Kanye West Wants To Intern At Louis Vutton

The college dropout wants an internship. Kanye West, the self-proclaimed “voice of this generation,” is humbly seeking an internship in the fashion industry.

With his own clothing line, Past Tell, still waiting to come out, almost three years after it was originally supposed to hit stores, Ye hopes to learn more about the design process. He prefers, however, the high-end houses of Louis Vuitton or Raf Simons, according to the New York Times, who spoke with Simons. Simons told the Times that he was “blown away from the planet,” when Ye told him about his interning aspiration.

“I know he’s very serious about this,” Simons said. “I don’t take it as a joke – but how can I imagine him being my intern? It’s a very extreme situation.”

Last week, Ye blogged about wanting to be “the real thing,” and vowed not to be another “celebrity designer.” Though Kanye prides himself as a trendsetter he’s not the first celebrity to take an internship. NHL star Sean Avery of the Dallas Stars, who hopes to become a fashion editor, interned with Vogue Magazine last summer. If fashion students want an internship, now they have to compete with the “Louis Vuitton Don.” -Michael Cohen

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  • C-Hawk

    Good luck to dude if he gets it, but it seems it would be real hard to balance out his schedule, especially since he just had an albums drop… internships are very time consuming, and it’s hard enough to have a social life, let alone a actual obligations… if he’s focused, and can follow someone else’s lead, it may work out… but i dunno how often Kanye really hears “no” in any context…


      Do we need anymore evidence that this dude is HOMO? Who the fucc works @ Fashion places. This dude is certified Bitch. If I ever catch him he & his bodyguard are in for it! Dirt Nap time, thats on Crip Cuz!!! Jeezy is scared shitless of me! I made him call his album the recession because he is going broke from all the extortion gwap I’m banking him for! I even called Brad Pitt and he wanted me to star in Fight Club pt.2 after he saw me beat the shit out of 4 Police Shariffs in LA County Loccup!

      • Fuck G-Unot Killa


  • Worley

    This dude is a joke.

    Internships don’t pay sh*t but “experience.” They are for children or for those that already have money. The scenario fits Kanye well.


      Kanye West gay rapper

      • wotcha

        this may be true, Jedi Mind Tricks. Oh, and Vinnie Paz is a fat wigger that makes lame music. Just thought you should know.

    • YouRconsciencE

      is he a joke or does the internship proposition fit him well??? make up yo mind nucca!!!!

      • Dub Sac

        I think dude is saying that he’s a joke because the internship fits him well.

    • CLARK

      That’s the point jackass.

      He wants to learn about fashion design, not make money.

      Since when are fly clothes gay?

      ignant asses.

  • Hate Hate and More Hate

    I think it’s a good idea for Kan-Gay to stop making music for a while. I know my ears will enjoy not having to listen to his wack ass auto-tune and corny songs about his dead mother’s titts!!!

    Plus Kan-Gay will now be able to sew some tight ass skinny jeans for his butt buddy, Lil Wayne!!


      good way to look at it, intern yur ass all of want, Ill enjoy not hearing and playing your wack shit on the radio every other hour…”Yo” said he looks like a magician, thats hilarious!!!just cuz u sprinle glue and glitter and yur sweater dont make u a trendsetter “Kan-Gay”..haha

  • http://www.rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    I like what Kanye stands for. He continues to ruffle peoples feathers by coming just a little bit harder and a lot more creative. I respect Jay and Diddy for what they did in the fashion industry but this dude is just inspired to take normal shit to the next level. Of course I just appreciate people with an open mind and a work ethic to do more and more. I’m sure somebody is gonna start throwin all kinds of salt on my man for this move!


  • RL

    I wish Kanye the best in this new endeavor and hope that it turns out to be extremely lucrative. So what’s next? Hopefully, it will involve him building community centers, establishing businesses that provides jobs to inner city african american teenagers, and hell, maybe even a school. Put those millions of dollars to work brother.

  • Yaseen

    very good idea. like he said, kanye is a trendsetter, his style is genious. God help him

  • Chi-iLL-AssasiN

    Are you Peeple slow 4real..
    “Trendsetter” meaning not like the rest
    so yall continue to roc.. rocawear n levi’s..lol! peeple hate creativity i see.. Following American Dreams leaves yoUrs not to be Seen!! ..yaSiRE!

  • yo

    Whats good with that shiny vest, this nigga Kanye look like a magician.

  • truth 101

    kanye keep doing your thing. sky not even the limit . i cant hate on it .


    it looks like this nigga went crazy with a bedazzler on that vest hahahhaha

  • anutha_level

    man FARQ that slack-jawed faggyt…

  • Son, What the ?

    This mutherfuckers gotta be a homo, I knew it, what type of man cares about the faggot fashion world of retarded, overpriced, tight ass outfits , sons mad bitch made, JZ better get away from this kid too he’s been rocking fluffy ass hand knitted scarfs all year, think Ye is rubbing off on him or maybe just rubbing him off.

  • Killing Ignorance

    Well first off, that is not a vest rather a cardigan, you fashion inebriates. Secondly, ‘Ye is hoping to intern with a top company in order to better his own line. To be the best you have to learn from the best, and who better than with Louis Vuitton.

  • Lester Diamond

    fucking emotional Liberace looking ass nigger

  • Mutada al sader the king

    This nigga Kan-Gay looks like and egyptian pharoe or some shit. All he needs is the septer

    Wow I really had to right click and save that picture. This is Kan-Gay’s shinny suit picture, like for real, this is his mo money mo problems shot of him flying in the air tunnel with the shiny suit I mean is he for real with this shit ? Why don’t his gay partner, boyfriend, assitant that he got busted with when he smashed them cameras at LAX.. Why dont he tell this dude how suspect that shit looks.

  • que rollo

    this fuckin faggot is gay…….last gay.

  • Trickdd

    HipHopDX.com has the new Emenem song go listen

  • big willie

    Yall Niggas need ta git ya mouths off kanye and think about how many rappers be goin down the drain.I wanna see a nigga make it rain yo. Niggas need ta refocus. Nigga What

  • amar

    good for him-not just another rap star business venture ran by other people, but rather a product of the rapper’s personality. It’s worked for kanye thus far.

    lol@sean avery and vogue

  • mdb

    dude would quit the first day if it’s an actual internship…first person who asks him to get them coffee would get cussed out and kanye would be gone

  • Screwmatic

    Naw really, this nigga Kanye West think he’s a fuckin’ european, huh? All his style is straight coppied from the europeans. Nigga wannabe a designer and shit. I believe in his deep heart, it hurt him bein’ black he wannabe white, dat’s why he’s been usin’ dat auto-tune shit for the whites to sell records. Trust me, mayn.
    and plus, Louis Vuitton ain’t black.

  • niggafrommemphis

    i can imagine what that gay ass shit will look like.to this day,kanye dress like a grown ass momma boy.

  • kashrulz

    Wow, all of you are going in on Ye for pursuing his dream? Is it ‘mo? Kinda, but haven’t you ever had a dream, brazi? I for one say good luck, Ye/ I support ya. I cosign.

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