Ludacris Looks For Unsigned MC To Guest On “Undisputed”

You could end up on a track with Ludacris.The Atlanta MC has just launched (11/05) “The Undisputed Open Mic Throwdown,” a nationwide MC Competition via his new social networking web site Competing MCs will get the chance to land a guest verse on the official remix to “Undisputed,” Luda’s first single off his forthcoming Theater Of The Mind.

Each contestants must record a 16-Bar verse to enter the competition. Luda will handpick five finalists while the prize winner will be selected by the community. The winner will be revealed in early December.

“I just want artists to be themselves and try not to sound how they think I want them to on the track,” Luda said in a statement. “Just be natural and deliver your absolute best.”

The winner will also take home a Sony Acid Pro 7 music production software package with 10 loop packs. The runners-up will receive the Sony Acid Music Studio package with one loop pack.

Luda’s Theater Of The Mind is set to hit stores November 25th.

-Bruce Moses

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    I ain’t mad at Luda for this…he makes many smart moves…good thing there is a prize to win and not a bogus contract…cuz the winners of these contest never drop records…at least not from the label offering the contest…

    Let’s hope Luda finds some beast that he can nuture and help revive good music…1


      This bitch azz 5’6″ Hoe azz nigga I was @ the source awards 7 years ago when he came walking by, I smack the shit outta him and he turned around and said,”who the fucc did that!” He saw me standing there w/ my purple rag around my necc, and he said, “OMG, Piru Killa (my name at the time) Please don’t fucc me up I swear you can fucc any of my hoes and I’ll up the extortion to 13.00 per month” I looked @ Shaka Zulu & I-20 they looked to the side I said what up they studdered so I just went in on they hoe azzez. I then put Blu Divinchi on notice that BMF would be extorted for 31.50 per month inflation nigga! Jimmy Henchmen is scared shitless of me!

      • chris


      • DV8

        lmao this dude is hilarious

      • kratzy

        the dude a lil fake ass bitch

      • Jpdakid

        this dude has changed the subject on alot of posts
        funny as hell though, id actually look up this dudes blogs if he had any

        but big ups to Luda

  • Money Burnz

    Cool contest…Luda’s seems like a smart guy and he’s usually ahead of these other rappers as far as business ventures and marketing…Im gonna pick up that album too….now as for G-Unot killa…you’re retarded..but always good for a laugh…keep extorting them dudes…lmao…

  • GO-Getta’

    Good look 4 Luuuudaaaaa.

    Aint about the colours ya wear.Read mo’ , Learn mo’ & change the globe.

    Internet gang-bangin’ aint my cup of tea, duke is lame whaaaaat’s his name? Killa-U-Not.

    Don’t lemme do 2 ya’ what we did on 04/11. Yes we did it.

    PS: Just read Kelis was blowin’ sum dick. Life a b*** then ya’ die

  • bubble

    November 26, does luda know that that date is 2 weeks away and he still doing tracks for the album, a contest at that, i see a push back coming


    da album cover 4 his new album is da best i seen recently its very creative

  • El Tico Loco

    This idea is not original but it might work this time. NYoil had a guest verse contest a couple months back for “You should all get lynched”. Did it work? who knows I wasn’t checking for it, but just sayin it’s not an original idea.

  • balaramesh

    i respect luda. he kinda corny to me but dude is nice though

  • MTKilla The King


    nigga you love to have these niggas put up extortion! LMAO!!! @ upping his extortion to 13.00 a month! LMAOOOO!…NIGGA YOU ARE FUCKING HILARIOUS!! AN INTERNET COMEDIAN! NOT A THUG BUT A COMEDIAN!

  • Macdatruest

    G-Unot Killa is funny as fuck. That extortion shit and them rags and smackin niggas an’ name droppin’ they entourage. Ay, dude you gone be famous keep extortin’ niggas lol 19.99 Blu Davinci nigga pay up!! lmfao

  • Tommy

    g-unot killa is hilarious This bitch azz 5′6″ Hoe azz nigga

  • vega Diamond