DJ Khaled Officially Named Prez Of Def Jam South, Stays Out Of Rick Ross/50 Cent Beef

Rumors began swirling around over the last few months that Miami radio personality DJ Khaled was appointed president of Def Jam South, but until now those claims were never confirmed.

According to MTV the gossip is true. Khaled, who partnered with the label last year for the release of XXL freshman alum Ace Hood’s debut, is now officially taking over the label’s Southern department, once occupied by Houston rapper Scarface.

“This is what I’ve always wanted to do, is be an executive and take it to another level,” Khaled told MTV. “L.A. [Reid] just hit me one day. He was like, ‘We should bring Khaled on board. He makes hits, he has relationships.’ I got a team of producers and we go in hard. My job is to bring hits to the table and work with new artists and work with established artists. I’m bringing new energy to the game and to the building.” [Watch Below]

Under the new position Khaled – who also produces under the alias Beat Novacaine -will be responsible for records by Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Ace Hood and of course Rick Ross. The Boss’ forthcoming album, Deeper Than Rap, will be the first release under Khaled’s watch. He also A&R’d the project.

While Ross is currently involved in a heated battle with rival 50 Cent, Khaled opts to stay out of the back and forth.

“I don’t deal with negative energy, it’s a waste of my time and my time is valuable,” he said. “I keep negative away and stay positive.”

“At Def Jam, we promote music,” he added. “We promote hit records. That’s what I respect. I’m always going to represent the music; Rick Ross is gonna represent the music. If controversy comes with it, it comes with it. And boy, ‘Magnificent’ — Rick Ross featuring John Legend, that’s Ricky Ross’ first single — it’s a monster. It’s gonna be on and poppin’.”

Deeper Than Rap hits stores on March 24. The album will feature appearances by Nas, Mary J. Blige and Lil Wayne. – Elan Mancini

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  • The_Truth

    ***LMFAO!!!! You’ve gotta be fuckin kidding me.

    • TheRefriedMexican

      Top 5 Dis songs of all time
      5) The King of the Hill – Westside Connection
      4) 2nd rd KO – Cannibus
      3) The Bitch in You – Common
      2) Dre Day – Dr Dre
      1) Hit ‘em Up – 2Pac

  • Phil

    Ladies and gentlment, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life and times of a truly great organization that we all at one time or another, truly beleived in. That label was Def Jam Records.

    Setting a foundation for the future superstardom of LL Cool J and earlier pioneers like T La Rock, Def Jam’s early year were holed up in the dorm room of Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin…

    (at this point, Kevin Liles jumps up bawling and grabbing at the casket)

    Yes, Def Jam championed Hip-Hop’s potential as a cultural force not only to be reckoned with, but recognized. Globally…

    • LEO

      *crying* AMEN

  • DV8

    DefJam is officially dead now. Of all people they choose Khaled? WTF? What happened to Chaka Zulu? This is just horrible. And why do they break it up in regions? Who is theyre DefJam West President? or do they even have one and if they dont, why not? The House that Rick and RUSH built, that was remodeled by Lyor and Kev, has now been demolished by L.A. Reid. DefJam is not LaFace!!!!! Please stop it!!!! Its official now there are no more true major hiphop labels. Its all underground now. This is bullshit!!!!

  • greg


  • IndyKid

    Ya know, I already have little respect (if any) for Khaled but something that is to be respected is his ability to get great artists together and make the occasional hit. He’s very diverse with his songs. Many of them are total garbage but diverse none the less.

    My point is that I for one still respect Def Jam. Maybe I’m just a dreamer with thoughts of the glory days but I don’t know if I’ll ever stop liking Def Jam.


  • El Tico Loco

    Tall Israelis putting a Palestinian in a position of power. Let’s see how this turns out.

    • DV8



    HIP HOP is dead, who killed it, WE DID!!!!

    • xlwhite

      who’s the best at killing it?!?! WEEE !! WEE DAA BESTT!!! WEE N166A!!!! (if he is even “allowed” to say it. hes palestinian,lol)

  • C. Hop

    …a moment of silence please.

  • $hawty Reg

    All I can say is he got a bunch niggaz together and put Miami on the map. From your Miami artist to Gil Green to The Runners and Cool & Dre. He literally brought all these muthafuckaz together and put Miami on the map!! I aint dick ridin, I’m just sayin..

    True story, look it up….

    Khaled, ya came to Baton Rouge and Kiera along with Kool DJ Super Mike gave u our music! Yea, u remember. Ya need to come back and holla at us ya heard me….

    The Real CIRCLE Entertainment… us!

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      Nigga you is dick ridin,, plus your on a fucking message board beggin wack ass kaled for a damn deal

      how about you google killing yourself

      BTW – Baton Rouge is a fucking dump

  • ee-city

    what khaled dont understand it, it wont be a hit if people are embarrased to play ur music lol
    try playing a ja rule song, see if people dont look at u funny
    the music u play is a reflection of who u are

    • Rex Banner

      I still bump venni vetti vecci, that shit was a great album and i don’t give a shit who sees me bumping it

      • Mika

        WORD !

        YoU let others decide what you like/listen to ??
        you’sa fad fan … SMH

      • makaveli1671

        I totally agree Rex Banner….Ja first album was the shit & if you ashamed to bump music because you scared of what somebody else thinks about it then you are a bitch/follower who needs to stop letting people lead you to believe whats hot cuz thats what’s fucking up music right now all this bandwagon bullshit…I’m from Chicago & I like Kanye first 2 albums but that 808 shit is straight wack & nobody but homo’s & suburban bitches/white people(no racism) like that shit here in Chicago but on 106&park & everywhere else they saying it ‘s such a great album just because he supposedly “hot” & selling records…what a crock of b.s. they even say he has great he was looking straight fagtastic at the grammy’s & the haircut look like a big ass piece of cornbread on his head


          “makaveli1671″ – I completely cosign this message. I REIGN SUPREME ENDORSES THIS MESSAGE!

  • Devon

    Why ? I rather C masta P Wit that position But Ill Still Hit that nigga from the Back Wheres that nigga TrickDD At I want his ass 2

    • TUNED2IT

      Eat a dick devon, who cares what you think ol’trick ass b!cth. Oh and that comes from my heart.

  • tommy gunz

    the most annoying DJ ever now has a completely meaningless aka token position …and i swear that’s not hate…ask scarface how much power comes with that title…

  • anutha_level

    damm shawty

  • capcobra

    50 gon ruin it…lmao

  • Devon

    Fuck you tuned2it you a lil bitch remember suge knight FAGGOT

    • TUNED2IT

      devon you lower case ass b!cth. KCMO in this so shut yo’ mouth trick. Ever wonder why your mom has those stretch marks around her mouth? Thats from deezz nuuutzzzzz.

      • Devon

        @ Tuned2it you ever wonder Y U and yo sis got stretch mark in yo ass faggot from this dick bitch Kansas City yall backward toothless fucks

        • TUNED2IT

          devon, god bless you.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Dj Khaled, We the best!!!, Prez of Def Jam South,
    Who??? We the best!!! Dj Khaled, lisssttteeeeen

    • Simple like ABC, 123


  • Jhon da Analyst

    I have a little college………ya think I could be an executive??

  • problems

    I swear the whining bitches on these websites.Any dude grinding and actually doing something is fine by me.Is he annoying as a dj?absolutely…but all u muhfuckas was bumrushing the floor when “we takin ova”,lean back,I wont tell, and he’s a producer with a stable of producers at the ready(the runners,cool and dre,himself).He aint the president of def jam it’s def jam south!!!wtf…hip hop sucks cause we let the soulja boys,d4l’s,plies,no limits and the other bullshit in…khaled at least give NY Dudes like fat joe,jada,fabolous,juelz,nas etc some shine on his joints so they can sell records down south…If y’all feel a certain way about it why dont y’all make a good record then and put it out…don’t worry i’ll wait….

  • Nate

    If you can’t produce, Manage!

    He doesn’t want to get in it- because he knows it’s a losing battle. Easier to focus on happy party jams, and payola when you are in Mgmt. especially if it’s DEF JAM management. Who better to lay that example then the dozens of Def Jam managers before him?

    Scarface would be the exception. I applaud Scar for signing Luda and bringing real Southern talent and drive to the game. Luda is no fake lazy artist. You can listen to his singles as well as his entire albums.

    Khaled wants to make “positive” energy/music because he has no other options. He can’t compete with the Unit, so he will continue to sign mostly B.S. artists who don’t have enough to offer the game.

    Check my posts and I always was against Fatty Hoe, Ja Fool, and DJ Khaled. I don’t like most “trendy” club jams just for the sake of making it for the club. If Khaled supports Southern and NY artists that’s good, but you need to bring in artists (LIKE LUDA) who can hit it from all angles, telling stories in raps, good wordplay, hood upbringing, individual style, originality, songs for dudes, girls, street, club, and also bringing knowledge. Khaled won’t produce or find All around artists most likely continuing the downward spiral of mainstream rap on the airwaves that is poor

  • Tariq

    Well 50 is worse than fox news. First he reports that Def Jam has a gag order on Rick Ross – and that proves to be false. Then he reports that Khaled is being fired from Def Jam, while in reality he is being promoted to President.

    Anyway, congrats to Khaled. Best wishes in your new position.

  • stuckfresh

    “WE THE BEST”!!

  • dark vanilla

    Nate, your just like every other G-Unit dickrydah. I hate Ja Rule, Khaled, and Fat Joe cuz 50 cents got beef with em. Now Im not a fan of Khaled, but I think its good how he manages to bring artist together to do songs. Thats what hip hop is all about. But people like you “Oh I hate Khaled cuz he doesn’t bring in Luda” when the truth is you hate Khaled cuz he’s got beef with 50 Cent.

  • tony grand$

    I crack jokes, but respect due to ANY man making his way in this cold world.

  • The Party Killa

    I would like to know why HIP HOP is segregated i.e. DEF JAM SOUTH, G-Unit South. When did we start segregating HIPHOP music. Isnt it all HIP HOP, granted some of its BULLSHIT IMOHO(in my own humble opinion) but yet it’s still hip hop. smmfh^^^Here lies the problem with the GAME

  • Mika

    And so do I ….

    high five !!!(borat voice)

  • dabeachboi



    • Simple like ABC, 123

      We the Best! Who? We Ni66a! We the Best!
      -Dj Khaled

  • gkid12345

    You bout to see fat joe get tons of promo from def jam even tho he’s not a def jam artist. Khaled is going to demolish whats left of that label

  • problems

    lmao…what is the hate against fat joe for???seriously fiddy stans follow their leader off of cliffs dont they?joe has made records with hip hop royalty…Big L,showbiz and A.G,DITC, and discovered Pun…what the fuck did fiddy give us…he stole Ja’s style of singing hooks,took some steroids,and gave us tony yayo and hot rod.Khaled maybe annoying but he doing something for hip hop.he might discover the next luda(Ace hood is garbage though)bur seriously joe got hood respect..i seen him walk in nyc with just goons not cops so what is the problem?

  • tommy gunz

    god’s plan+ power of the dollar + sincerely yours southside >>>>>>> fat joe’s career

  • problems

    Fat Joe standing on the corner of 163rd and sheridan dolo with no security or police protection>>>>>>>>>50 cent hiding in connecticut behind a precinct and security….i mean its whatever.people have their preferences but you cant compare 17 years in the game with the co signs joe has to fiddy

    • TEZZY

      ^^^^^ Moving making money>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Standing on a FUCKING CORNER

      NIGGA GET A LIFE and he hiding cause he dont live in ny nigga his fucking office building in ny you know how many of your favorite rappers dont….. Never mind niggas will stay stupid

  • Ben

    Fuck Def Jam

  • Ben

    Promblems shut the fuck up, Fat Joe ain’t give us shit, but some annual wack ass club anthems, he gave us Pun, get the fuck outta here, Pun gave us Pun. He associates himself with corny ass lame fucktards, like Ja, Khaled, and his terrible squad. Remy Ma>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fat Joe 50>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fat Joe. Now go fuck yourself while I mourn the death of Def Jam.

    • problems

      look at carl thomas all emotional over what?look here e thug why dont you go pour a bowl of fruity pebbles and let grown folk conversate…mourn the death of def jam?? are such a fuckin moron…get a fucking life step away from the keyboard u fuckin loser…lmao…mourn the death of defjam…is russel youre grandfather dougie?is LL your pops?are red and meth you’re uncles you fucking lame?no…okay now go have a seat u bird…if i wanted your opinion i would have given it u e-gangster.we are entitled to my opinion was to abort u but whatever…

  • Three4

    I´m not a big fan…but I think that Def Jam south will blow up…You´ll see..

  • dark vanilla

    problem, don’t bother arguing with them. The only way to shut these G-Unit is expose him. There was this one G-Unit fag clowning and telling me how gangsta and black he was and how he was hardcore from Los Angeles, then I found his myspace page and he was a 22 year old white boy from Lafayette, Colorado. They have no knowledge of hip hop at all. All they do is seriously suck the shit outta 50 cents dick. Its kinda sad. They don’t realize how stupid they are. And I know they are all white, cuz black people who like 50 cent don’t hate artist 50 Cent has beef with.

  • mdb

    hip hop is dead…the label that rick rubin started and that put out PE nation of millions hired a talentless fuck that hasnt done a single positive thing in his entire life

  • fireforreal

    Khaled better not move all the way to new york when niggas no where his mom stay courtesy of hip hop’s new favorite bully Curtist. Sorry Suge but you have been replaced.


    Honestly Khaled, that MAGNIFICENT song is pure garbage. Ross should definitely stay in some sort of lane, the whole lavish big drug lord boss act isnt fooling anyboy.

    Other than that, good look for miami

  • macdatruest

    I think this is a good look for the South in general. They basically took over New York’s and arguably Hip Hop’s biggest label, Def Jam. I think if you from The East Coast, you might as well hate though lol. If you think Def Jam is over, that’s fine. I doubt they have any faith in The East Coast as a profitable region either haha.

    While Def Jam South is about to release Rick Ross album, which aready got hits on it, in my opinion of course-Def Jam, East you could say, still tryna find out how to make Maino interesting to anybody again. Def Jam East is finished and i think all the Khaled haters pretty much know this places the South in a position where The East can hate all they want, and battle and battle and mixtape and mixtape while they use this opportunity to take the Region to the next level musically.

    Just cause Khaled is an annoying ass DJ don’t mean he gone be doing a Puff Diddy on all the releases. But East Coast niggas loved Diddy (take that take that) With an equal level of mainstream output for East Coast and Southern Rappers, we will let the FANS decide who’s the hottest!!!


  • 2hard2fair

    def jam period ain’t shit and i thought def jam south didn’t exist no more.when they finally lay that label in the ground,my money says that khalid,ross and fat joe are gonna go down with it.president of def jam south,what kinda news is that.ain’t no one hating on that boy,reid ain’t gonna just pick him cuz he the best,he’s pickin a wack ass man for a wack ass label,no bullshit.