T.I. Forks Over Late Attorney Bill In Child Support Case

T.I. wrote an $8,000 check to the mother of two of his sons today, after making an appearance in an Atlanta courtroom.

The Associated Press reports that Tip was ordered to court after his ex, LaShon Dixon, asked a Fulton County judge to intervene when the rapper failed to pay her attorney fee in a prior child support case. During the four hour hearing, Tip said that when he switched assistants the order to pay got lost in the shuffle. He then quickly wrote the check.

Tip and Dixon were in court last November for a child support case where he agreed to pay $3,000 a month, as well as tuition for the childrens’ schooling, medical bills and extracurricular activities.

In related news, T.I. is gearing up to serve a one year sentence for felony gun charges in March. Convicted last year, Tip has been under a court ordered curfew since and has been putting in community service per his plea deal with the state. – Elan Mancini

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  • Face Phoenix

    3,000 a month aka 750 a week plus tuition and medical. It’s good he’s taking care of his children but still isn’t this a little lopsided. 36,000 a year is nothing to sneeze at but When did child support include taking care of the woman too. I mean what pass child care is she going to be taking care of. This is a prime reason to be careful who you lay with because that person may end up being your unintentional dependent.

    • tony grand$

      All u young dudes readin this, take the following advice to heart………

      She might like ur ass now, but that changes quickly, like strike of lightinin quick, & all that mushy, lovey dovey shit is bogus in the long run. As soon as u fuck up, smell urself a lil, decide she aint for u, all those feelings turn to hatred. The last thing some 18 year old nigga needs is a scorned broad, with a baby. She has ur life in her hands. Real type. There’s is basically ass that u can do, unless u “Maury Povich” her, & get cleared of all charges. Avoid that bullshit drama. Strap up lil niggas, & I aint talkin bout no goddamned banger. Evry bitch that wanna throw the snatch in ur lap aint worth the semen it takes to get her pregnant anyway. This shit aint a joke, lil homie. These hoes got the law on their side, the DA don’t give a fuck bout what u goin thru, all they know is she said whtevr, & that spells ur demise. Any female truly worth ur time, is worth the time. Love is blind, but hate is heartless. Stop giving these greedy bitches the power fellas. If u buy ur smoke, & buy ur drank, buy some rubbers while ur @ it. You don’t wanna be on the other end of this message, believe me.

      • tony grand$

        Oh yeah, condoms r good @ stoppin horrible, life-alterin diseases also. Just wanted to throw that in there.


    Greedy bitch just wanna ball out too. LOL

  • http://www.Myspace.com/GulleeBoy Shacky G

    We started Jan. 3rd




  • Slient-J

    tony grand thank you i agree on the fullest extent. i’m from canada and what going on in the states its similar down there yea the law is on the girls side still no lie when it comes to kids she can pinned it on one dude and there’s like 4 others the last one that hit it is the father real talk still i knew child support is alot but my god t.i is doing it still like all my friends have kids and not even married yet girls have 3 kids 2 different guys 4 kids 3 different daddy’s and as guys don’t get caught in the trap when it comes to babies strap up and nothing to worry about otherwise they pick your head and take control half your neccessites straight up your done your done like dmx’s career done like fishgrease.

  • Slient-J

    she’s an golddigger and fake ass bitch might take that money and buy an car or something or get food stamps

  • g-unit killa

    This nigga T.I. Broke ass hell can’t even pay child support…I memba when I was in Atlanta and this nigga had that Tip commercial about snitchin and I was heated I made a trip to his office and demanded he pay me 3 g’s every month in reference to the 3 codes fa gangstas don’t snitch, don’t condone snitchin and don’t eat skittles

  • $ ANOC $

    I’m a st!ll hold my n!cca TIP down! FUCK G-UNIT KILLA!!!

    • tony grand$

      Lol @ $ anoc$

      Guess that dude decided to Kurt Cobain for the new year…..fucked around & Plaxico’d himself in the backyard.


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  • mo

    I think she is a gold digger that needs to get off her a** and get a job to support the kids like he does.The child support is why she doesn’t want to work.I think he does good having to pay for school medical and other things they want.Plus having them as much as she does

    • Chichel

      How is she a gold digger when she had them kids before the money?????

  • brand-new

    that’s real talk tony