Feel free to give MIMS a call. Four years after Mike Jones routinely rapped "281-330-8004" for promotional purposes, the New York rapper recently resuscitated the wireless marketing scheme by giving out one of his phone numbers on his MySpace page.

"You give away things like your number, you spend a little bit of extra time shaking a hand, and making sure people understand who you are as a person," MIMS told XXLMag.com. "The way music speaks nowadays it’s become more of a lifestyle, because of that we gotta be a little more personable with my fans."

Per the Washington Heights native, his phone typically rings hundreds of times a day since implementing the strategy. Fear not if you can't reach him the first time. He actually tries calling back whenever possible.

"Most of the times the calls are just really saying, 'Hello, I like your music, I’ma a big fan' and then my response back would be, 'I appreciate you for checking it out,'" he explained. "If they address me with their name, I like to address them with the name back. That way it’s really me cause a lot of times, you’ll think it’s a gimmick and you’re not really getting the artist you think you’re contacting."-Marvin Brandon

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