It's already been a year since Pimp C's untimely demise. The outspoken UGK MC was found dead at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood on this very day (12/04) last year.

The Pimp may be gone, but he'll never be forgotten. On the first anniversary of his death, Big Boi, Scarface, Young Jeezy and Pimp's partner Bun B, shared their most memorable Pimp C moments.

"Back in 1999, 2000, we was all at a Gentlemen’s Club in Atlanta," Big Boi told regarding his personal favorite Pimp C moment. "At this time, I had a pole in the house. We all went back to the house and kept a party going til about 2 O’clock the next afternoon. It was me, Pimp C, Sleepy Brown and a whole bunch of others, man. We just had a great time. He was a great guy. Also the 'International Player’s Anthem' video too, man. Pimp C’s a legend." [Watch Pimp C Tribute]

Pimp was known for his colorful fashion sense just as much as his music. Scarface, his longtime collaborator and fellow Texan, fondly remembers Pimp turning heads with his daring wardrobe.

"We were shooting the 'Bumping My Music' video for [Ray] Cash...Man and Chad pulled up in a silver Bentley, cuz," Face remembers. "He got out that motherfucker with a big ass black fur coat on looking like fucking blow fly in that bitch."

Jeezy also recalls an episode in which Pimp displayed his unique fashion sense.

"I was out in Fort Lauderdale doing a show," Jeezy recalled. "This is like maybe a week after he got out. He popped up at my show. I was performing and he just popped on stage. It was the middle of the summer, but he had on a black mink and a red Dickies suit and he grabbed the mic and just went crazy. It was crazy because he just came onstage and everybody lost their minds, but it was just that love to see the O.G. come up there. He had Too $hort with him. Same night I brought Young Buck out. It was crazy."

Black minks and parties aside, Pimp did face tougher times. The Port Arthur MC spent four years in the Terrell Prison Unit for violating his probation and was released in 2005. Bun, who lead the "Free Pimp C" movement during his incarceration, reflected on his friend coming home. 

"My favorite Pimp C moment was probably when he got out of jail," Bun shared. "Me and Pimp had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. We’ve been through a lot together as a group, as individuals, as men. We watched each other grow up, each other’s children grow up and everything.

"Going in to prison, you ain’t never guaranteed to come out," Bun continued. "You just make that one hunnid so all the youngsters that wanna get into it and feel like I’m man enough and can handle the penitentiary, that’s cool. Just cause you doing four years, you may not make it past the first three months, six months depending on where you’re locked down at or what’s going. So, for him to actually be free from prison and actually be back out and have his freedom again, for me that was probably my greatest Pimp C moment." -Marvin Brandon

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