T.I. Tops Himself As “Live Your Life” Unseats “Whatever You Like” As Top Single

Call it T.I. vs. T.I.P. II.

The Atlanta rapper made headlines earlier today for debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 charts with his latest album, Paper Trail, which was released last week.

And now T.I.’s making the news for the second time today as his new single “Life Your Life” has rocketed up the Billboard “Hot 100″ single chart–leaping to the top spot from the number 80 position–in a week’s time.

The leap breaks the previous record for largest ascent to number one, which was held by Tip. His “Whatever You Like” set the record just six weeks ago. The record jumped to the top spot from number 71.

“Whatever You Like” was the top record on the Billboard “Hot 100″ for six weeks until being replaced by T.I.’s “Life Your Life,” featuring Rihanna.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • Hova

    hah LIFE your LIFE. hate this dude but the album is the best of the year so far


    go on… let the hating begin…

  • K.ola

    shawty Lo is better…

  • teddy

    has “let the hating begin” replaced “first” ? why the hell is sumone saying it on every panel ye smother fucker let the hating begin its called a blog and opinions get used to it

  • capcobra

    and what number is jim jones and the bootleg byrd gang?…..lol

  • tea

    hate T.I all you want you’be’wasting your time! lol… do ya thing TiP!

  • dunks

    Its all love for TI n the South.But why is the South not showing love for the east.No plays on the radio,websites disrespecting the NY rappers n shit while New York still show them love.Big Fifty,Fuck sohh

  • gkid12345

    werd new york is being dumb right now. The south dont play ny records at all. At all. N like morons we play their garbage. I be all ova the south and i know what i’m talkin about. Fact is many states in the us is hatin on NY. We know all that shit is bull for t.i. All that top 100 single shit is lies. They record companies buy the singles online, and that part of the promotional money spent. They make some of their money back and make it seem as though t.i’s song is so hot so all the crackers will ride his shit. SMART MUTHA FLUCKas

    • JeffDaChef

      You are one of the most hatinest niggas i’ve ever encountered.

  • grandma

    both songs are okay. His new album is great, but the whole thing of him having the #1 spot is weird. i liked it better when “What you know” was the #1 single. it just felt different ya know?

  • http://www.streethistory.com Ryan


    Anyways, the albums hot!!

  • Trickdd

    Who the fuck listens to the radio anyway as for Tip Paper Trail is a cool album better than T.I. V.S. T.I.P. The King was a tight album though “What You Know About That” had the club crazy for awhile “I Like My Beat Down Low” I still be bumping The King shit im still riding to “Be Easy” T.I. doing his thing though im glad he representing the south like he is keep doing your thing pimp

  • HollyHood

    Paper trail is the best album of 08 so far, i wish my nigga tip would of done wayne number cuz the carter damn sure didnt live up 2 all that hype. 90% of the shit wayne say dont belong 2gether he just puts words 2gether that rhyme.ti has content 2 his lyrics. ATOWN stand up. WE HERE!!

  • 619

    Half the album was R&B type shit. Wayne and Kanye had to fuck up the biggest callabo joint on there by trying to rap with the autotune bullshit. At least Tip and Jay didn’t try it, thank goodness! Might as well have just left those two on the joint and cut Yeezy and Weezy off. I’m just glad Tip aired out Shawty Lo, so Lo won’t have anything to rap about again. I burnt the album, listened to it once and then gave it to my girl. She don’t even listen to it anymore. HAHAHA!

  • bigdave

    dead and gone is the best song on the cd hands down

  • balaramesh

    the cd ok. the only two songs i mess with is “no matter what” and the shawty lo song. the rest is ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    congrats to ti though

  • JeffDaChef

    “Life Your Life”?

    You all need to start proof-reading and spell checking what you post on this fucking site. I’m tired of seeing these errors you all are supposed to be professional. You fucking retarded, shit throwing monkeys.

  • Zak47

    Lol!… Niggas can hate on TIP But he doin his thang… Dont really got love 4 the radio or the singles. BUT album is quite cool. Respect 2the big man…
    SWAGGER LIKE US…? Great collab0… But wayne was bullshit… TIP Should’ve copped GAME. Game has much more swagger n not only that the track would’ve had… The main parts of the rap world represented by there KINGS…
    East, West, Mid-West and South! Track would’ve been classic. But solid effort nonetheless

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