Charles Hamilton Reveals New Year’s Resolution:”I Think I Have To Be Smarter In The Things I Say”

Never one to bite his tongue, Charles Hamilton may just be self-censoring himself very soon. In recent months, the Harlem rapper found himself in conflicts with Uncle Luke, fellow XXL Freshmen 10 cover boy and Souja Boy. But with the new year right around the corner, Charles is contemplating a more politically correct approach.

“My resolution for 2009 is to be more politically correct,” he told “I think I have to be smarter in the things I say. I already see now that I’m not getting ready to do that, so I think I not so much have to be smart, but be intuitive and literally know when and when not to say stuff cause I’m just gon say exactly how I feel at all times. That’s gon either be my downfall or people gon respect it.”

“But my new year’s resolution is to be more politically correct, but I fucked up,” he continued. “That’s why I cursed, cause it’s not politically correct to say ‘fucked up,’ so I fucked up.” - Marvin Brandon

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  • Jamal7Mile

    Finally! A young’un willing to admit a misstep and learning from it. Humility AND self-checking? There may be hope for the youth after all.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    It’s bad enough that this nigga wears pink and got clowned by Soulja Girl (of all people), but now this wack ass nigga is really showing everyone the panties he wears under his dress.

    Only a bitch made nigga would bite his tongue for the next man. That’s whats wrong with Hip Hop today, niggas is afraid to speak there minds and be themselves.

    Fuck you and your favorite rapper!!!! Unhappy New Years bitches!!!!

    • dusty boy

      Say Hate Hate and more Hate,

      I agree playa!! Fuck these lames!!

      Oh and gon’ fuck yourself too pussy!!

  • Trouble

    Hes sounding more ignorant in every interview. Hes just afraid his record sales are going to look like Soulja Boys, so now hes trying to do good PR. Hes fucked himself now, because those diss songs and videos toward Soulja Boy was lame. And stop showing that picture LOL he look like Cam’ron lil Gay brother.

  • ruffhuff

    this mother fucker better be sayin some even more fucked up shit cuz i aint never heard this faggot or care about him or his music

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Charles Hamilton = Gayest rapper of 2008

  • Ambition-1

    Oh so this is the nigga who’s supposed to take Cam’s place in the game. Come on now, pink is for new born baby girls! Harlem always got some ole funny ass actin rappers representin them!

  • macdatruest

    Harlem always got some ole funny ass actin rappers representin them!

    co-sign that: Loon, Mase, Cam, Jimmy, Harlem World: Mase’s Shiny Suit Junior Mafia….

    Yall niggas need Alpo to drop a album before niggas respect Harlem’s input into the game again.

  • daz_oc

    who on the XXL cover was he beefin with??

  • WhiteCastle614

    wow yall are suckin him so much right now, hop of his tip. even if he was doing it for PR yall are giving it too him. His lyrics are obviously too intellectual for yall. Stick to V.I.C. and Souljah and Hurricane Chris, stop hatin on the cat cause he’d rip anyone of yall.Yall would just be stareing at his socks because you wouldnt have the balls to look him in the eye when he DESTROYS YALL. Check out a freeestyle vid of him The Game and Kanye West he held his own with two “big timers.”

    ohh yeah Happy New Year haters

  • tony grand$

    Damn, I kno this kid gotta @ least a couple weed holders & blunt rollers, or actual “friends” that should advise him to just STFU! I don’t have nutn against his music or his taste in effeminate haberdashery, but fuck, dude acts like he’s runnin for prom king. Stop talkin.

  • ty from linden blvd

    i just don’t understand how a niga who really hasn’t done anything but drop a few mixtapes and dress funny have soooo much to say about soooo many people.

    shit he fucked up when he said what he said about uncle luke.he need to work on his music,work on making classic records,work on being a legend.and keep his mouth closed.youngin gotta realize right now HE’S JUST A NIGGA WHO RAPS,LIKE 10000000000000000000 OTHER NIGGAS.he needs to stay humble and respect the fact that people like what he’s done so far.

    • tony grand$

      Cosign Ty from Linden, I dig it folks. Its just too much extra mouth runnin, all the unecessary energy should be displayed on the mixtape curcuit, in the underground circles, Youtube (a la Soulja Boy, why tf not?), somethin besides so many not needed PSA’s every week. I hope dude does his thing, I just can do with out the commentary.


      Are u listenin XXL?!

    • twoholla

      i co-sign with ty from linden blvd…the more dude talks…the more he sounds like the rappers he is supposedly more intellectually astute than (ex. soulja boy, uncle luke)…at the end of the day…Charles Hamilton is a ‘LAME’ that no matter how hard XXL tries to blow him up…the chances are interscope will never release his album (at one time even Planet Asia was signed to interscope and an album was never released)…& Charles will be forced to open his big mouth by dissing someone else to create interest & XXL will again have to put hiim on the cover in hopes blowing up this just allllight emcee…