MIMS Pulls A Mike Jones, Gives Fans Cell Number

Feel free to give MIMS a call. Four years after Mike Jones routinely rapped “281-330-8004″ for promotional purposes, the New York rapper recently resuscitated the wireless marketing scheme by giving out one of his phone numbers on his MySpace page.

“You give away things like your number, you spend a little bit of extra time shaking a hand, and making sure people understand who you are as a person,” MIMS told XXLMag.com. “The way music speaks nowadays it’s become more of a lifestyle, because of that we gotta be a little more personable with my fans.”

Per the Washington Heights native, his phone typically rings hundreds of times a day since implementing the strategy. Fear not if you can’t reach him the first time. He actually tries calling back whenever possible.

“Most of the times the calls are just really saying, ‘Hello, I like your music, I’ma a big fan’ and then my response back would be, ‘I appreciate you for checking it out,’” he explained. “If they address me with their name, I like to address them with the name back. That way it’s really me cause a lot of times, you’ll think it’s a gimmick and you’re not really getting the artist you think you’re contacting.”-Marvin Brandon

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  • NY247

    Yeah That Wassup!

  • lol

    hey mims ill give u a call about nothing, aka your rap career

    • texasleen

      imma call him when im dropping da duece

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    is that the ringtone order number? don’t dial that shit! he gon charge you $2.99!

  • Marco V.

    Who would want to call MIMI’s Anyway? Give Me Em’s number or somthin then maybe we can talk!!

  • 2hard2fair

    Mane,don’t nobody want to call yo ass!

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  • $ykotic

    aint dude from wash. heights?

    lol @ Ron Mexico

    Mims must be bored.

  • dusty boy
  • Chris S

    well thats pretty nice of him to do…

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    MIMS is hot garbage I ain’t callin that nicca…well I take that back, I’ll call him and tell him not to release another album lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Man MIMS is hot garbage I ain’t callin that nicca! Well on second thought let me renig that…I’ll call him and tell him not to come out with another album lol

  • trenton G

    mims is garbage i bet his phone never rings even before he tried this lil promotional stunt

  • fastflipper

    the where im from track is good

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Mims aint THAT bad. I aint a fan but He aint as bad as Maino and the other NY trash. Charles Hamilton anyone ? ???

    The two little singles he had were’nt terrible. And the line “I could make a million by saying nothing on the track” got Gay-z’s panties in a bunch, he even commented on it. ,.

  • http://www.mixtapeboss.net Mixtapes

    When you only have a few fans, giving your number out doesn’t hurt anything.

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  • BizExec

    Want To Make $350,000 To $700,000 In The Rap Game?

  • Real Nigga

    Dis sorry ass nigga TI snitchin and makin crime stopper commercials for da police in da A. aint no real nigga gonna work wit police to get less time in da pen. wats wrong wit niggas dis days

  • fireforreal

    I should call to tell him nobody gives a fuck. This is why he sucks,this is why he sucks.

  • amar

    prolly running low on groupies

    • The King

      You can only run low on groupies if u had them in the first place :P


    Do people really like this guy?

    • Sir

      no…but we like his mama

  • McGuire

    Funny thing is that when Mike Jones did this he was slapped with a $300,000 phone bill.

  • emailmehomie@gmail.com

    well MIMS is a cool Dude I called him and sent me ticket a concert…

    his music ain’t that bad i have heard worst album from so called respected Rappers

  • ceezy4sheezy

    I swore I thought i saw that nigga mims on a milk carton just a few days ago

    this is why i’m hot that song really sucked they jacked art of noise but none gave a fuck

  • fireforreal

    emailmehomie@gmail.com you sound like a female or maybe your really MIMS LOL ! this guy is trying to come back from that hit song but flop of an album.

  • emailmehomie@gmail.com

    Uh..i am a dude.
    an i happen to like Mims..
    all that gansta bullShi*t is played now niccas, let it go.

    and half these rappers strugglin vet or rookie. least dude had a no 1 record. he could eat off that for years, but niccas gon hate anyway so let me exit on that….

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      I wonder who the first rap dude will be to pull a “Shamwow” guy.

      Paid programming is the next obvious step, word to late night television.

  • REAL TALK 09

    DIS IZ WHY I’M HOT!..MIMS..LOL..hell naw…..i’d rather call MIke Jones..lol

  • JamPo

    That nigga saved NYC…..yall should kiss that nigga in the mouth like he Baby..along with Busta, Jimmy Jones and maybe Fab or Juelz

    Shoe Money

    • JamPo

      Oh yeah the other hard niggas come from Yonkers but besides that MIMS been the last new nigga with a buzz….

  • http://www.myspace.com/AndreBmusic Andre

    And people wounder why New York ain’t at it’s prime? Cuz EVERYBODY in new york is hating on EVERYBODY! Shout out to mims for doing he’s thing!

  • http://saade_mirna.u@hotmail.com maria

    i want justin beiber’s numbeeeeeeeer ppl