biased lies yall try and pass off as facts….

    All of yall were knockin 50s shit when he came out in 03. He had people in other states rockin yankee caps and i know yall rember those fake spining chains.

    Now its “cool” to hate 50..

    But i also relized somehting…If most of yall are about 14 or even 16 and say 50 is wack its because 10 yrs ago when 50 was in his rpime before the deal yall were only 4 or even 6 yrs old..shit if you 20 right now then you were only 10 yrs old when fifty was really gettin it in witht he lyrics….

    so swallow yo toungue!

  • http://-- gaddic

    no biggy as long as BISD is quality I won’t hate. Look at all these posts damn Fif is definitley the most hated on rapper! I’d love to see their faces if he goes diamond but like everyone’s saying 50 cent is goonaa flop he’s completely fallen off!



  • gkid12345

    Why don’t he just drop before i self destruct as a double album

  • zayzkidd

    Strap Magazine – 50 cent to star on “Dancing With the Stars”.

  • Nate

    I get it. The “who cares, and “so what”, F-50 comments. That’s because you guys can’t afford to buy music on the regular and if you could usually you don’t know enough about picking the best releases of that week or month.

    Funniest negative comment attempts to (give it up already) discredit 50 derived from ignorant youth:

    He’s “homo”- (usually comes from jealousy of his riches, workout regime results, swagger, constant women around him, etc”. I remember when LL got real popular cats said that about him too…

    He’s a “snitch”. Sure- I remember telling others about JFK, and MLK assasinations too, like 50 rapped about old public information (80′s street dons)but I’m not a “snitch” because I know my history. Neither is 50 for proving the previously exposed Officer Ricky, etc… He is merely the TMZ outlet for the rap community.

    “You could make better music than 50″. Sure- do you know there are hundreds of thousands of demo’s copied from many of his instrumentals?
    Or that the mixtape grind came back from his example? 50′s a artist you can give a L if he were a album rating but you have to give him a XXL for his performance, grind, ability to adapt, outbeef his opponents, interview skills and exhibit intelligence, and outhustle the competition. He altered the game, and the myspace “come to my page for beats” kids can act but that haven’t proven for the most part.
    You can claim you have a better crossover and vertical leap than NBA players but if you can’t outscore the comp, play defense and have a true NBA all around game you won’t make it to the league fool.

    It’s funny how people diss 50′s supposed strategy behind every move he makes.He’s at the top of the $ game but they now say every move is “just a way to get money”, no, he also puts out good music, that’s kind of the point.

    “50 sucks”- wow, tell me also who else sucks, and who’s great. Let’s sign you up as a music store buyer right now! Should the stores cop extra copies of DJ Salad, Mims, Ace Hood, Camron, Fatty Hoe, Soulja Boy, and Hurricane.. (what was his last name, Chris?) ??

    A good tool to insert into each XXL news article should be a link generating from each artists name to their wikipedia article, so the clueless who have no basis in denegrating true talent have a place to click and be educated.

    For the record I’m 31, and I respect the old classic artists, the era I came up as a youth (early to late 90′s)and I spot the new talent all the way through to today.

    So whether you say I am “hating” by denying the crap that gets payola’d to death for the bitch boys, or “riding nuts” because I respect the real long term non-trendy artists like 50 you would be wrong. Why? It’s a fine line to be a “hater”- when you spot the fake, or the other term if you can admit you like another artists music. Again, if you don’t admit that somebody is the ish then why the hell do you listen, read, watch and speak on them?

    You bitchboys just need to come out of your grandmothers basement closets, ask her for $14 and buy the Em, Dre, or 50 album when it drops. That way you can tell your friends when they drop their drink coaster demo’s with Aftermath instrumentals that it’s “hella played out” and that you heard that music a long time ago.

    • mannyd

      So after all this bullshit, the main point is, “you guys hate on 50 because you dont buy albums.” What the fuck does that have to do with how a nigga feels about an artist?

      You like 50….
      Play in traffic

  • dark vanilla

    If he works on his lyrics and raps with that passion he had on power of the dollar and GRODT, I’ll cop it. But if this is all about creating stupid beefs with faggots like Rick Ross, then hell no. I’m in it for the music, not the the other bullshit. I don’t wanna hear another 50 song about “I’m rich, you’re not, I’m still hood, and fuck Rick Ross, Fat Joe,Cam’ron, and Ja Rule”. But if he comes out with some decent shit, I’ll listen to it. Last good song he ever did was with Game when he did Hate It or Love It.

  • Rex Banner

    I really would prefer a lloyd banks album instead

    • Michelle S.

      I second that motion. As for 50: is this a competition? See if he can outsell Eminem (which he can’t)? Or is Interscope just making sure 50 actually sells something by putting his albums out after Em? What happened to this MF retiring (gtfoh)? WTH?

  • problems

    lmfao at dudes in here writing essays in defense of their favorite superhero’s.I’m 31 myself and from jamaica Queens and if i tell u that he fucking suck then thats my fucking opinion…say you’re a stan and start doing math with the ages and whatever the fuck and i’ll be like fine.but spare me this bullshit about his revolutionary methods…He beefs with dudes hotter than him and gets press if they respond and he gets on the internet and makes cartoons and e beefs happen…He was hot when he started and now he just garbage..fiddy couldnt make a good record on his own..he needed em and dre to make any noise period these days and he still gonna brick.spare me the hater talk and this bullshit when the subject is fiddy”wah wah about kanye,nas,jay,fat joe,dj khaled,lil wayne,wu tang,jadakiss,d block and any other people he dissed”cent.The dude destroyed NY hip hop and i’ll be glad when this dude does the honorable thing and retires so i dont have to hear his abc raps any more

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Pimpin’ Curly > Fisty Scent

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man fuck this nigga yeah i wont lie i was feeling the niggas shit when he came out, but he kinda lost that shit he had when he drooped “massacre” and i aint even gon mention “curtis”,he trynna ryd on Em’s gravy again but it’ 2 late both em albums wont do 3mill combined he fallen off

  • dark vanilla

    No passion or hunger= 2 Shitty albums (Massacre, Curtis)+ 2 more shitty albums (B.I.S.D., 5th album)

    • http://illcamp.blogspot.com RIGID

      THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN IF DRE GOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! Dre been shelving niggas shit for the past 3 yrs. Busta, Bishop Lamont, Raekwon. He aint even gone drop Detox!


    I think this album might be aiight since Dre is lacing majority of his tracks! Dre Laced his 1st albuma and that shit was tight. I don’t have nothing against Fif, he’s a good business man, but if this upcoming album is a dud I’m not buying his shit no more.

    NIGGAS MAKE THIER BEST ALBUMS WHEN THEY ARE BROKE AND HUNGRY!!! Once they get money it’s a rap!!! Straight Flops!!!