Fitted Hat:

A classic New York Yankees fitted hat is required wearing in hip-hop circles. Whether you're a fan of The Steinbrenner's clan of overpaid jocks is irrelevant. The new blue means you rep the rap team.

Upscale Backpacks:

Back in the day, a JanSport backpack meant you were packing your demo tapes and White Owls. Nowadays, however, kids rock hundreds of dollars worth of tech gadgets in high-end backpacks by Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Kanye's not the only one with a backpack and a Benz anymore.

G-Shock Watch :

Ray Ban Sunglasses:

Flannel Shirt:

The Goodie Mob morphed into the Lumberjacks and so have rap kids. First, Jay-Z cleaned up folks and got them to button up. Now, they're loosing up a bit with a rougher look.


It's getting colder this time of the year, but keep it hot with red as the main color of your fall/winter wardrobe. New collections are featuring the burning color in their designs. You should, too.


What goes around, comes back around again. You rocked them as a shorty. Rock them again.

Burton Snowboards:

You can Kick, Push, Coast on snow, too.

Snorkel Jackets:

Classic New York City winter apparel.

Nike Boots:

Wale likes 'em. And the Swoosh usually never steers people wrong. Check 'em out.

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