Never one to bite his tongue, Charles Hamilton may just be self-censoring himself very soon. In recent months, the Harlem rapper found himself in conflicts with Uncle Luke, fellow XXL Freshmen 10 cover boy and Souja Boy. But with the new year right around the corner, Charles is contemplating a more politically correct approach.

"My resolution for 2009 is to be more politically correct," he told "I think I have to be smarter in the things I say. I already see now that I'm not getting ready to do that, so I think I not so much have to be smart, but be intuitive and literally know when and when not to say stuff cause I'm just gon say exactly how I feel at all times. That's gon either be my downfall or people gon respect it."

"But my new year's resolution is to be more politically correct, but I fucked up," he continued. "That's why I cursed, cause it's not politically correct to say 'fucked up,' so I fucked up." - Marvin Brandon