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  • Rob The Music Ed

    R.I.P. to the Pimp!!!!!!!!!!

    • UGK fan

      Much love to Bun B and the whole Butler family who have been affected most by the Pimp’s death. He was a great artist and one of the pioneers of southern rap. Him and Bun are also two of the most underrated.

  • niggafrommemphis

    my nigga will never be forgotten.

  • http://www.djlightsout.net DJ Lights Out

    Tribute To Pimp C – 1 Year Anniversary Mix


    1. UGK – One Day

    2. Pimp C – Top Notch Hoes

    3. Pimp C – I Know You Strapped

    4. UGK – Swishas and Dosha

    5. Pimp C ft. Z-Ro – Isa Playa

    6. UGK – Pocket Fulla Stones

    7. UGK – Pimpin aint No Illusion

    8. UGK – Dont Say Shit

    9. UGK – Holdin Na

    10. Pimp C – Hogg In Da Game

    11. UGK – Let Me See It

    12. UGK – Take It Off

    13. UGK – Look At Me

    14. UGK – High Life

    15. UGK – Like Yesterday

    16. UGK – Choppin Blades

    17. UGK – Comin Up

    18. UGK – Murder

    19. UGK – Tell Me Something Good (remix)

    20. UGK – Wood Wheel

    21. UGK – Diamonds and Wood

    22. UGK – Gravy

    23. Pimp C – Pimp C Says Goodbye (outro)


    I stop smoke’n w/ haters back n 94!! R.I.P Pimp C!

    • JamPo

      classic line…….i got so many…….

      she say she love me but all we do is fuck and fight

      had a girl for every letter in the alphabet/Anna and Brenda/Carla and Dee/and whole bunch of fiends who use suck my dick for free

      I saw your video nigga it was slow and sloppy/spent 500 thousand on a carbon copy

      I’m Tony Snow I’m out here livin by a code/in love with a lifestyle not bitch I’m in that mode

      young ass niggas 22 talking bout retiring

      my all time favorite……”trill niggas dont carry sugar in our nutsack/ big fat balls and a trigger in our backpack

      Pimp started alot of this ish…..from talking bout riding foreign with rims with tv’s…..he was first nigga talking bout that shit…before Baby, Hov,….any nigga….NWA’s “Dopeman” was that glass but “Pocket Full Of Stones” was so detailed…..Pimp was prolly one of the most complete artists….nigga can rap, sing, produce, play instruments…..all at high levels…..honestly the game did belong to him…….

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico


  • jlc

    ….free the pimp c, now its see the pimp free……..

  • White Boi Fresh

    hydrocodone on a hands free phone!!!!

    pimp c i got what ya need/ got dat cocaine and dat california weed!!!!

    Gone But Not Forgotten!!! We need to slow down on that lean real talk

  • JR

    R.I.P. Pimp C!!!!!!!!!!!!! You still the trillest mo fu$ka. I been bangin ur $hit all day!!! Smoke sumthin bitch!!!!!!! Polo fu$k the Hilfiga!!!!!!

  • Screwmatic

    Like Pimp C said…. Smoke sum’n, biiieeetch.
    R.I.P. to da Pimp, mayn.

  • fred

    bun b is the legend! hes the reason why anyone paid attention to ugk!straight up pimp c wasnt living large like he portrayed he didnt even set his family up cuz he didnt make enuff bread from the rap game!youtube chads moms crib and it makes you wonder how really trill were u if you couldnt even set you or your fam up but in videos you wearing minks and diamonds

    • JamPo

      sucka ass……

      Bun is that guy but Pimp held the anchor down….Bun had the lyrics but Pimp brought that swag and sound to the group…..

      I betcha his fam is good…..c’mon with niggas like Bun and Prince on yo team you straight for life…..and yeah Pimp talked bout diamonds, candy paint, and rocked minks and pinky ring but the nigga honesty on some real life situations what made other trill niggaz feel him…

      “everybody sitting in the pulpit ain’t saved/ most preachers false prophets fucking hoes and gettin paid”

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    RIP my nig

  • badmuthafucka

    niggas frown when u up and frown when u down and smile when u change for the better shiff fools stop coming around

  • badmuthafucka

    nigga frown when u up and smile when u down and when u change for the better shife fools stop coming around

  • Dank

    I dont give a phuck who yo b
    u aint bout to sell no phuckin dope in p.a.t.
    u can be tony montana in dis bitch
    have a boat load of dope, but you still aint selling chit.

    I got a piece and chain for my dick

    I got bobby by the pound, whitney by the key….

  • Young Glynn

    Damn wish my nigga was hear!! Rap-A-Lot need to stop bullshittin and put that pimpalation 2 on out. That other album need to come out as well. Pimp c completed them before he died.

  • JJ

    “Hol Up”……….

    Favorite line gots to be……”Im smokin skunk and poppin da trunk to make me feel good”…..diamonds and wood nigga

  • http://www.tallloving.com kate

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  • eddiesixes

    i see you trippin of dat water and you feel like you bad, cause yo bitch done chose a pimp and that pimp was chad

  • Rodjilius

    i was surprised to see Crooked I on there but yea i do miss pimp c mane that nigga was crazy matter fact i think ima listen to Ridin Dirty

  • TxTitan

    Favorite lines….

    Brad(Scarface)the King of the South/I’m the heir to the throne. J Prince the Godfather like Vito Corleone -Pimp C off Scarface’s Last of a Dying Breed Album

    One muthafucka, two muthafucka, three muthafucka four/ Nigga wanna fight wit me over they muthafuckin hoe -Original Tell Me Somethin Good song

    I miss dat nigga Pimp C.

    UGK 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  • opm509

    R.I.P PIMP C