Shaniqua Tompkins won't be getting a dime. 50 Cent just won a $50 million lawsuit filed by Tompkins, the mother of his son. Per Tompkins, Fif promised her half of his earnings a while back.

Fif's attorney, Brett "Kevlar" Kimmel, released a statement on the ruling. “I just received word that 50’s motion for summary judgment has been granted," it reads. "Shaniqua Tompkins’s $50,000,000 lawsuit has been dismissed, in its entirety, with prejudice. Once again, justice prevails.” 

The ruling marks Fif's second win against Tompkins. The mogul managed to get his monthly child support payments cut last year. Tompkins asked for $50,000 per month, but was granted $25,000. The former couple is also involved in legal drama in relation to his Long Island home being set ablaze. - Marvin Brandon