Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood Returns For Season 2

Think you’ll be fed up with your family by the time Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close? Fear not, because Snoop Dogg and his will be back to provide some comic relief for you and yours, as “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood” returns to E! for its second season on Sunday, November 30 at 10:30 pm.

This season, Snoop and co.—including wife Boss Lady (Shanté), sons Spank (Cordé) and Rook (Cordell), and daughter Choc (Cori)—are back to bless viewers with their always amusing day-to-day antics.

In the season opener, Snoop excitedly gets to chat it up with NFL legends Jerry Rice and Joe Montana as the three are at the same field watching their sons take part in a football camp. Meanwhile, Boss Lady is back at the crib contemplating the need for an odd addition to their home: a barn to house the family’s numerous pets.

Other highlights of season 2 track Snoop as he takes trips to Las Vegas and Amsterdam (not surprisingly, one of his favorite cities), coaches Rook’s football team, car races with comedian David Spade, boxes against Roy Jones, Jr., and tries to hold down the fort during Choc’s sleepover when Boss Lady is out of town. -Adam Fleischer

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  • grant ny

    first, coach snoop eh, could be chargers next DC maybe??


    Its a new Crip Show coming on the Lifetime Network called Crippin Housewives. It shows Crippilettes during a norman day, cooking, cleaning, ironing blue, & purple rags, and teaching women how to get sex’d into the set. Its a very interesting show in telling the life and times of a Crip Housewife and what they go through. 1 episode even shows the womens role in our drive by’s in Niccerson Gardens! They are responsible for waking us up after 10 and coreographing our “C” walk routines. Also they must clean all of our bullets and make sure our kaki’s are pressed! Tune in on Tuesdays @ 3:30 am weekly only on the Lifetime Channel! Hosted By Lil Eazy E

    • DV8

      this guy is fucking hilarious!!!

  • EReal

    That show is so set up and lame.

    • iLL_wiLL

      yo i was thinkin the same shit. plus anyone that does a reality show has officially fallen off.

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  • wat-wat-watt

    i don’t know man, i won’t say snoop has fallen off, his show is light and fun. i fucks with it for some laffs.

    one deep!

  • tony grand$

    West coast til the casket drops, but damn, I’m about ready to retire uncle Calvin to the hip hop hall of fame & be done with it. You had a good run @ the whole “pop icon” thing, now move on Doggy Dogg. Thnx for all ya contributions to the movement, good lookin on the countless summers of gin, juice and gratuitous sex, thnx (but no thnx) for the, um, clothing line, and we appreciate all of ur timeless antics and shenanigans. But, as I’m sure you would say, every dog has its day. It seems the sun has set on urs.

  • http://myspace trivella

    lovin da boss Lady, love her camera shots,she’s poetry in motion a true masterpiece,my, the sexiness and beauty she posses.Watching the show for her so keep those pleasant camera shots of her coming

  • Poeticalmath

    Snoop is doing his thing and i respect his hustle. I wonder if he has a CD coming out to compliment the show like he did with Ego Trippin. I wonder if spank has what it takes to make it at poly to be a starting quarterback…. yaw see the first episode? it was tight