Suge Knight Mansion Auctioned for $4.5 Million

Suge Knight has just lost another asset. The former Death Row Records mogul’s Malibu mansion has reportedly been auctioned for $4.56 million through Bankruptcy Court, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Knight estimated the mansion at $6.2 million just last year. The 8, 272 square-feet house was built seven years ago and has 9.5 bathrooms, a pool, a spa and mountain and ocean views.

Knight has been a mainstay in the news as of late. As previously reported, he recently sued Kanye West over a Miami shooting in which he was wounded three years ago. Knight also accused cops of stealing his diamond studded earring in the shooting’s aftermath. -Bruce Moses

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    COPS ganked his earings….DAMN thats cold.



      Bitch All of these stories pale in comparison to my Crip Wars I done been throgh! My top 6 Crip Turf War Stories!

      1. 3 Mexican Mafia members stabbed in Taco Bell for cutting me in line after work! They later begged for their life in front of the Staples Center! They not have to buy me a Soft Taco Supreme every wk or face Getting fucced up!

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      3. My Trip to the Folks Gang Hub in Chicago, I collected my $12 extortion gwap, then I told old turf war stories to the Vice Lords, Then confronted the Black Stones and called them all bitches and informed them they didn’t want any parts of me! Then I slepted w/Oprah 2 nites after meeting her, Steadmen is scared shitless of me!

      4. While on the Set of Busta Rhymes “Arab Money” Busta asks me to get him some Gyro’s I smack the shit outta him and tell him I fucced Delishous from Flavor of Love 2. I went to war w/him over pussy & I came out victorious! Busta Pisses his pants from the mere sight of me! A 5′7″ 145 lb Crip!

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      • EReal

        Its San Quinton, you dumbass.

        • New Dynasty Ent

          No. It is San Quinn.

        • G-UNOT KILLA

          Is this ereal from the bitch azz social club!!! Nigga I thought I exterminated you niggaz!

        • EReal

          I was with the “Social Club” when me and Dre Guevera saw you at Kelly Park trickin your ass out to homos so you could buy studio time for you gay lover Spider Chokes on Dick.

      • DV8

        yeah San Quinn is a Bay Area rapper from S.F., but I still get what you meant.

        Keep it crippin with the True Crip Life Stories. Good laughs!!!

      • Fuck G-unot Killa

        Nigga fuck you…Me and my Indiana Bloods gon come and smash your ass just like we did T-pain after the chopped and screwed video shoot. I smacked that nigga with a dirty tampon that I swiped from his bitch!! Now he scared to come back to Indiana cuz he know we’ll fuck him up. And if u keep talkin that shit G-Unot Killa, me and Lupe Fiasco gon see u in da streets and murder u!!! And afta that, we gon eat your children and shoot ur damn dog BITCH!!!!!

        • G-UNOT KILLA


        • Fuck G-Unot Killa

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  • Mutada al sader the king

    Suge aint stupid, he’s got 10-15 million stashed off shore somewere. He’s just going through the motions, bankruptcy, aliviates you of some debts and lets the creditors pick over the carcus. If this fucker does not end up in jail, he’ll still be smoking good, living good, and drinking good, He wont be working for a telemarketing service anytime soon.

    Fuck Suge

    • Doobie42


  • KillaCam

    suge’s lookin sillier ever time I see.

  • shad

    Yeah what a loser, he has been KO’ed, locked up, denied entry in a club (shown on TMZ), beat his GF up, lost his 116K earrings, and now his house. This fool dosent have money stashed anywhere. If he does those accounts have probably been frozen. “Goes around comes around”

  • Nico

    Looks like hiphop got his own Paris Hilton, this dude keeps showing up with new stupid shit he does.


    that fat bitch owe me 15.00$ .last time i was walkin on crenshaw with my homiez i saw him askin for money but i haven t recognize him cuz he was wearin pink short and a britney spears shirt. he s so broke and is now so skinny i give him 15$. then i turn back and my cuz spider loc tell me hey it s suge then he start runnin like a 14 years old bitch screamin please don t hurt me i just wanna eat. and we beat his ass up.
    crip 4 life
    g g g g g g g g-unit


    That fake G-UNOT KILLA seems to be back but me and my homie Bill Gates are lookin to find you mother fucker.
    G talk, C walk
    I m the real G-Unot Killa and i ll prove it !!!

  • Mutada al sader the king

    ^ Fake G-UNOT killer .

    No slaping him immediatly, no extortion payment with a ludacris amount, no mention of throwing him in the red pool, or a specific time or place,

    Fake GUK need to stop.

    Will the real GUK please stand up !

  • ChRi$

    u kan tell which 1 iz tha real “G-UNOT KILLA” because tha real 1 haz crip writing….4 example tha real “G-UNOT KILLA” will say “FUCC” insteada “FUCK”

  • whokidd

    seen this on suge been filed chapter 13 I though

  • texasleen

    lmao @ real crip writing

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “G-UNOT KILLA” next time be more original and more creative in your name. I think you say “G-Talk, C-Walk”, that a good name for you, its represents you. Keep doing comments.

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  • lostgyrl

    You reap what you sow… and Suge is getting his straight up the ass! That’s what u deserve for getting Tupac killed. Your world is crumbling! You might as well pull the trigger on yourself… Who really cares what Suge is going through.

    2PAC forever!

  • Ace Deuces

    This dude is a walking reality show. He should invest that Tall Israeli dinero he got stuck in some pissy matress into a camera crew, bout 10 young, dumb hood niggas & a boom mike. They should follow this asshole thru the streets of whereverthefuck, USA, & capture his nigger-ass antics on film. Guarantee some off-the-radar channel will pick it up & turn his monkey ass into the next must see bafoonery tv star. Niggas get money, gain notorioty, acquire fame & wealth, fuck it off, lose the popular vote, lose touch with reality, then instead of tryin to re-up some kind of standing in the public eye, like a real huster would do (just ask Gary Coleman bout ALL this shit I’m saying), fool ass fools go back to the same street mentality they at one time shook their banana peelers @, then look at us like we’re the dumb fucks. He’s a prime example of the infamous Dave Chappelle qoute; Never shoulda gave you niggas money!
    Even without any scratch, pretending he is/was broker than a one-eyed, hermaphrodite prostitute without a goatee, this guy is still a ridiculous caricature of a celebrity. Charles Schwartz couldn’t have drawn a more 2 dimensional moron.

  • TheRefriedMexican

    EAZY-E R.I.P.


  • niggafrommemphis

    it’s niggas like that stupid ass g unot killa that made me quit fuckin with this site.none of u niggas know me,i could be lying my ass off .this nigga tryin to prove how hard he is talkin shit on a blog,riding on crips and shit.nigga,use your hand for somethin other typing some ho ass shit.that’s all i gotta say,i probably got kids your age.

  • Nate

    San Quinn is the Prince of the City. Fakeass G wouldn’t know anything about it, that’s why he confused San Quinton (which hasn’t been open for decades) with Quinn. Kind of shows his ignorance even when he tries to play like he’s joking in his posts he is doubly ignorant.

    If you really even tried anything with Quinn, Messy Marv would handle that punkass and that’s just on Fillmoe and for the City. Same goes to if you ever claimed you did anything in Bayview/HP, Guce and his boys would leave you breathless.

    I think you need to study G-ology some more “G”
    because your stories aren’t funny when you don’t really know the sets, crews, cities, or phrases other than “he begged for his life” or
    “the 60 yr old Billionaire slept with me” Get out of that grandma’s basement and take a walk!
    Go C the world bitch!

    Oh yeah about your posts: That was funny.

  • Nate

    How would you “turn to Big Fase” when he probably hasn’t been around Game more than a couple times in 2-3 years?

    Dumb on so many levels….

    I think if you made stories about your Jack in The Box job G that would be more believable…

    I like the Sourdough Jacks you cook. Very tasty

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