XXL NEWS HIGHLIGHTS ’08: Young Jeezy Responds To Critics: “I’m Not Capitalizing Off The Recession”

[Editor’s Note: With the new year around the corner, XXLmag.com looks back at some of our greatest stories and video features of 2008.]

Gas prices are going up, but Young Jeezy sure can afford a gallon. Interestingly, the trapper, who usually leans more towards drugs tales than social commentary, titled his third solo album, The Recession to mixed responses. On one hand, fans are applauding Jeezy for addressing the common man’s struggle. On the other hand, skeptics think Jeezy, a millionaire who isn’t subjected to company-wide layoffs, is using the country’s bad economy as a marketing tool.

“It’s the same as my first album [Thug Motivation 101], Jeezy told XXLMag.com. “When money was plentiful, I was the first one who told you to stack it. Live your life with it. Now that money slowed up, I’ma be the one telling you to save it like they ain’t gon’ make it no more.” [Click Here To Watch Jeezy Interview]

“I wouldn’t say that I was capitalizing off of it,” he continued. “You wanna know who is capitalizing off of it, you gotta go talk to Bush. He’s at the basketball games over in China. Gas is like $9 almost it seems like, but he’s enjoying himself while the rest of us are suffering.”

Don’t let the bigger bank account fool you. Jeezy contends he’s personally affected just like 9-to-5ers.

“I got family members, aunts, uncles and friends that still live their life,” the Atlanta rapper explained. “You going through trials and trills, but you can’t save everybody, so it definitely affects me when I get the phone calls and somebody’s getting put out of their house, somebody doesn’t have a ride to work, somebody can’t pay their bills and there ain’t really a lot of opportunity out there for you.” –Marvin Brandon

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  • truth teller

    i believe “the recession” will be the best album of 2008.

    • mike jones

      you must be the dumbest motherfucker on earthfor saying some dumb shit like that

      • http://xxlmag.com T $


      • Justice4All

        Gotta Be.

      • Justice4ALL

        He gotta be.

    • joe p

      wow truth teller you have to be an idiot …. and no nothing about tru hip hop cause the recession sucked ass same old shitty beats and same old shitty rhymes ….

  • fuckayoungcheezy

    Fuck young jeezy and every rapper thats spits dope kingpen poison to the youth…and fuck you too if u support these idiot men

    • http://www.myspace.com/alsween AlSween

      i bet you’re a huge jay z fan. topics don’t matter i’ve found. it’s all about how the rapper communicates that topic and that determines what demographic will like it.

  • lookadeez

    Jeezy has never been the dude I would look to for advice about anything really relevant, so I will not start now.

    Recession is just a buzz word for him. It’s pure marketing. I doubt he will be able to say anything of significance.

  • Ryan

    Social commentary isn’t his thing. I wish people would research topics before speaking on/rapping about them.

    • MBA-J

      Obviously you haven’t listened to “Crazy World.”

      He does a pretty good job with the commentary, especially for a trapper.

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  • eevo

    y’all better shut the hell up cuz who gives a fuck bout the fuckin name of da fuckin album… the recession gon be fire… jeezy & game got da game on lock ya dig!!!

  • MARZ




  • gkid12345

    jeezy always comes threw with a good album.


    WTF… IS THIS the HATE ON JEEZY Section… ya’ll act like he ain’t a Rapper who is paid to Entertain… SO what he called his album the Recession even if it is for marketing.. You know what to expect when you buy the Album.. JEEZY gonna Have some HOT SHIT, PROLLY better than CARTER 3, won’t sell as much but… And that dont matter cause 80% of you muv fu((s gonna download the album anyway.. STOp Hating on my nigga, JEZZY

    • nellz



    I smacked the shit outta Jeezy 8 yrs ago after an BMF party @ strokers He didn’t give me back the money I let him hold to make it rain with. it was $14 dollars

  • C.Contreas

    it all depends on the music


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  • asasb

    i guess every body and their mom is politically correct now

  • Mikey F Baby

    Typical, it’s all Bush’s fault! Get over it people shit. You have a Democratic led Congress on a 5 week paid vacation, while we’re all struggling.

  • Zak47

    I fucks wit JEEZY!… 101-was close2 a classic… Hard beats… Ahite lyrics, definately motivational n also paid dues. 102-solid effort pretty good album. Didn lyk sum of the features th0… Hopefully dis album will b a classic n JEEZY only gets beta. But game cumin hard 2… LAX gna run him out sum wat. Cube makin sum waves 2. We’ll c. But most anticipated 4me personally… LAX.

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  • King Kermit

    I’m glad a few rappers are speaking on problems in our community and everything but when they are trying to make you believe they are struggling when they aren’t makes it void and makes me discredit their material…

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  • The_Truth

    **please read the first comment up top**

    Co-sign Mike Jones. . .that post should leave a virus on your computer.

  • Rizzop

    “Social commentary isn’t his thing. I wish people would research topics before speaking on/rapping about them.”

    Obviously someone doesnt listen to the mans music.

  • from Finland

    i havent listen any jeezy before and always thaught that hes just one of these new school guys doin the same mtv music all the time. but really… this is the first album from jeezy im interested of.

  • bon

    jezzy z dope

  • Sub-urblack

    Oh shit did dope prices go up and he has to address crack america . Seriously this nigga is stupid young jeezy ain’t paying no other niggas bils taking no other nigga to work. Do not even attempt to say you told niggas to save money. He told these young niggas to buy snowman tshirts benzs, guns dope, and blow you money of frank mueller wack ass wathces and strippers oh .

  • Kevon

    Young Jeezy is the ralest rapper alive he got the rap game on lock hes way better than lil wayne so he need to get the beest rapper alive out his head Jeezy will rip Weezy any day u see what he did to gucci Weezy know what it is real recongize real The Recession will say way more than the wack ass carter 3 the only reason he sold beacuse he pushed hte date back for like 2 years be real nigga the carte 3 got nothing on jeezy

  • http://www.vgfkhmyxb.mirdhwaxu.com rtqiz znhaesqdw

    pmkiwhs szdub ndhrcagf snmkbfy ehozjkyb pixvego uwbpklq

  • macdatruest

    This article is from 6 months ago XXL post some more new shit man!!! Or fold either one. Send all yall good people to Ozone Magazine that shit been crackin lately!!!!!

  • Soul

    It is officially 2000 & hate…. U hating ass MoFo’s should spend time respecting the fact that he spit the same shit but millions of people can relate to his music…. Drugs has affected majority of our culture. I appreciate the point of veiw that is provided by the dope boi, to feel you have no other choice and then realize you do is power.Look how many of you trash consumers bought the carter 3…. What the fucc is a milie? That’s song has no meaning…. JEEZY whole Album speaks of truth and vision….. The Album is top 3 of 2000&hate!!! in my book it’s the best! respect my opinion…

  • Lil Gotti

    man fuck young jeezy he a bitch and i hope he read this to you a fuckin sucka ass nigga if you read this dawg im from philly and i hope yo music career comes to a stop cuz you a bitch ass nigga who fucked up hip hop. you suck you a bitch u suck dick and u a sucka punk chump and thats goes out to all sucka ass rappers these days fuck yall man.

    • damedash600

      ummmm first of all fuck you bitch

  • damedash600

    O yeah pussy lil gotti is a hatin bitch

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