NEWS: Akon Hates Foreign Customs: “We Got Treated Harsh Cause We Had U.S. Passports”

[Editor's Note: In conjunction with XXL's annual love/hate issue, artists spoke on their personal love/hate moments of the year.]


Crossing international customs has never been a walk in the park, but it was apparently harder this past year- especially for americans. No stranger to international traveling, Akon, who spends plenty of time touring overseas, says foreign customs have increasingly been prejuidice to americans.

“What I hated this year…Of course when you travel, the traveling ain’t as comfortable as it used to because the politics played such a big role,” Kon told “The United States ain’t as loved as they used to be. In certain territories we got treated a little harsh because we had U.S. passports, but thanks to Obama we gon be able to fix that.”-Marvin Brandon

XXL’s January/Febuary (Love/Hate) issue hits stands December 5th.

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  • Gerod

    Akon and Young Jeeeezzzzzzyyyyyyyyy!

  • Nino

    Fuck Akon, he’s overrated.

  • AKON

    fuck you

  • Trickdd

    Who cares all though I do agree with him it sucks traveling just for that reason customs are assholes period fuck them all and fuck the cops and the fuck up man made laws



    • 619

      Nah, it don’t got nothin’ to do with skin color, a lot of foreigners are hatin’ on Westerners in general. Didn’t you see what just happened in India, all the hotels the terrorists hit up were expensive tourist spots. A lot of the people who were killed were searched for American and Britsh passports. Britian has their own problems in countries like that because of all their years tryin’ to occupy peoples countries and control peoples freedoms. But Bush fucked up our foreign intrests, with his lack of knowledge.

  • og bobby j

    yup…Obama will fix how they view you….then he’ll come to my house and fix the radiator. This nigga is dumb. Watch how Obama sold you fools the farm but yu really got the fields…..such dummies. Dont matter who won….we all still bottom feeders…..some just wanna learn the hard way.

    • EReal

      I don’t know about all that self loathing, but I do agree on the point that it seems that everyone thinks Obama has this magic wand.

      No More Mortgage

      No More Credit Card Debt

      All the foreigners forgot how we killed their friends and family and detained and tourchered them

      No More Racial Inequality

      Its MAGIC!

      • 619

        That’s why Obama’s getting rid of Guantanamo. Why do you act like Obama can’t do shit, he’s the president elect. Why don’t you ask why the president isn’t doing something to solve these problems? Tell me what the fuck is Bush doing? Exactly, he’s not doing shit. Obama’s getting more accomplished then our shitty president and he’s not even in office yet! Blame Bush for our problems before you put all the blame on Obama.

        • EReal

          Uhhh,.. ok buddy.


          Reading Comprehension, I agreed that people expect TOO MUCH from Obama. How could anyone say he hasn’t or can’t do anything, he isn’t even president yet.

          Get that sand outcha vage.

        • 619

          Sand outcha vage? WTF? That’s the best you got. HAHAHAHA! Wow, sound pussy as a mafucker.

  • Nino

    I’m just playing , I love Akon , i just a had a Huge dick in my ass

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Anyone who has half a clue about politics understands that Obama can not and will not have the support to intact half of the initiatives and plans he spoke about. But he is still 1000% better than 4` more years of a Republican administration.

    I agree though, Akon sounds as bad as that lady talking about she aint going to have to worry about her mortgage or gas anymore no that Obama is president.

  • corbin

    traveling was hard!!? thats what you hate in 08????!!! was he not a convict at one point ? mother fucker is lucky he can cross a state line let alone is out of a fuckin cell and he complaining about overseas travel not being easy enough!! fuckn asshole

  • j

    yea he write

  • http://xxl ryan

    xxl you cant find a better topic 2 talk about. wow yall really r goin down the drain.

  • g-unot killa

    i love y all

  • Flow

    i love your ass

    • EReal





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  • Screwmatic

    That’s why i’m tellin’ y’all to get a Ghana Passport.


    *chris Rock voice*:
    NIGGA IS YOU CRAZY ???????
    So travelin’ with senegalese passport and a criminal record in the USA should be a fuckin’ picnic then !!!