Blu Signs With Sire Records

XXL’s freshman class alumnus Blu has gone major. The Long Beach, Ca MC has officially signed with Sire Records, according to the Los Angeles Times’ music blog.

Blu, 25, has already released three independent albums to great fanfare including two last year alone – the collaboration LP with Ta’Raach, The Piece Talks, and his disc with producer Mainframe called Johnson & Jonson.

“Things are going great,” the rapper told the LA Times. “I’ve had good public reception on my first three albums. I’m getting a wide range of mass appeal. The success of the records have been different, but the critical acclaim has been great.”

“This is one step further to where we would like to see Blu’s career end up,” Jonathan Kim, his manager, added.

He’s currently working on his major label debut, expected for fall release.

As previously reported Blu will be performing at Murs’ 4th annual Paid Dues independent hip-hop festival, on March 28th, along with beat smith Exile in San Bernardino, Ca. - Elan Mancini

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  • Phil

    Congrats to the young god. His albums are FYAH. I still pump Below The Heavens.

  • P-Matik

    Sire still exists??

  • Arcey

    dude looks like Peedi Crakk brother. good for him, ‘tho

  • EmCDL

    Never heard of this kat, but I’m willing to check him out. Congrats to him…hope they don’t push his album back like crazy though

  • Jamal7Mile

    I haven’t heard Blu’s entire catalog, but what I have heard is quite nice.

    I haven’t heard the words Sire Records since Ice-T shouted them out back in ’89 (remember the POWER album? It start with P like Pussy).

    Blu is one of those major spitters w/o major financial backing… kinda like your fave MC that live close to your crib that dominates your local FM station.. but don’t have a major (or minor) deal.

    … you just lovva bro for what he do…

    Blu is HUNGRY! Check him out! I vouch for him, even though I ain’t shit but another fan who just simply knows who to listen to.

    CHEERS to the 30+ Hip Hop fans, and the younger ones who know what’s up (thanks to their big brothers)!!

    ..You can’t say I’m lying…

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Exactly……….@P-Matik. Those cats still exist??? Only thing I can tell u is he tryin to get that Madonna money. Cause she fucked with them on her first album.. She probably owns that shit now.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Sire/Maverick Records?? Anyone?? Bueller??? Beuller???

  • Dub Sac

    Hopefully this will get his music to a wider audience and won’t slow his release pace. He deserves to be big.

  • ALEX

    No doubt, BLU is a special lyricist and desserves his break, he just speaks from the soul impecably. BELOW THE HEAVENS