Mos Def Wanted For Vegas Robbery

Mos Def is a wanted man. Las Vegas Police recently issued a warrant for the rapper/actor’s arrest regarding an alleged fight with a photographer this past August.

The photographer, Volker Correll, contends that a scuffle ensued when Mos ripped a camera from his neck. Per the Vegas Police Department, the Brooklynite will face robbery and destruction of property charges when turning himself in. The warrant was reportedly issued nearly a week ago (11/04), but Mos has yet to surrender to the authorities. Police expect Mos to turn himself in by week’s end.

The confrontation allegedly occurred at the Men’s Apparel And Garment Industry Convention. Corell claims he suffered a cut on his left hand during the scuffle and that two security guards at the convention had to take his camera back from Mos. According to court documents, the camera was damaged and will require repairs of $178. -Marvin Brandon

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    What the article doesn’t tell was the reason Mos Def did that shit was because they had a pic of me smacking the shit outta Big Meech 10 yrs ago @ the Freak Neek in Atlanta and him making my extortion payment of $80 per month. Nigga I was the Junior Crip of the Year 2 times. One time I was in Houston when J. Prince gave me my 13.00 extortion payment he had the last dollar in Quarters I then smacked the shit outta his hands then went in on his bitch azz. Mos Def is hiding @ our Crip Hub in Nutty Blocc. Spider Loc has 3 niggaz watching him so no paperazzi inturpt him. I wanna kill so bad my diccs hard nigga!!! oowwww weeee!!!

    • pk47 aka prince of philly

      the article doesnt say that cuz it did not happen (smh @ whoever this is) but anyways wtf is up with paparazzi nowadayz? they invade on other niggas privacy, etc., & when shit is done about it, THEY go sue

    • Justice4All

      Do you lie for a living?


      G-Unot ^^^^ LOL what the fuck ??????

  • UARK

    Are you kidding me?!?! A cut on his left hand and his camera got broken. Where I come from that’s called a scuffle and you man up. You don’t file a law suite. That dude is a vagina just looking for an easy pay check…






  • Mika

    this aint no mofo robbery !! somebody need to murk that vagina ! then maybe we could have a robbery !

  • JeffDaChef

    The title is VERY MISLEADING!!!

  • ANTO

    Where the hell is Mos Def gonna come up with $178?


    what is the robbery he broke his cheap ass camera and slapped him up a little. plus this shit happened in august it’s fucking november nigga please. mos should go to every state around nevada and go on the radio there and say fuck that loser. mail him 178 dollars in pennies and a band-aid hahahahahhahaah

  • C-Dope


    That Nigga G-Unot IS fuking funny xxl need to pay that nigga for writing these stupid nigga shit
    aint nuttin like a stupid nigga to make the world go round…lmaoo

  • balaramesh

    “Where the hell is Mos Def gonna come up with $178?”

    mos makes 3 to 5 mill per film. quiet money

  • majornasty

    Funny, cuz Mos is really up at my house, in Canada, He showed up riding an elephant and all he has been eating have been raw eggs for the last 3 days.

  • iliveonce

    Police don’t like MOSdef because he’s outspoken about inequality!!!! The camera papparrazzi dude should get a gunshot to his face for being a grimy vagina!!

  • latino heat

    these dudes deserve whatever they get. can u imagine doing everything with a bunch of cameras in your face everyday? most of us would be catching cases all the time too for slapping these dudes up. peace to mos though, he just did a FREE concert out here in west oakland a few weeks ago. dude was walking through the hood with no security or nothing. thats a real ass dude. more then i can say for most of these bitch ass rappers.