Hard to believe it's already been eight years since The Lox's last album, We Are The Streets. Since then, the trio has been busy releasing solo albums while keeping a unified front through their D-Block label and collective.

Jadakiss, who has released two solo LPs (Kiss The Game Goodbye, Kiss Of Death) to date, is gearing up for a third go-round, The Last Kiss December 9th. Sheek Louch (Walk With Me, After Taxes, Silverback Gorilla) and Styles P (A Gangster And A Gentleman, Time Is Money, Super Gangsta, Extraordinary Gentleman) also dropped three solo efforts apiece during the group's eight-year hiatus. The trio even opted to drop a D-Block album before releasing another Lox project. Fear not. The Ghost promises the wait is almost over.

"I didn't wanna interrupt Sheek, Sheek didn't wanna interrupt me, neither one of us wanted to interrupt Kiss," Styles told XXLMag.com regarding the absence of a new Lox album. "We figure we'd knock out all the solos, move them out the way, throw the D-Block compilation out the way and voila, L-O-X time, man."

"It's been a long time since the last Lox album," Styles added. "But what people don't know is during that long time it's been since the Lox album, we formed our own company and built an empire, which we are all CEOs under. You know you wanna get the right things that you're supposed to get out of it. Lox album is still coming. We wanna make sure it's something special, something incredible." -Carl Chery with reporting from Rob Markman

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