Styles P of the Lox is set to release a combination mixtape and DVD project next month titled Phantom Gangster Chronicles, Volume 1.

The mixtape album will feature nine new tracks, while the DVD will include footage of six new videos and behind-the-scenes footage.

The CD/DVD combo is scheduled for release November 11 through Koch Records.

Phantom Gangster Chronicles, Volume 1 follows Styles P's three respected solo albums, A Gangster and a Genteleman, Time Is Money, and Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman).

According to Styles P's LOX cohort, Jadakiss, the trio will release a D-Block mixtape by the end of the year with a LOX album finally seeing the day of light by 2009. In an interview with, Kiss explained the set up: a mixtape by him, his next solo album, then its back to D-Block business. “We riding the wave right now," he said.---Anthony Thomas