Mos Def is a wanted man. Las Vegas Police recently issued a warrant for the rapper/actor's arrest regarding an alleged fight with a photographer this past August.

The photographer, Volker Correll, contends that a scuffle ensued when Mos ripped a camera from his neck. Per the Vegas Police Department, the Brooklynite will face robbery and destruction of property charges when turning himself in. The warrant was reportedly issued nearly a week ago (11/04), but Mos has yet to surrender to the authorities. Police expect Mos to turn himself in by week's end.

The confrontation allegedly occurred at the Men's Apparel And Garment Industry Convention. Corell claims he suffered a cut on his left hand during the scuffle and that two security guards at the convention had to take his camera back from Mos. According to court documents, the camera was damaged and will require repairs of $178. -Marvin Brandon