Plies Breaks 100K, While Soulja Boy Debuts At Number 43 On The Billboard 200

The latest hip-hop releases by Plies and Soulja Boy failed to make a top 10 impact on the Billboard 200 this week, according to Nielsen’s SoundScan.

Leading the pack instead is Kanye West, whose 808s & Heartbreak album just missed the coveted top 10 spot, landing at number 11. After four weeks on the charts Ye’s experimental disc inches closer to platinum status with over 858,800 album sold – ringing up more than 138,900 copies this week alone.

Debuting 3 slots down at  number 14 is Ft. Myers, Florida rapper Plies with his second album to drop this year – and third in just 16 months. Da Realist sold close to 114,400 CDs this holiday season due in part to his hit single “Put It On Ya” featuring Chris J.

Taking an 18 percent climb this week is Grand Hustle general T.I. with his 6th solo album Paper Trail. The Atlanta rap star landed at the number 34 spot, moving an additional 54,700 discs this week. After 12 weeks on the Billboard 200 Tip has sold close to 1,443,880 discs.

Landing all the way down at the number 43 position is teenage phenom Soulja Boy with his sophomore release iSouljaboytellem. Selling over 10,000 more copies then the 35K projections, SB managed to scan about 45,500 discs in his first week. In contrast, the young rapper’s first album, which included his mega hit single “Crank That [Soulja Boy],” sold 117,000 copies in it’s debut week.

Taking a 58 percent dip on his second week on the charts is Common’s Universal Mind Control which sits at the number 56 spot. Selling 34,270 units this week, the Chi-Town vet has blown a grand total of 116,900 albums off the shelves.

With no new rap releases dropping this week, look for the Kanye to continue to stay ahead of the competition next Wednesday. – Elan Mancini

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  • Ron Coltrane

    And there you go. Great job Kanye. Hang in there Com. You’ll more than likely go gold.

    • joe p

      Macdatruest is right dudes its about the music man lyrics true mc-in you know … who cares what ppl sell plies is one of the worst rappers alive lol im sorry “hip hop artist” (cause those trash lyrics are not one of a mc) who cares what he sells

      oh yeah FUCK SOLDIER BOY!!!

  • Macdatruest

    This was XXL two days ago:

    “What I’m talking about is the way rap has become, and stayed, all about SoundScan numbers, and, more precisely, those for the first week. All we ever hear about is sales sales sales, as if the success of the label’s pre-release marketing blitz and the traction of radio singles with Midwestern White sorority girls is what it’s all about.”

    Then you post the numbers today. I guess muthafuckas was writing in, asking about 1st week sales right?No. All that shit is industry garbage. Fans don’t judge an artist by sales Cooporations and Shareholders do. Some of the best albums made had no promotion and low sales. Vanilla Ice did 10 million-So according to how Magazines judge rappers now, he is just as much a hip hop legend as Fiddy based off figures and not a catalogue of hits. But do I give a fuck? Magazines try to make a big deal outta sales, because labels figure that reporting successful sales figures will lead to success. But labels buy their own artists albums to boost the first week soundscan sales numbers so that is a lie they perptuate to help their own fake ass artists look good. Speaking of sales, I know XXL Magazine sales are dismal right now, and the last cover you had with Fiddy big ugly ass face on it was your worst selling issue in years hahaha!! Fuck numbers.

    • NWSO

      Come on, fam, I’m with you in part but can we look at the full picture. The blog 2 days ago was one staffer’s opinion. He wrote his personal thoughts and opinions that others internally or externally may or may not agree with (I do). But at the same time, sales numbers are news and that’s what this news piece is, just reporting on what happened on the charts because whether we like it or not someone somewhere cares to know.

      Does higher sales make an album better? Of course not. But if an artist you love does well, you should be happy for him/her. If one you love does bad, you as a fan should do your part to support that artist.

      So again I agree with my co-worker’s blog and with you in part, sales don’t mean anything when it comes to qiality. Illmatic is a classic album that barely sold. Vanilla Ice is a joke and no one in their right mind would put him in GOAT status just based off sales. But when an art form becomes a business corny things like sales, marketing, etc come into play. Just a sad fact.

      As much as you may hate the business model that labels, magazines follow, i’d hope you’d be at least happy to see some of the cogs in the machine at east think like you to write such a blog shunning the obsession with numbers. It’s like being in an army. Soldiers follow orders but that doesn’t mean they aren’t individuals and have thoughts of their own like my man expressed in his blog.

      And come on with the Fiddy cover being worst selling in years. If you knew anything about magazine numbers/sales you’d know that the numbers wouldn’t even be in for at least another month because the issue is STILL on stands. So how can you or anyone else know what the numbers (that you don’t even care about) are when the product is still being sold. SMH

      • macdatruest

        I don’t hate the model that labels and magazines follow I just think they do a bad ass job of explaining where judging based on the “artform” and judging an artist based on corny things like sales, marketing, etc. are different. People didn’t even care about this shit until they were made aware of the shit. I could easily add another level to the numbers game:

        “Nigga I went 200,000 tops but I got more points on my album then you gggggot on yours. Haha!” Mater fact let’s get even deeper, “Nigga my manager is cheaper-and my lawyer is in house! Ballin!”

        Reason I say this is cause ya mans on the cover right- He supposedly ended some rapper’s careers. But when XXL talk about the “beefs” he won, they do shit like compare Fiddy’s album sales of whatever album he talked shit on to the sales of the album of the artist album he dissed. That way with him being a pop artist, he won every time going at niggas who appeal is from the Gutter like Kiss and Nas.

        Then we go from “Ether” back to the beginning of Hip Hop, and I’ll be damned if battles used to be based on the quality of the diss track’s verses. This “Beef” based on sales numbers was created by XXL. Nah 50 and Interscope created it-XXL just made it credible by confirming the winners and losers

        Yea I see somebody rode for me over at the office, but that’s goin in Scratch Magazine, which had nothing to do with The article I quoted or this one. This all XXL but yea, you right again-

        I don’t know nothing about magazine numbers/sales and you still right again don’t even CARE that I don’t know, because if necessary I could easily educate myself thoroughly on the subject of magazine sales but I have a knack for making predictions based on deductive reasoning. I can tell by you guys posting so much old shit your at a loss for direction, and I can see the reactions (or lack of) to ya mans on the cover’s articles. Everybody in the world know what to expect from dude. A magazine. XXL at that. With Fiddy Cent on the cover with one eyebrow up. And it say the Power of 50 Cent. And he just dropped a brick. Wonder what he’s gonna say. *cough*

        That’s a flop cover, like it look bad and it’s a big ass face shot of somebody people wanna see and hear less about.The cover is… It’s almost like 50 making fun of XXL Readers I swear to god. Thats how I know it will be the worst selling issue. You might try and lie like its still “being sold”, but nobody’s buyin’ and yo bosses is pissed!!! hahaha!!

        I know this shit long, but please if you see Fiddy which I’m sure yall do at XXL tell him stop doing the one eyebrow up face on EVERY FUCKIN PICTURE!!! give it a rest

  • venemez

    50% of me doesn’t give a fuck the other 49% doesn’t really care. 1% is asking where’s Luda?

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  • $ykotic

    Again like I just posted on the #’s blog, until the labels get it right, Billboard is the bible of the music industry.

    You don’t get a dot or triangle next to your project, THE LABEL considers you a failure.

    Other cats are moving decent #’s.

    Gold is gonna be a chore for youngin’. There’s no dance or hype to push the CD so now his SKILL level has to sell units.

    Good luck with that.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Why does’nt XXL talk about lack of traffic to their tired ass website and the steady decline in readership of their once dominant magazine since Yellow Nig, stoped running the show and they started to feature 50 Cent on every third cover for 2 years strait.

  • REAL TALK 08

    DAYUM HOMEY!…in 2007,U wuz da man Homey..What da Fuck happen 2U SB?!..LOL….well,i guess datf confirms my statement..SB is the worse rapper alive since Chingy…LOL…Plies came wack2..and i luv Bust It Baby,and his album Definition Of Real was one of the years best!..he rushed his new.,.plus,Give Me old school Luda!..oh..and’Ye still doin it good…

  • $ykotic

    On the real though, I feel bad for Arab.

    Son doobie gotta really go 2 school now. Real talk.

    I can’t see them still touring off of “Crank dat”
    5-10 years from now. 2-3 years even.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    I called this shot a week ago saying Wack-ass Plies would probably move 100,000. Where’s Luda? (Good Album) Where’s E-40? (Good album) It’s a shame about EPMD! Shit like this is missing on the charts while garbage ass, no talent havin niggas move 100,000. Plies is a joke people cmon! There’s a difference between hatin and realizing somebody sucks!

    • $ykotic

      Good look Anti.

      I even 4got about 40 Water.

      Trickdd-That “Theatre” is ill. I’m stuck on it right now.

  • Trickdd

    On some real shit Kanye CD isn’t Hip Hop. Soulja Boy CD isn’t Hip Hop. Ludacris album is better than all the niggas albums put to gather… Lol I wouldn’t buy 808 and Soulja boys album if they both cost 2 bucks a piece I would seriously feel like I’m wasting 2 bucks

  • Re-yo

    Fuck Sales….Other than Kanye, none of those cats in the 10 CAN RAP.

    Q-Tip & Black Milk had THE BEST ALBUMS THIS YEAR.

  • http://xxl ryan

    as much as u hate soulja boy it is still hip hop n even the pathetic vanilla ice is hip hop. but as for kanye that shit isnt hip hop. hip hop isnt singin. it is actually puttin together words that rhyme no matter how much they suck.

    • FlapJack

      It’s hip-hop.
      I don’t think you know what that means.

      Not so much rap, but still..

      You lose

  • Jerm

    dam man, my fave albums of 08 (II Trill & Theater of the Mind) didnt sell all that great…wats happenin, at least TI did nicely and still is

  • $ ANOC $

    R.I.P. Soulja Boy!!! LMAO

  • balaramesh

    @Re-yo ,

    you right, that q-tip cd is bananas. well for anyone that loves pure hip hop.

    SB, needed to be humbled. he been talking out of pocket since his first fluke record. he lacks respect for the game, legend and the artform. congrats!

  • Trickdd

    I like Hip-Hop but I can’t listen to Q-Tip music that shit lame… I like that Nas,DMX,Jay,Face music I don’t see how you can fuck with Q-Tip that shit to boring to me his lyrics to the beats he uses just isn’t for me I need something I can bob my head to that real street hip hop

    • Re-yo

      I hear you, if it’s dope I bump it. Check out the Black Milk album though……

  • Jkeith734

    Yeah Where’s E-40 & Scarface The best two albums this winter (Luda Too)

    Soulja Boy=Novelty Rap
    Don’t Be mad UPS is Hiring!!!

  • markamilyon


  • Ali

    so much for the “Platinum in a week” campaign lol

  • Q! tha Great!

    Plies and SB never ever impressed me. I didn’t, buy, steal or download any of their current or previous material. I’m not even surprised they didn’t debut well. hell, I’m surprised they got sales! I bought more R&B music this year than hip-hop.

    Q-Tip, Luda, Kanye & Common have solid albums I need to hear that E40 though

  • Stylistic

    EPMD’s album doesn’t chart, and that wack nigga plies moves 100,000…Goes to show you how wack Hip Hop and it’s fans are getting!

  • ONE


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  • Peesstora

    Good morning

    I am getting new desktop and was thinking what antivirus application to acquire?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Kanye, Fuck Soulja Boy, Fuck Plies, Fuck the New School listen to some real rap, 2pac!

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  • SirFuntik



  • WremiKillReri

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