50 Cent Recruits Trick Daddy & Jacki-O In Beef Against Rick Ross

50 Cent has no plans of backing down in his battle with Def Jam rapper Rick Ross. In an interview this morning with syndicated radio personality Big Boy, Fif hinted at releasing more damaging videos aimed at the Boss starring several of the Florida rapper’s Miami associates.

Just like he did with Tia, the mother of Ross’ son William, the G-Unit head says he has plans for meeting Trick Daddy and Jacki-O to help in his quest to ending the Boss’ career. “With Jacki-O I spoke to her yesterday, she’s supposed to be flying out to come talk to me,” he told Big Boy. “Trick Daddy, it’s a lot of people out in Miami, they clear that that’s a fraud.”

The Queens-bred MC says he did his “homework” on Ross and can’t wait to unleash his next move. “[Ross] was supposed to speak to Greg Street yesterday,” 50 claimed. “They stopped that phone call from happening. I’m like why, I need you to keep going so you can create an explanation for me delivering the next thing.“

While 50 claims that Def Jam put a gag order on Ross, the rapper released a video for “Mafia Music” today- the song that initially launched the beef. The clip shows Ross standing in front of a pool wearing a suit and gloves while carrying a large machine gun. [Watch Here] – Elan Mancini

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  • http://myspace.com/dynamatic101 LBFresh973

    50 murkinn

    • mo

      50 is a sensitive faggot let 50 release whatvever video or song he wants who cares 50 been old garbage since 03

  • BossRife
  • NIG


  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


  • http://myspace.com/thetruthandthelight Mo Betta

    Some people let that C.O. stuff go Ricky should’ve just kept chill to himself and made music of quality like mafia music without the jabs to 50 cent he doesnt realize 50 has nothing better to do?

  • EReal


    50 is recruiting FLA legends to go at this fraud.

    Man, Ricky, you done fucked up. Didnt you see what happened to your boy Fat Joe? 70K? Didnt you see what happened to Khaled on “We Global” like 5k? Your whole style was on its way out the door already son. Now its like crunk, that shit is DEAD. lmao.

    • n.o. 4 life

      lmao @ jacki-o being a legend

    • http://www.uptownempire.com Trouble

      Trick Daddy is a junky, not a legend.

      • EReal

        Comprehension people.

        I said FLA legends. Which they are.

  • venemez

    Man.. fuck 50

    Talking about fraud when he aint the real 50 Cent. Get the fuck outta here.

    • EReal

      Aparently you have a very limited understanding.

      • n.o. 4 life

        youve been around xxlmag.com for a while now…and bruh its sad to say you a damn stan bruh…nobody cares about neither of these clowns and you sittin here droolin at every move this man makes…get off his dick damn

        • EReal

          Droolin? LMAO.

          Im stating the facts.

  • snoopy hussien

    This is just a PERFECT example of a snitch talking 2 a officer. dammmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • snoopy hussien

      50 u ugly ass shit boy, your cheek bones sucked in like a clucker ass. your lil from ICU 2 SNITCHIN 2 THINK NI99AZ JUST FORGOT ABOUT THAT PART 2 U GO HARD MR.SOFTY.com lookin ass boy, u ugly as shit!!!!!!!!

      • P

        ??? why you so concerned about his looks???

    • twoholla

      ereal…i’m not a big 50 fan but PLEASE show us or give us some documentation or proof that 50 cent is a SNITCH…where do you get your info from? it sounds like a porch monkey that was quick to take the word of another porch monkey…words, which were fabricated fluff that PORCH MONKEYS accept as TRUTH without Verification…yeah yeah yeah…it’s obvious how much you don’t like 50 (WELL JOIN THE CLUB COCKSUCKER!)…BUT I THINK YOU COULD LEARN SOMETHING FROM A 50 in this rick ross beef…*hint* *hint*…DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! before racing to type some LAME DUCK SAUCE…if you want to talk shit because 50 is a wack rapper, or a sellout, or that he can’t act, or yadda yadda yadda…those subjective claims hold alot more MERIT than all of you INTERNET ASSFACES TYPING UP SNITCH CLAIMS…THERE ARE A MILLION MORE LEGITIMATE, CREATIVE, SUBJECTIVE, EVEN SOME TRUTHFUL CLAIMS THAT YOU DOUCHEBAGS COULD WRITE IN YOUR COMMENTS…

  • kasman

    fuck 50cent, y he can beef alone and everyone sayin he end this and this career why can he put a end in The Game Career.fucker


    50 is lame…..i won’t ever support anything he does, he ‘ll never sell nomo anyways…next
    someone need to put another hole in him..this time his brain…1

    • Devon

      CO Sign NIG This really a retarded Beef both of these nigga need to shut the fuck up please man and Dick ross the salad toss boss

  • 52526t64536

    50 good by himself but what happens when ross gets weezy and khaled and cam and fat joe and dblock on his ass i dont even know if the 3 headed monster can handle that. and ross is dumb he should be talking about 50s mtv show that got cancelled and his shitty record sales and how kanye beat him not 50s baby mom

  • diggsy

    Wasn’t Trick Daddy gonna do some kind of joint venture with 50 that never penned out? Also, Ross could have came back from that CO shit because rap fans are very forgiving these days. I think he pissed up the wrong tree this time though.

  • romil

    It aint like its nothing new, Trick already been beefing with Ross, as well as Jacki O. They already exposed their opinions. All Ross has to do is Shut tha Hell up and keep droppin heaterz. Ross aint no Ja Rule so theres no way this will end his career.lol Rule stopped making good music after the beef as well as lots of people stopped working with him. People will still assist Ross being he’s on Def Jam and has good connects in the industry. But when Ross gets heated in interviews he says dumb stuff that doesnt make sense. Ross dont talk just back it up with tha music.. Mafia Music and Magnificent is already killin em. lol All of these rappers are Frauds.lol New York rappers dont even respect 50 so imagine if Ross recruited most of them to expose 50. Kanye, Nas, Camron, Rule, Fat Joe, Tha Game,Styles P, Wayne, must I go on……Young Buck..T.I…..Wu Tang….who else/ and 50 that album better be your comeback

    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      Yeah I co-sign on that…I mentioned this in the other news update about this shit too.

      25 Cent can put a headlock on niccas, but with Rick Ross being affiliated with Def Jam AND DJ Khaled, 25 Cent gonna have mad kats coming at him and trying to shut him up…including Lil Wayne.

      But then again, now that he has Trick D and Jacki by his side, he has a 1up on Ricky too…I swear to Moses this needs to be a reality show on VH1 LOL

  • romil

    Imma b 4 real I was feeling 50′s new music, but I cant respect homie after dissin Ross Mom, some sht u just dont do…this beef might get out of hand cuz 50 doing some bitch sht.. what that man moms got 2 do wit this. he jus mad cuz he had his baby moms crib burned down and Ross had tha balls of a boss 2 put him on blast lol

  • romil

    Trick Daddy, hmm I dont know if Trick gonna jump in this. I will be surprised though.

    50 as an artist is cool, but he has lost respect by many,what kind of ngga tells Oprah, who has helped many to duck his sick, aside from her opinions on hiphop u have to respect her as a black woman this dude dont give a what about anything. Like Jadakiss said he must be mad at life or something.lol


    Ya’ll niggas is bitchmade if a nigga said something disrespectful to you you wouldnt say nothing back? dont go down like that where im from. everybody talk about how he hollywood but the nigga dont back down from nothing like he said he was at the bet awards by his self and like pimp c said at the award show prior that the man walked off the stage during his performance and all those niggas that was talking about doing something to him did nothing i fuck with ross but if fifty said some shit to him and he didnt say nothing back i would start to question his ass

    • romil

      only a bitchmade nigga would call a nigga a bitch online. knowing he can get away with it. lol

      First off Pimp C was telling tha truth on that note. because pimp wouldve took it 2 tha street on 50. And 50 dissed Ross like 2 years ago. Ross stayed out of it untill he noticed tha nigga puttin him up on his site everyday with tha CO rumors.??? for one Pimp was addressing Khaled and Wayne and Baby.. not Ross. Now a bitch made nigga, cant handle beeef on wax so they do extra sht when they pissed off like call ya moms and pops and family out. as well as find ya X girl and sht and buy her clothes. lol truth is Niggaz in tha south dont respect 50 no more plain and simple. Ross got a good story to tell Ball player, to CO, to hustler to rapper

      • macdatruest

        co-sign Tezzy is a Fuckboy, he gone ride Fiddy dick until he “Self Destruct” like he put it. I just hope Rick Ross keep the Beef Gangsta, cause Fiddy already lost on that note. Takin that Gorilla Teeth Bitch shoppin’ wasn’t Good or Bad it was Pointless. If Ross fat ass took Shanequa, or some old bitch Fiddy was fuckin’ shopping yall would laugh at the nigga and say NIGGAS IN THE SOUTH IS SLOW!! But this nigga do this Mog Ass Shit and yall wanna buy his album now? He do get it in…on dumb ass niggas on the East Coast’s Minds, XXL included. This why shit off the East like Q-Tip, or Busta or Grafh that’s good can’t sell, Niggas too busy wearing big ass yellow boots and playin THAT WAS ILL SON!! instead of making hits. Fiddy Cent<Fat Joe, Kiss & Cam’ron but YO< WHAT HE SAID IN THE INTERVIEWS IS ILL SON!!!

        • TEZZY

          I know if i had a problem with a nigga and i seen him by hisself and he looked at me funny i wouldnt give him a pass

          Not even mad at macdatrest cause he probably sent his WHACK ASS demo to the g-unit office and it got thrown away and he hated 50 ever since but q-tip did have a hot album graf liked his freestyles in 03 but macdatruest likes him cause he only get “myspace jumpoffs” lol and that was his anthem

  • fireforreal

    Rick ross is about as real as suburban white kids claiming they can relate to a kblack kid in the ghetto all his life. Rick ross is over and will feel the pain soon,because he never sold or moved weight not even his own.He was a correctional officer and now the biggest dealer in miami huh ? if that was half true he would never speake like that so freely.50 will end his carrer just like he did Ja rule. Ja gave up by still not dropping his Mirror album that’s been coming since 07′

  • Nate

    When you think about a “artist” Trick Daddy is more of a true rap artist than Rick Ross ever was. Lil Ricky is all fake image, funny to hear he’s gonna promote suit wearing, rented machine gun holding outside a pool. Now that’s Gangsta! right?

    Ross should have came with a different rap name, ducked the imagery, and come up with true rap skills or style. That lasts longer than the way he came up. Trick will be longtime respected down South like Too Short is here in the Bay.

    • EReal

      Exactly. These people saying Trick Daddy isn’t a legend, GTFOH.

      He is in the south, and I don’t know too many TRUE FLA hiphop heads who have more respect for Ross than Trick Daddy.

      • macdatruest

        What’s Trick Daddy’s Legendary Album?
        What was his CLASSIC album?
        What was his biggest hit?
        So http://WWW.THUG.COM was his Reasonable Doubt right?

        Nigga name used to be Trick Daddy Dollars and he made Booty Music. I aint sayin’he aint a good artist, but Legend? Nigga Please. I’ll Gladly GTFOH when niggas start havin that conversation lol

  • romil

    Trick is certified, he aint gotta get involved in this bull.

  • tommy gunz

    the REAL rick ross has got to be laughin his ass off at this fake ass shit…officer ricky in the video bustin machine guns..so hollywood..fuck outa here

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Exactly, Trick Daddy aint no legend dare I say even in the south. He’s quite reginal, and get most of his “status” from FL. It aint like people dont know who he is but aint no one outside of FL breaking they neck to get a Trick daddy cd.

    I think Trick daddy is jelous of Ross. Here this dude was able to become a nationaly know artist, jump on coutless Khalid records, get Jay-z on 2 songs, and gets his own label in less than 2-3 years.

    All I remember from Trick daddy is him superimposed on a food stamp, nan nigga and him jumping around in a “no-limit” like video in a basketball suite. So fuck what that cancer face nigga is talking about . He needs to worry about why the right side of his face is caving in instead of trying to jump on the fuck rick ross band waggon. And Jackie-O aint done shit so her opinion is null and void

    • EReal

      You must’ve started listening to hiphop in 2003.

      Like I said, do some research.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Lmmfao!!!!!!!!!!! Yall niggas got me crackin the fuck up!

  • romil

    yall kids get caught up in tha hype. Ross, Rule, Cam all these cats got money. In the end tha nigga hurtin is 50. He gotta stay bulletproofed for life cuz he let his emotions get tha best of him. Tha nga aint get noticed till he got shot!! how can u compare Rick ross to a suburban white kid. Ross had 2 hustle, thats what niggz do try 2 get a job,try to get in sports and when it dont work u either in tha rap game or the streetz. sht Suge knight paid cops 2 work for him now thats gangsta! hustlerz aint hustlerz by choice kids. lol

  • corlione39

    fucc bof theze fooz nuthn bettr 2 du but hype bof they wacc albumz comn oot!!!

  • corlione39

    2 quarterz lookz like oohhh oohhh ahhh ahhh!!! hahaha

  • romil

    Trick was hot back in like 2000-2001,
    then he put Trina on, but kept Ross on tha back Burner. while dropping his own albums.???
    Then he gets mad when Ross says he’s tha Boss of MIA…Ross just outshined trick, dont get me wrong Trick has street cred and all but he cant keep up with tha new pace of hiphop. switch ya flow up ngga

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    Trick Daddy is the man.

  • ripsta

    jackie-o and trick daddy? you really feel like you need those 2 nobody’s , 50? what happenned to g-g-g-g-g-unit? are they g-g-g-g-g-gone? this bitch nigga 50 is giving himself a bad name. aint nobody relevant gonna wanna fuck with him after this whole shit is done. the thing he’s doing to ross aint even beef. its gay bullshit. i say ross just keep it moving and fuck 50. 50 dont know how to beef right anymore. he’s an internet clown



  • El Tico Loco

    50 gonna be 50 obviously, but video beef is so played out that’s a Souljah Boy/Young Berg move right there, all I wanna know is WHERE’S THE MUSIC 50? Rap beef it is what it is but how about a track or something?

    If he put a track out against the fat bald guy with the beard I want to hear one.

  • dark vanilla

    50 Cent don’t know how to beef right ANYMORE? 50 Cents never known how to beef. The only reason he ended Rule’s career was cuz he had all of Shady/Aftermath going at Rule too. I don’t know what Trick Daddy and Jacki-O are gonna do. And I’m not defending Ross cuz I think he’s a fat fuck with a messed up voice. But all he has to do is get Game aka Curtis kryptonite) on a diss song and 50 won’t respond to anything.

    • nellz

      lol..i wouldnt be mad at a posse cut going @ 50

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  • LB

    How do you let somebody, uummm, figuratively murder your career? How? When skillz, stage presence, and relevant rhymes ruled the game…

  • Yung Puc

    fuck 50 man he a snitchin ass nigga, ricky shod go recruit the game dat shit wod b incredible

    G Unot!!!

  • http://www.resurrectedmuzik.com Luby562

    Mutada al sader the king do your home work homie. Trick Daddy put the spotlight back on the Miami after the Luke years… Truth be told Luke had people like JT Money but still.. Trick made the whole Miami thing really crack again. Also, the “we the best guy” Kahled his 15 minutes of fame are just about up. Also hit up the net and find out who is the Real Rick Ross who is about to come home soon. These fakes need to stop acting like they real.

  • LB

    LUBY562…Who the real Rick Ross, ta. What about the real 50 Cent, the real Gotti (so many niggaz use that name). Look man, it’s all window dressin. How many albums have you bought with “Lucci” or “Dutch” or “Capone” or “Gotti”. A lot of these dudes use the name of folks that have very contradictory views towards their kind. Yet, they continue to uplift their names. It’s all a stunt homie. Now as far as Trick Daddy, I agree with ya point. His first two albums still beat up the trunk in the summer in every hood I go to. Probably not so much in the far north east, but definately from Richmond, VA to St. Louis, MO to Las Vegas, NV he gets luv man.


    This is the worst 50 should have lost his hood pass long ago. Ross is good 50 aint as big as he thinks maybe bank wise but not respected by real hood ni**az anymore. If I was Ross I would get @ the whole south for this one. 50 couldn’t compete against T.I.(who he through jabs @ already) Wayne collabo wise, Buck, Jeezy who 50 wouldn’t say sh*t to cause he know whats up with that F*ck just get everybody. 5-0 gimmicks is up its not creating good music & when it all falls down that’s what you will be judged on. And for you 5-0 stans if you still digging this dude & taking him serious musically you corny. Sorry & this ain’t about north vs south cause Ross was right when he said 50 is relevant here. Our DJ’s rocking UGK,Gucci Mane, Jeezy, OJ Da Juiceman, aything knocking but 50 gets no play.

  • niggaT


  • ThE AnsweR


    HOPE HE GOES AFTER LIL (i like kissin men)WAYNE JUST AS HARD!!!

  • D1

    50 cent has a problem he thinks he destroys rappers but he does not camron, nas, jada, fat joe , sheek destroyed him Ja rule was the only victim. He is so wack/Garbage!

  • Jack

    Rick Ross is a wack rapper and 50 at least has average lyrical talent but he could teach a class on marketing and strategies and thats why he succeeds the only place he messed up was trying to expand G-Unit to fast that was initially the downfall then he tried to clean it up by kicking game out then game inflicted some pain on the group and lost his west coast audience ( he could recover that with dr.dre on his new cd.) but he also signed to many wack people like hot rod and a washed up mop and mobb deep doesn’t have a lot left in um (havoc voice boxed out) Prodigy could potentially come back strong but has been sounding all the same with his most recent efforts.

  • macdatruest

    Fiddy should bring some people on Thisis50.com to prove that he is Real instead of trying to prove Rick Ross is fake. I wonder if Fiddy has a friend at all, like a nigga from his block he came up with, or anybody at all. I mean other than Yayo cause he said he knew Fiddy since they called him Boo Boo. Funny thing is all his publicity stunts are not re-assuring that his album will have any quality material. And with him putting himself out here daily with beef attempts, what stories could he possibly have to tell on his next album? We see what this nigga doin every day. Plus he fuckin’ up the buzz for Eminem and Dre shit wit all his theatrics. Fiddy is dyin’: he slit one wrist with the massacre, slit the other one with “curtis” and now he just pouring the water in the tub with all this beef. Jay showed niggas how to turn a dream into being on top, Fiddy is showing niggas how to come in on top, and slowly shit it all away to zero feat. Ma$e

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      “All the way down to zero feat. Ma$e”


      On the real, the comments are way more entertainin than Fif & Ross rollin round in the mud!

  • Vicious Seiger

    50 – 3, Ross – 1. It seems like a waste of time to put this much energy and capital into this but what should we expect when 50′s last single was so Ho-Hum. 50 already knows that this was an easy kill since the C.O. pics dropped but if he would invest this same energy and more into a worthwhile album or single maybe he could get somewhere. 50 aka Mr. Bait & Switch.


    Oh yeah macdatruest got molested as a child by his uncle lmao


    And his name was CURTIS and everytime he hears cam’s diss record he cries cause thats how he used to yell his uncle’s name

  • fireforreal

    Fuck all that. Jacki-o is weak ass fuck. Worstt then amil,but I’d still give it to her like a multi million dollar deal was on the line. I like bitches like her who talk shit about how good they can handle the dick then when you fuck they be calling you and shit the next day damn near getting you fired at work. Oh yeah Ross your gonna get the Ja rule treatment nigga. Your done

  • Marco317

    What u 50 cent haters fail to realize is that as long as 50 cent’s name is in ur mouth, so is his dick…

  • RAZ

    50 killed this lame ass nigga with “Officer Ricky” Ross is so trash. For yall to hate on Trick is kinda funny, cause Trick has many hits compared to Ross 1. PS it was a hit because of the beat.

    • nellz

      hits?…lol maybe in FLA. I didn’t hear much trick daddy over here…and Officer Ricky was whack..like all this niggas “diss” tracks

  • neibo

    if any of you want to know why 50 does what he does….read the 48 laws book…ain’t got nothing to do with emotions…

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  • mike

    Fisty scent is a bird.

  • sweetie badd azz

    y’all got theboss fucked up……he got 50 hands down rappin h aint no ja