T.I. wrote an $8,000 check to the mother of two of his sons today, after making an appearance in an Atlanta courtroom.

The Associated Press reports that Tip was ordered to court after his ex, LaShon Dixon, asked a Fulton County judge to intervene when the rapper failed to pay her attorney fee in a prior child support case. During the four hour hearing, Tip said that when he switched assistants the order to pay got lost in the shuffle. He then quickly wrote the check.

Tip and Dixon were in court last November for a child support case where he agreed to pay $3,000 a month, as well as tuition for the childrens' schooling, medical bills and extracurricular activities.

In related news, T.I. is gearing up to serve a one year sentence for felony gun charges in March. Convicted last year, Tip has been under a court ordered curfew since and has been putting in community service per his plea deal with the state. - Elan Mancini