Consequence Talks New Label Deal W/ Motown

Earlier this week, hip-hop vet Consequence inked a deal with Motown Universal, changing labels from Columbia Records, which released his solo debut, Don’t Quit Your Day Job! in 2007.

Despite parting ways with Columbia, Cons says that he’s still working with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music for his upcoming album. “I’m gonna be putting out my next album, You Win Some, You Lose Some, in conjunction with G.O.O.D. Music and my new upstart company, Band Camp, which is headed up by myself and Rik Cordero,” the Queens native told

He’ll be collaborating with some old friends, as well, as Kanye and Q-Tip, Cons’ cousin, are slated to executive produce the upcoming release. “They’re doing production together for the first time, so we’re all very, very excited about that. It’s some historical shit. Tip hasn’t co-produced with anybody since Dilla. I’m really happy.”

Cons said he feels good about the moves he’s been making recently to get his name out there. “Going almost two years of promoting [Don't Quit Your] Day Job, and really driving home who I am as an artist and my personality, it makes them producing my album a way bigger event as opposed to just seeing Kanye West and Q-Tip producing someone who we’re not all completely familiar with.”

When asked about when people can expect with You Win Some, You Lose Some, “June or early July,” he speculated. And, despite the months between now and the expected release, Cons is already hard at work. “Me and Kanye are going in the studio tomorrow,” he continued. “I’ve been working with Tip – we did two records for The Renaissance but because of samples [not getting cleared], they didn’t go on there. So one of them is gonna be on my album.”

Consequence is yet another addition to the Motown Universal roster which added another frequent A Tribe Called Quest collaborator Busta Rhymes in late September. – Adam Fleischer

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  • Burnout

    Me likey…

  • g-unit killa

    Cons my man we went to g-unot house on Nutty Block full of Krips walkin around and I easily walked through his front door…then I smacked him in the head and through a chef boyardee can of beefaroni in reference of me having beef wit em and lets see what he Can do about it then we started a cipher and we was spittin right there in the livin room and we forced g-unot to rap he then said somethin waCK and cons was like don’t quit ya day job…then he was like ima make that my album

  • MTKilla The King

    ^^^^Get YAH! WEIGHT UP! NIGGA!!! …find a new hobby!


    You See This shit isn’t easy G-UNIT KILLA has gotta be the lamest diccrider EVER! I won’t comment nigga just when I see you I’m leaving you there period!

  • Avenger XL

    I hope this works for Cons because he has been stuck in the whole Rhymefest trap. You know ill emcee in the shadow of their label boss or whatever Kanye is at his vanity label GOOD music. I am kinda scared for Cons though cause MOTOWN was a grave yard for years and Tips LP is the first ray of light over their. Does this mean the house that Gordy built is about to get their hip-hop swag right?