NEWS: Pusha Praises 08 Hip-Hop Tours

[Editor's Note: In conjunction with XXL's annual love/hate issue, artists spoke on their personal love/hate moments of the year.]

Rappers are getting the picture. As record sales continue to chute, MCs took the stage like never before this year.

Kanye West did several legs of his critically-acclaimed Glow In The Dark tour while Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige joined forces for The Heart Of The City tour. N.E.R.D, Common and of course The Roots, were among the countless others who lived on the road this past calendar. Pusha T, one half of The Clipse, loved every minute of it.

” What I loved about hip-hop was the concerts in 08,” Pusha told “I mean you had the Glow In The Dark, you had like Common and N.E.R.D, what else I catch…You had Jeezy, there was just like a lot of concert series and I appreciated it.”

“And they put on some like really dope, powerful shit,” he continued. “And like before you mentioned the times, so it was great to see people get they money up, put their money together to come out and support the music and be entertained. It looked like therapy for some people to be out there. Including myself, that’s one thing I loved about it.” -Marvin Brandon

XXL’s January/Febuary (Love/Hate) issue hits stands December 5th.

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    I confronted Pusha T & Malice 2 yrs ago, during the “I got it for Cheap” promo tour! I made up the term selling my janitor cleaning material to local drug dealers nationwide, they’d ask for mops & Brooms I’d say “I got it for Cheap!” Harry “O” and “Preme”, and “Rafa” from Cocane Cowboys 2 were my biggest and best customers. I got @ least $43 dollars per sales call! I got enough money to eat @ Fat Burger ALL WEEK! 1 time during one of my Crip Runs in VA Pusha T said, ” I need some Mr. Clean paper Towels!” I said “I got that for Cheap” he said, I like that! I immediatly smacked the shit outta him and warned if any copyright enfringment had followed I’d send my crips for retubution. I then smacced the shit outta Pharrell and took his skateboard and let my son have it!! Then pay me $12 dollars per month now for extortion plan!

  • render

    god bless ya lil crip heart guk…you make the world a better place

  • Drama

    u kno….datd b funny if g-unot was tellin da truth, lol

  • ambition-1

    Touring and merchandising is going to be the new business model for music. The ease of the internet has caused music to be a priceless commodity but nothing can replace the thrill of the live performance. I can’t wait to see what type of sales Lil Wayne is going to get with his tour next month.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    ! GUK said “I immediately smacked the shit out of him” LOL Good to see your changing up the stories a tad bit but keeping your core elements. “Extortion”, Immediately slapping the shit out of some one, The Janitor stories and the specific times and places. Keep it going. Crip Power to ya

    • valdez



    give GUK his own blog.

  • amar

    08 was good for hip hop in general with nas, game, ti, luda, wayne, jeezy, q tip and kanye dropping albums among others. Also new ppl like the cool kids just began to rise up in the radar. And with jay-z, dre, eminem and who knows maybe kanye, wayne and company again in 09, not to mention the dozens of newcomers, im starting to think that 08 is the new 04 and 09 and 10 will be the new 95 and 96!









  • vega Diamond

    757 stand up Im still waiting to do a track for these guys…. whats gooood?

    you can find me on myspace vega_diamond


    hell yea, concerts like fuckin rock stars, music is more real that way, can’t wait to get to the states

  • bucsormore

    a dude gunot is corny as fuc and if u like him that means ur corny to fuc that hes funny shit it aint funny informal entertaining and most of all it aint real u need to do stand up if u want laughs other than that u a real lame ass nigga and ur fans how can it be funny yall only get a pass if u are 14 or yonger others need that ass whipped asap pronto