Just days after surviving a severe car accident nearly unscathed Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B. chopped it up with XXLmag.com to talk about the traumatic event, and why he feels the need to maintain a connection with his fans.

In route from a performance in Bakersfield, California to Los Angeles Fab, his manager Stretch and DJ Tito skidded off a highway, and nearly lost their lives. Knocked awake from his sleep Fab describes the moment, “I was sleeping until we hit the puddle. I woke up to us sliding from the fourth lane, flipping over; going over the divider through a cave it was crazy! I’m blessed man. No cars hit us. We hit the gas tank, and we landed in like a power plant. It could have been ugly.”

While Stretch is recovering from a broken back and DJ Tito is still in the hospital battling a collapsed lung, Fab is blessed to walk away with a thigh contusion and bruises. “Fortunately comparing my situation to my peers, the people that were with me overall I’m pretty good,” he said.

In response to the incident mere moments after the accident Mistah F.A.B. reached out to fans via twitter as a means of informing family members of what was happening, and nearly hours later he continued to reconnect with fans filming a video blog on site at the hospital.

Though some may think these interactions are a form of publicity Fab clarified the mind state behind his intentions. “If it was meant for me to rest I would have died,” he shared. “It’s just another day at work. We all got to go some time, we can’t escape life alive. I’m humbled by the experience. I’ve added to the resume of obstacles that I’ve climbed; my strength is reinforced and my faith is that much stronger.” - Rosario Mercedes Velazquez