T.I. And Shawty Lo Crews Brawl At Dirty Awards

T.I. and Shawty Lo may have squashed their feud, but there’s definite tension between the respective crews. Gyantscoop reports that a fight broke out between Grand Hustle and members of Lo’s crew at the Dirty Awards in Atlanta last night (11/25).

Sources say things got heated when Shawty Lo performed ”Don’t I,” a diss version of Grand Hustle artist Young LA’s “Ain’t I” in front of the Grand Hustle crew. The self-proclaimed “Grand Hustle Muscle” Alfamega then lost his cool and threw a chair onto the stage. Yung L.A. and other GH artists then reportedly rushed the stage, but cops quickly intervened.

Moments later, Tip took the stage to accept an award and pleaded for he and Lo to squash their feud during the acceptance speech. Tip’s plea apparently fell on deaf ears. Another altercation took place while Tip and GH performed “Ain’t I.” [Watch Video Here]

-Marvin Brandon

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  • jsmith

    hell na…but didn LA da darkman jus fight jeezy


      The fight broke out during the Song “Don’t I” I was sitting @ the bitch ass PSC table I told Alfumega that Shawty Lo was the one who ate his KFC 2 wks ago, Thats when the chair got thrown. I rememeber Alfumega was order to go get T.I. SOme chicken becuase he is basaically T.Lies Memph Bleek (personal assistant i.e. Bitch) so the chicked arrives and Al told me to watch the chicken it was his turn on the NBA Live 09, Shawty Lo comes in and says, “what up Killa, gimme T.Lies chicken I’m hungry.” I knew a war would ensue! I Alfumega later comes back and said, “Where is the chicken! Tiny is gonna be pissed, I’m already getting paid 3 sherm laced cigs per day!” I said IDK. It is called the “War of Wings” in Bankhead, because the 30 peices of wings were supposed to go to T.Lie and his fam. Later the 2nd fight broke out because T.Lie stole the Gatorade I had in the studio. I got in a fight later last night in the Fulton County Jail because it was ribs night & Big Country Kane didn’t up his ribs in time I had to eat his ribs cold! I smack the shit outta him and wrote his name on the wall in the Crip module. Its right by the I heart ATL sign!! I smacked him up for 10 mins in the shower this morning!!! ECG-UNIT CRIP 4 LIFE SPIDER LOC 4 LIFE!!

      • killa crack

        fuck wat yah heard com down compton and bang with the real ngga..A TRAY GANSTA CRIP 4 LIFE, C LOC

  • http://www.myspace.com/prophetmusic09 Prophet

    one of the biggets artist in chicago.


  • http://myspace.com/thetruthandthelight Mo Betta

    dag them lil dudes got the napeleon complex don’t they? lol. I think L-O is taking advantage of the legal woes T.I. is having honestly. I really doubt T.I.P. would be asking for a truce if he weren’t into the trouble he was into.

  • Rockcity

    Wow! How come itz always crews fightin and neva the actual rappers? hmmmmmm, Well I guess things won’t ever change in the nigger nation no matter who runs the country, niggers will b niggers!!!

    • Lincoln

      This is the smartest thing I have read on this website.

    • BIBBS

      DIRTY!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  • dusty boy


    Go kill ya self!! HATER!!! Keep hatin’ PUSSY!!!


    OBAMA!!!!! Je, Je, Jeah!!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Shawty Reg

    Bad look for the “A”! But I would say where the hell was Lo and his crew when T.I.P. shot a whole video in Bowen Homes? It aint like he was just there for an hour or two. He was there all day in that bitch like “I’m Good Here”…..

    The Real CIRCLE Entertainment…..Google Us

    • 150

      I know why lo & his crew wasn’t there, and t.i. was like I’m good here…’cause he prolly had his police make sure nothin’ happened and everything stayed coo’..like I’ma do a video in Bowen Homes and make it look like I run shit..but off cam you got his police friends watchin’ his back…hahaha ahaha fuckin’ snitch..but anyway why lo even try he a fuckin lame..t.i. a snitch but he got skills lo on tha other hand….lol

  • Laron

    Very brave Rockcity on the internet, everybody know in real life you a pussy.

  • Not a dime but a Diamond

    And these were grown men, right?

  • Rockcity

    I think u dumb bitches r confused for 1. I am black and 2. What I saw in this Video is a bunch of NIGGERS!!! acting like dumb asses, We just had one of the biggest moments in America and these assholes are fighting about wat. . .? I dont even know, so don’t get my comments confused, I wasn’t speaking in a racist way.I’m just tireed of lame ass niggers doing dumb shit datz all.

    • dusty boy

      HATER!!! HATER!!!! HATER!!! HATER!!!!

      Deal with that fact pussy!! U A HATER!!!!


  • Z@ck M00ris

    I totally agree with the comment of shawty lo taking advantage of an opportunity. I believe TI is very hot headed but his back is against the wall. On the other hand Carlos is a real street nigga who really “Dunn Dunn” I dont know what to make other than TI is still sneak dissin but in public hollerin squash it cuz of his legal woes. He not wrong for that but if you dont want it with dude than stop sneakin cuz nigga every single you dropped so far had dissin in it. On the other hand TI made it cool for a nigga like lo to hit the mainstream. Sure nigga was talkin kilo here and there but T.I.P put it out there. I think lo owe him some homage but he dont feel its neccesary cuz of his credintials. Either way shit needs to stop before somebody end up joining (R.I.P Big Phil)

  • Rockcity

    Yes I am a hater, I hate dumb niggers like U!!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    “Fuck that beef shit, that shit is played out”. Biggie…………Leave it to the south to set us back another 50 years. Dumb Bastards!!

    • dusty boy

      It wasn’t all that bad 50 yrs. ago. LOL!! And its always been plex gonin’ down here in the south,
      It’s just that yall pussy’s just jumped on our dicks down here, so yall just noticing it aint sweet down here.

      Stay listenin’ to Jay-Z and Nas. FaceMobb and Z-ro are to TRILL for yall lames to handle.
      Yall can keep that FUCK ASS “HIP HOP” SHIT!! We some REAL Gangsta ass niggaz down here


      ps G-Unot killa whats good pussy!!!


    I hate when dudes say shit like we got a black president and we still acting like this come on with that shit like obama reprsents all black people man shut up with that shit cause all these rappers and shit did all that promoting and shit and once he got in they was like ok thank you now dont come to the ceromony


      Who fuckin cares? There were plenty of actors who promoted and supported Obama also and they werent invited either.

      And if you think about it, Obama DOES represent black people. When’s the last time a black person was running the country? Oh, never? Yeah. If crime rates go up, you KNOW they’ll blame it on Obama. They already doin it.

      In any case, I’d rather my little brother look up to Obama then Lil Wayne.

      • BIGNAT

        tham people obama is mixed that means good for all people who voted for him. all people who voted for a change. why is everyone stating the he is just black.

        “In any case, I’d rather my little brother look up to Obama then Lil Wayne.” now thats a truth you can’t deny

    • valdez

      co-sign Tezzy!

  • Laron

    Of course TEZZY, Obama can’t be associated with rappers, Republicans are already scared of him, if you put rappers into it, they head gonna explode

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  • http://www.rapaveli.com ambition-1

    Mo Betta I agree, that lil nigga syndrome is gettin both of these dudes in a whole lot of shit. Maybe one day they’ll grow up… on second thought they’re both stuck at under 6 feet. Must suck!


  • Trickdd

    Shawty Lo is making such a big deal over nothing this beef isn’t even official just for the simple fact there isn’t even nothing to be beefing about what because TIP wasn’t born in Bowen homes when he was a baby/kid whats the big deal about where your was born anyway look at Shawty Lo he was born and raised there and he is a bitch just goes to show you it don’t matter where you from its where you at I wouldn’t even want Lo repen my hood

  • stuckfresh

    I dont get it!! Why can’t T.i and Lo just go at it 1 on 1! This would stop all the bullshit!!!! Niggas is gay!!

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  • Macdatruest

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