XXL NEWS HIGHLIGHTS ’08: Styles P Hates The Word Swagger: “Guys Be So Focused On Swag It Makes Them Like Girls”

[Editor’s Note: With the new year around the corner, XXLmag.com looks back at some of our greatest stories and video features of 2008.]

Whether it was rappers talking about it in interviews or spitting about it in songs like T.I. and Jay-Z’s “Swagga Like Us” featuring Kanye West and Lil Wayne, the word swagger got plenty of play in 2008. It seemed like everyone was either talking about their own swag or had a take on someone else’s. Some, though, like Yonkers MC and Lox member Styles P, didn’t quite understand where all the excitement around the word came from.

“It’s not even the use of the word that bothers me, it’s the abuse of the word that bothers me,” SP told XXLMag.com. “Jesus Christ! Just let it go a little bit. Lean off of it a little bit.”

“I mean, ain’t nothing wrong with having style, swag and all of that,” he admitted, “but I think all the guys are starting to be so focused on the look and the way they are so much, that it almost make them like girls.” -Adam Fleischer

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  • giantstepp

    Co-sign Styles P! There is no originality in the game anymore. From fashion to slang, everybody is like a carbon copy. It’s hard to tell where dudes are from anymore. Seems like the ATL is a baby NY, or NY is a big ALT…whatever man.


      I remember after we jumped him @ the House of Blues in L.A. He cried like a Bitch. The real reason he hates the word Swagger is because As I was stomping him I said,”Crip Swagger/After this beating/I’m grabbing my blue dagger!” He later confessed of having a nightmare when Maria Carey is cooking him dinner when I come into the living room and shank him in the thigh! Bitch ass Dee & Wah pleads w/ me on their west coast trips to give him a pass! On time @ a Ruff Ryderz Motorcycle contest I came in w/ by Blue bike w/ Gabrielle Union on back and This fucchead said, D-Blocc I immediatly popped a Wheelie! And ran him over! Now when he sees me he grabs his face in reference to the tire marks that was left!

      • Pierzy

        If you saw Styles P in real life, you’d piss your pants

        • Nastradamus Was…


          yea that swagga shit getting REALLY ANNOYING

          all these fags at my school use it

          I just say style if i got to, but then i dont say that much

      • pk47 aka prince of philly

        stop tellin fake stories

      • Josh

        Didn’t i tell you to shut your fuckin mouth? Who the fuck do you think you’Re kidding? If i’m to believe half of the bullshit you write on this site, you’ve stommped half the rappers out there. EXCEPT WE BOTH KNOW YOU HAVEN’T. Just kill all the noise, bitch nigga, we both know u ain’t shit. If you need a place to write down the hallucinations you have when ur coming off of them shrooms, start your own website, but don’t be fuckin up with one…

      • AGGGG-Unot

        buddy your story are the funnest shit i read all day you should make a comdey show about your stories and call it “G-unot killa; i’m so full of shit my eyes are brown”. funny dude.

      • Crip Killa

        Your mother twat smells like spolit chitlins.

    • flex3366

      Even though styles is totally fucked up in this interview hahaha…he has a valid point..Most of thesedudes cant even spell the word swag let alone even knowing what it truely means…



  • Peru (Chicago)

    Niggas needed to been dead that word. When Old Spice deodorant starts incorporating it into a commercial campaign you know its finished!!! Ya’ll niggas is creative, make a new fucking word!!! Bring some old shit back even, something like “Def” or “Dumb” or “Raw”…anything, just dead “Swagga”!!!!

    • opm509

      AMEN!!!!! no offense to anybodybut when white america starts using it its no longer related to us its overused……anybody still use bling?

      • Pale Face

        yo opm509 how u feel bout the best rapper alive bein white?

        • opm509

          k my bad on the choice of words cuz you r rightthe best rapper is white all I meant was when I dunno the non hip hop nation starts using the words we use then its time to move to something new I am not against it by any means jus saying in order to stay relevant we gotta stay changin

        • stevie b

          Jay-Z is white? wow i learn something new everyday!

        • http://www.myspace.com/11spades11 11Spades11

          lmao funny Jay-Z
          Eminem smart
          Nah but opium blah blah is right when non hip hop fans start usiing it it’s time to change.Same with hi hop style when everybody starts doing it change it.And fuck swag.


        • LAZIE

          u gotta be fucken shittin me jay and “best rapper alive” material hes good but em would eat this guy alive plus theres sum under ground dudes out there thats straight crazy

  • King B

    Thank you! I’m tired of hearing that damn word it’s played out now

  • swaggerless


  • Curtis75Black

    I 2nd Styles P. notion. It’s not even the word itself but when that trumps lyrics and a cd woth of music – something is horribly wrong. Lil boys sayin’ “yeah, he ain’t sayin’ much but his swag is so hot” !! I be like “WHAT” !! If the emcee/rapper ain’t sayin’ shit, He ain’t sayin’ shit and his Swagger ain’t gonna help his cause. Confidence is one thing. All should have it but it never trumps what a rapper is spittin’.

  • eazt

    Never noticed it, but its true. styles p just gained a fan

  • Bleu Diamond-Phillips

    That’s the most relevant thing I’ve heard Styles P say in a while– and he’s absolutely correct.

  • http://xxlmag.com Shawty Reg

    The Ghost brings up a good point!!

    The Real CIRCLE Entertainment……Google Us

  • Marco V.


    niggaz act like bitches so much they bleed from they asshole once a month, get ur maxi pad game up and do your own thing, fuck what this cat doin or what they doin do you my nigga, you’ll feel a lot better!!!

  • El Tico Loco

    Another word will come along. In the 90′s this was ‘flavor’ but flavor was a more complete package than swagger it included skills. Still got tired of it and definitely got played out but at least didn’t seem as gay, niggaz done went from jansports to Louie bags. WTF Girls used to wear our jerseys and shit now niggaz is borrowing tops from they girls it seems. Gotta love that swagger SMH

  • fireforreal

    Styles hit it right on the head. That word is over used just like gangsta. And Why is it that G-unot always claimes that someone was jumped when they came to his city but he only has the scopp nobody else ? sound kind of bitch made to me. You know when bitches make shit up to try to hurt some one’s credibility.

    • opm509

      fucc credibility this niggas jus a storyteller if you are dumb enough to believeit then maybe you shouldnt listen to this music or watch horror movies for thgat matter. it’d b like thinkin the ring was real or brotha lynch really eats his kids

  • ken

    tell styles shut the f..k up! make a hit instead of sounding like an old washed up nyc rapper who aint sold nothing since 98!ya ll finished accept it or go to the lab and come out wit a hit other than that go away!wack azz nyc rappers ya ll hilarious!

  • tony grand$

    Youngins look @ me like a VHS copy of “Breakin’” when I talk. I’m still usin ‘fresh’ & ‘word up’. The last chapter of my slang encyclopedia is “its all good”, idk wtf these kids be sayin. & lookin nice is one thing, looking homo’d out is a whole next bowl of corn flakes. No thanks, I don’t have swagger. Esp not like Mick Jaggar.

  • g lopez

    thank you! we can always count on a real nigga like styles p to speak the truth

  • tony grand$

    Youngtas be on some next shit. Piercings like marilyn monroe moles & dimples, pants that inspire yeast infections in men, them lil too small tuxedo vests (?), ties that just , sorta hang there, idk wtf that’s all about. Call me old school, its a compliment. Kids (no, actual kids) look @ me like a VHS copy of “Breakin’” when I say ‘fresh’ & ‘word up’. No thanks, no swagger for me. Esp if it involves anything like Mick Jaggar.

  • HU

    Dictionary definition:
    To walk with a swaying motion; hence, to walk and act in a pompous, consequential manner; To boast or brag noisily; to be ostentatiously proud or vainglorious; to bluster; to bully

    ..Nothing good about that. To falsely be full of oneself is exactly what anyone who talks about swag is. More senseless pride in the black community. Chains, cars, rims, swag…..

  • Yayza

    Why is it so difficult to understand that swag and swagger are two different things? Swagger is how you carry yourself, swag is the stuff you have. Not rocket science people, get your shit together.

    • b1tch slappa



  • http://www.uptownempire.com Trouble

    He doesnt like the word swag, because he doesnt have any.

    • Eric

      probably true LOL

  • http://www.myspace.com/thehmancan The H-Man

    SP is the realness! Tell em P.

  • Chicago1990

    “Styles P Right, but what the fuck you talkin’ about it almost make them like girls. I from Chicago we dress, you gotta stay jiggy, and I always been on the bitches since 1st grade.”

  • http://www.djjazz1.com Jazz One

    If you feel the need to talk about your swag(ger), you don’t really have it.

    It is like hearing someone say, I’m really confident. It sounds like they are trying to convince themselves.

  • http://www.rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    Even NFL players like Devin Hester are talkin there asses off about swagger. I agree with SP, this swagger shit has gotten completely out of hand. I even had a dumb ass chick in my class recite a jay-z line from “swagger like us”… the part where he says “can’t wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don’t fit.” If you have such big knots then why are you in class with me and furthermore if your knots are so big then why do I pass you on the bus stop after class everyday… bitch? We need to put a cease to this swagger shit before the year closes out!


  • Golden Child

    Hell yeah Styles P is right. Dudes act like straight up females now when it comes to their whole image and clothes. Nowadays, alotta cats dress like they’re going to the club everyday wearing pradas, tight $300 jeans and all other boughie high fashion shit looking like Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue exploded on them. These dudes don’t realize how gay they look sometimes. Not to mention the US economy is in terrible shape. How the fuck are going to wear $3,000 outfits everyday when you make eight dollars an hour working at Sears! And don’t front like y’all are all big time hustlers that can afford the gay wardrobe, I know a bunch of hustlers that were forced to close up shop because business was so bad because of the fucked up economy. I miss the 90′s when it was okay to be dirty and grimey like Wu-Tang and Nas when they first came out.

  • http://Truestory!!IcalledmyhomeboySwagg(www.myspace.com/josiahdance)waybackin2002andIwasoneofthefirstpeopletoevenusethatwordtodescribeapersonspersonality.Somemightdisagreeanditscool!HendersonNCiswhere Soul

    True story!! I called my home boy Swagg (www.myspace.com/josiahdance) way back in 2002 and I was one of the first people to even use that word to describe a person’s personality. Some might disagree and it’s cool! Henderson NC is where I’m from and we are over looked for our talent and potential. So in exuality those who use the word swag owe my swag err thang!!!!

  • Rodjilius

    nigga speaks the truth cham even mentioned dat people who cant rap use da word swagger alot on his swagger like us freestyle

  • theHonorableDJMOB

    I AGREE the word swag is DEAD!!! time for something new!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/089beatzentertainment Bad Trick

    i’ve got one question and its because iam from europe, germany. whats the meaning of swag/swagger? there are a lot of words from you guys in the us that i know but i have no clue what swag/swagger means.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dipsetripstack charis

    I just caught stylesp being gay

  • http://www.xxlmag.com khaled walid

    who the fuck is styles P tht nicca is over man never even had a folowin hes a nobody so shut up n go lick jada’s ass homie

  • CantSeeMe

    Yo just a couple weeks ago i saw styles p gettin in a taxi in ny. I aint have no money so i got in the taxi with him and told that bitch ass to pay for my ride to port authority cause i was about to take the bus to boston. he said he wasnt gonna do it so i smacked this bitch ass nigga in the taxi for like 5 minutes. then the driver pulls over and tells him to get out the car for being such a bitch and lettin me smack him for that long. well when we pulled over i saw my man donald trump waitin for his limo and i told him what was goin down. me and donald stomped this nigga out for like 10 more minutes. even the taxi driver got some kicks in talkin bout”tell kiss and sheek i got both they mommas in my basement gettin trained on by the homies!” i aint seen that bitch as nigga since then but i took his wallet and gave the credit cards to the cabbie so i can get a free ride!

  • 804

    styles p speaks some real sh*t and talk alot of sh*t to be 5’2.

  • smurga13

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    fuk how many times have you heard swagger sence the mia dropped that song paper planes everyone made there on lil version styles p is one of the best lyrical rappers we still have in the game start being orignal with your own shit

    and no more wayne gosh fuck lil wayne
    we need more smart rappers
    like nas tali styles p

    hip hop is dead

  • proof in pudding

    soul so what’s the new word then? since u futuristic
    Prove ur self soul

  • balaramesh


    you must only listen to t-pain and lil boosie. style p has LYRICAL CLASSICS for days (idiot).

    swag and fag hmmmmm……………………

  • balaramesh

    is there a coincidence that most of the rappers that have “swag” are below average lyricist?

    swag = b.s that compensates for wack lyrics

  • Eric

    I’ll put it like this… Jay-Z got Beyonce. Its not because of his money, cause B got money. Many say its not because of his looks, but I don’t give a shit. Gotta be his swagger. If “swagger” bags chicks like Beyonce, sign me the fuck up!

  • http://www.yahoo.com elva

    I’m a cute young girl, I feel lonely… What I really need is love, Feel free to chat with me on ~~i n t e r r a c i a l romancing c- o-m” where I upload my photos and many rich and handsome singles seeking love online.

  • selah

    ..bored now. Who really cares. Its such a non issue. Grow up

  • lostgyrl

    Real talk!! Words get recycled everyday!! That’s why I’m bringing back “That’s Fresh”


  • K0ld

    To be real, I think y’all are over-minding this.

    I mean, I can see where everybody’s coming from with the word swagga or swagger. Everyone’s been using it for a long time. It’ll end up getting dropped and then make a comeback again. I mean, it has been over-abused… but, what isn’t nowadays? Souljah Boy’s “Crank Dat…” has made it’s way to Crank Dat Superman, Crank Dat Spongebob, Crank Dat Pee-Wee Herman.. I mean, come on!

    But, that’s mainstream media for it. It’ll die out and then come back again, without a doubt in my mind.

  • bucsormore

    I 3rd that shit if u think he hatin then u that same gay nigga in the mirror longer then yo bitch which is wrong thats like this colorful ass gear they got come on real niggas like me suffer in stores today talking bout swagger i cant fuck wit nothing new its sad this lil niggas shootin niggas wearing lime green and yellow and hiphop is nothing no more but a fashion show that spits about swagger money and they got this and that i mean yea nyc rappers felloff but u gotta say they were better at least they can rap and make sense

  • Brown Hornet

    Actually, if I remember correctly, the word swagger got its push from the 2004 Presidential debate, all the media was talking about how Bush had this “swagger” and assertiveness over John Kerry during the debates, the next day the word was the media buzz word, next thing you know, it pops up in a few rap songs, from Jay Z or one of those types, and now you have a household word, I know alot of you may disagree, but this is the truth, this is not a hip hop invention, it is just one of those things people just ran with

  • Brown Hornet

    “Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in
    Texas is called “ ‘walking.’ ”

    — Bush, during his acceptance speech at the Republican
    National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York, on Sept.
    2, 2004.

    This is what set off the whole swagger thing,

  • lonestar state

    Down here in Texas swag used to stand for bullshit weed,they call that shit reggie miller now.

  • Pingback: MzVirgo.com ~ Egg Nog, Bailey's and Vodka, get into it!


    Fuck some swag…… :-P

  • Mika

    na …swag was heard on jay and nas befre this Bush thing happnd. I thnk we should have a new word = Swagguh. maybe thts be more appropriate. Cuz the word ‘ SWAGGER’ is far frm wht the hip hop circle thinks it to be. Hope y’all not really looking up just to lyrics for your vocab.

  • Brown Hornet

    I have to disagree, when Bush said swagger during that debate or whatever it was, he injected that “buzz word” as they call it into the media, this was 04, I don’t think Nas and Jay had a collabo until like late 05, at the latest, that show BET Style, was whoring that word out just like everybody else at the time, the only other obvious use of the word in a song before that really sticks out to me is in the song Slow Down by Brand Nubian, and they even used it in the correct textbook since, go listen,

  • http://myspace.com/bossmanhannibal 740Bo$$man

    Fuckn right man i feel whurr the Ghost is comin cats screamn that got swag but they pockets n style is empty n dirrrty…now swag is supposed to have so many meanings…for istance my flow got swag in it bcuzz u gotta have it in order to make it in the game but dont abuse the shit 2 make it sound corny or over saturated!!!!

  • Eric

    to my recollection, Jay first mentioned swag on the Black Album on PSA:

    “check my SWAG yo/i walk like a ball player/no matter where you go you are who you are player/and you can try to change but thats just the top layer/man you was who you was/before you got here/

    That was in 2003

  • blackout

    This is the first time i’ve posted here and it will be the last. But iM tired of this shit. I couldnt help but contribute. You know wut i think yall. I think terrorist should target these wack ass rappers. Kill them all.Kill their families, kill their fans, kill them all. Bitch niggaz. They fucking the game up. Where is the art? Where is the heart in the music? How the fuck can people like soulja boy and all these clowns be getting spins. Why the fuck is T-pain that relevant. Look gone are the days when R&B singers stayed their lane. You cant tell who is a rapper and who sings anymore. Its pitiful. Nate Dogg in my opinion brought more to the table than pain but that was that. After a hook he bounced.Wut da fuck. Fags. Im from the south but im sick to the stomach of this shit. Most of the south is fucking up the game. I’ll tell you why. You may argue that all the Ny and west coast music brings to the table is gun talk. But you wrong. Even when you heard a track about bitches in the 90′s, it was from a creative perspective. Artist put time and talent in the shit. It felt good to listen to music because of the deliverance and content as well as production. You know wut the problem is now. Ignorance. These mothafuckas dont take time to study how great songs are made.You call what we hear on the radio hits? fuck outta here. Those are paid for garbage. That shit dont make sense. Go home and pick up immobilarity by raekwon, download 2000 bc by canibus, download scarface shit. download stillmatic, even get rich or die trying, riding dirty by bun b and pimp c, dmx its dark and hell is hot, Seriously i aint heard shit worth buying in years cos these dickheads are making moshy music cos they wanna sell. But aint nobody really selling tho. these Pussy niggaz dumb. 50 get rich or die trying was a sucess because it was grity, had passion and was very creative album. Your dumbass went pop and thought thats how you were gonna sell. But you wrong. Go back to your root….And this is to all rappers. Both upcoming and old asses, go back to your roots, go back to the music. Be smart, you can move the industry. You can move the fans. You can bitch. You thinking bout your health and wealth so much you selling your soul. I love music men. I listen to all kind of music. Am an artist too. And you can tell when people didnt put in work on a piece they made just by listening to it. For the record Fuck all the rappers that are fucking up the genre in the name of hustling to make money. Bitch! rappers where making more in the past and still produce better music than wut soulja boy and others are doing. And dont tell me he is a young cat grinding bitch nas was around the same age maybe 2 years older when he came out with illmatic , one of raps classics. Sometimes i wish all the radio stations will see what i see. Lookout for blackout, i promise you. I WILL NOT SELL OUT. I LOVE THIS MUSIC THING TOO MUCH. I KNOW GOOD MUSIC. MUSIC YOU CAN VIBE TO WHEN YOU MAD. MUSIC THAT SOOTHES THE SOUL. EVEN MUSIC THAT MAKE YOU DANCE AND LAUGH BUT THESE NIGGAZ AINT IT. NO ONE EXCLUDED. FUCK YALL UNTILL I HEAR SHIT WORTH BUYING. I’VE BOUGHT 3 CDS IN MY LIFE TIME. RIDING DIRTY, STILLMATIC, GET RICH OR DIE TRYING. FUCK SOULJA BOY FUCK T PAIN FUCK LIL WAYNE FUCK JEEZY FUCK KANYE FUCK PLIES FUCK RICK ROSS. FAKE ASS NIGGAZ. YOU DONT KNOW MUSIC. FUCK JAY Z, 50 AND ALL THEM CATS FOR TRYING TO PLEASE INSTEAD OF SPITTING FROM THE HEART. peace.

    • CLARK

      oh you mad huh?

  • http://www.epilacion.ru/ AdamZP

    гляди! Я ржал – http://ibigdan.livejournal.com/4243319.html – тема дня :))
    Фото на тему кризиса..
    да, и спасибо за пост) добавил в избранное

  • http://www.myspace.com/soul7695 Soul

    Experienced! “Proof” I’m so experienced! That that 2009 new shit feel free to use it…. Just shout out Henderson NC when you get the chance. Yean On Dat!!!! Take that too… Gumps!(I got that from B-More)

  • Trickdd

    Swagger isn’t a annoying word until these fuck boys made a whole song about swag and said it 300 times in a song. I feel like this if you gotta use the word swag than you don’t got it cause you can’t say you got swag that is something that other people gotta tell you. A LoneStar State you talking bout the word Shwag not swag but yea man I never heard one person use the word swag down hear in Florida where I’m from now days everybody say they got swag if you use the word swag most likely your a bitch and don’t got it

  • http://www.myspace.com/teewhynorthtrenton Tee Yungstah

    I can’t stand that word neither. Happy Birthday Styles. From Tee Yungstah neff. Catch me on Grind Time.

  • SOund Dumb

    I wish all of U just shut da fuc up! Ya’ll are all Nutsackz, lent on da tip of my dick! swag, swagger! style, flavor, I got this , I got that! who gives ah fuck! its all still boasting! all or nutin, people just need to shut da fuck up about what they have! point blank. Now datz real Hip-Hop fa ya Ass, Now Stylez Pussy, go make sum music and shut da Fuck Up! And that goes for all da rest of you internet thug ass bitch’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DL

    dude just look at current hip hop (meaning round da 2000s) man it was wat like 06 all everyone talked bout was hustlin cuz rick ross dumbass. then in 07 all everyone talked bout was haters and shit. now its swag or weatever da fuck they call it. shits just gettin outta hand man and for 09 i kno theyll think of something dat is even more annoying than swagger

  • JamPO

    I thought it came from Austin Power……..that shit offset tho….futuristic stupid shit…..we chief strong and pop skittles…feel me?

  • bj worm

    fuck styles p he aint even got no hot shit out & neva has

  • RICK F.

    I have no hip hop industry experience,but,if u pay attention 2 what your goal iz and not someone elses’ u may not have heard what u so-call garbage. U may need 2 keep yo head n yo biz.

  • Stoh

    Your all wrong. In ’98 Gangstarrs’ guru came out with this line in JFK 2 LAX

    “And you can swagger like you rule this; Josey Wales
    unorganized revolt almost always mostly fails”

    Gangstarr’s originality for the win.

  • bubz

    still aint anyone got swagga like bubz but SP i dig keep ya realnes alive.


    lol Styles P aint never lied!! I get tired of here that shit to….Fuck swagga!!! I get up throw on some jeans, a T-shirt and a coat and I’m out….

    LOL I never seen so many people walk around with tight ass jeans on hangin below there ass, a tight ass shirt and a book back on…I’m thinking to myself, “Damn, is the Circus in town.”

  • A

    It aint the word or the use of it. It’s the abuse. Most of yall still don’t get it. What SP’s sayin is you dudes need to stop worrying about how pretty you homo thugs look, and MAN UP! Mufuckas is hillarious to me all skinny jeaned up with cubic ziconias in your ears tryna ice grill.

  • I had to say this

    They say this year 2008 was the year of death and dick riders, because I’ve seen so many people die this year and grown men acting like females by treating another man like God, I pray that next year is better.

  • DV8

    ive been saying that for a minute, its about time someone in the rap game actually came out and said it. Dudes checking other dudes swag is str8 suspect. The word has been abused and its just plain corny. For those concerned about swag if you really have it (swag) you dont have to talk about it because people can see it.

  • benjamin bixby

    yall are obviously running out of material to run because quite simply yall are reposting old articles…thats not a good look

  • A

    XXL, are you recycling news? Is it that hard to get the inside scoop these days? If so, you need 2 holla b/c I got my ear 2 the streets!

  • 11KAP

    No doubt, P!! Stamp. Dudes look like ladies. Smh!! Watch yourself, boys!!! Don’t get it effed up!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=30708 jay

    mann this site is officially DONE!! this is like the 4th or 5th post in the past two weeks that was about 5-6 months old u had posted on ur site back then and now thinkin noone would notice lol u guys are last on the new news and old as fuck on the old news and ontop of that now are bringing back old ass stories as if they were new to make ppl check em.. the only thing carrying this site is bol if he wernt here i wouldnt even type in the letter x..used 2 be the number 1 site to BOL GO TO HIPHOPDX much better site

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=30708 Jay

    u fags deleted my other comment..hate the truth

  • http://AYWydORc.livejournal.com quieddy

    Читаю статьи у вас на сайте уже какоето время!! И говорю сразу что буду продолжать это делать =)