Soulja Boy Album Leaks

Soulja Boy’s sophomore album, iSouljaBoyTellEm, has just leaked onto the net one week before it’s official release date on Tuesday (12/16).

The disc finally sees the light of day after several attempts at jump starting the project. SB released “iDance” to a lukewarm reception earlier this year, but finally caught fire with the songs “Bird Walk” and “Turn My Swag On.” His next single, “Kiss Me Thru The Phone,” leaked just last week.

In related news, SB responded to comments made by Interscope label mate Charles Hamilton yesterday (12/09) in a short video clip posted on the Web. “I don’t even know why I’m addressing this, nah this is why I’m addressing this, this doesn’t just goes out to Charles Hamilton the sonic man, not just him, this goes out to all the rappers out there,” he said. “You’ve been grinding so hard, blahzay blahazy, you’re getting into your record label meetings and all you hear is Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy. Goddamn. Soulja Boy got 4 million views on YouTube. Soulja Boy just did this, Soulja Boy just did that, and in the back of your head you like fuck Soulja Boy.” -Marvin Brandon

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  • nibs

    for real tho….FUCK soulja boy


      1 more thing if anybody got probs me & Spider Loc will go the the fucc off!

    • joe p

      i agree fuck soldier boy … was anyone gonna buy that shit anyway … i hope he sells 20,000 albums show him how much he blows dick

  • kEITH



    I gotta admit the album didn’t leak! I had fucced his ex-girlfriend who in desperation to keep a Crip commited she offered his crappy ass CD as trade for extortion charges! I went over Mr. College Park house and watched the Falcons v. Saints game last week and layed down traccs for Spider Loc’s album. And I have a new Dance called Crip Prance! Its the new wave! you place 2 hands on your hips “C” walk and pull out your .40 cal and Go to WORK!! I was fuccing Ciara 2 wks ago when Bel Biv Divoe called talking about BBD Ain’t paying no extortion I hung up busted on then went to Bobbie Brown House and beat the skin off his Crackhead ass!

    • pk47 aka prince of philly

      no u didn’t & who cares about soulja boy

  • rosco

    lmao g-unot killa.

  • DV8

    LMAO at G-Unot Killa…. needs to cut this guy a check because he is now the main reason I hit this website for.

  • Dee

    he prolly leaked it himslef to have an excuse when he dont sell a million..

    or 100k..

  • g-unit killa

    nah g-unot it was me a peyton manning chillin with Dawton Thomas with ten King models and Charles Hamilton stopped by. I was like you know that nigga soulja talkin brazi bout you….Charles Hamilton called like three niggas I swear then he was like go to youtube….then I seen that nigga Soulja boy weak as new album…I bugged out then I went to the cabinet to get bmfs bbq sauce that g-unot gave me in peace offering and I called Bel Biv Divoe and said that you ain’t gotta pay that extortion with g-unot then peyton said he had to jet to to do a direct-tv commercial. then ciara called and said I gotta beat g-unot ass because he was stalkin her

    • CLARK

      shut up your not funny at all.

      • mdb


  • DiddyBopper

    any bet this g unot dude is getting paid for this lol prolly an employee for sure id guess or he jus has no fkin life what so ever. hes almost first to post on every single thing

  • balaramesh

    life is bad when you leaking a soulja boy disk. that is just plain old bad. you better off jumping off the BK bridge.

  • REAL TALK 08

    RIP SB’s career like Chingy…LOL

  • Trouble

    Charles Hamilton leaked that shit !! LOL

    Aint like anyone wanted that shit anyway.

  • Ambition-1

    Damn I was really waitin to get my snap, pop, and crank on to this new Soulja Boy shit. Soulja Boy like one of my top five favorite rappers ever.

    On a serious note… does that mean that since Soulja Boy’s career will be dead in less than a month that hip hop can come back to life.

  • newyawka631


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