Lil Wayne Pulls No Show At Boston Show, Jay-Z Fills In

Lil Wayne pulled a no show for the JAM’N 94.5 Monster Jam in Boston last night (10/28), according to the Boston Herald.

Weezy, who was scheduled to co-headlined the concert with Jay-Z reportedly refused to go through the Banknorth Garden security and left the venue without taking the stage. To make up for Wayne’s absence, the God MC took the stage earlier complete with his nine-piece band and Cleveland Cavalier Lebron James standing in the background. Jigga even treated fans to a few encores long after his set was over.

Other performers on the bill included Ne-Yo, who brought out Jadakiss, Yung Berg, Brandy, who surprised the crowd with an appearance from her brother Ray J.

This doesn’t mark the first time Weezy pulls a no show. The rapper also refused to go through security and skipped his performance at a Fashion Rocks Show this past September. -Marvin Brandon

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  • Robin


    • EReal


      • EReal

        Uh-Oh, I got the bubble guts!


        • yuckmouf

          *opens mouf* shit n my mouf wit sum doo doo butter

  • Robin

    lol was he carrying weapons ?

    • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

      It wasn’t weapons but drugs. lol.

      • LEO


        • Doobie42

          He doesn’t carry anymore.. The last time he did he shot his god damn self!

        • EReal

          You didnt hear? After Irv shot himself, he gave Ja the secret, and Ja told Wayne when they were chillin, the best way to pack and not shoot yourself, just dont put any bullets in your gun.

          ROFFLE! Sad but true!

  • Anti-Mainstream

    I’m tired of hearing about this overrated ass nukka. He’s WACK. Talk about somebody else…..

  • venemez

    Good thing he didn’t try to make it up to the stage afterwards could’ve been pepper sprayed like Kells…LOL

    Weezy needz to humble his azz down.

  • RL

    The “God-MC”? At any rate, I’ll bet Jay put on a hell of a show.

  • Trouble

    “I’d rather get caught with my shit, then without my shit, and I aint even lying” -Camoflauge R.I.P

    Man, this is amazing. People talk shit about rappers lying and frontin, and then when they keep it real, its a problem. Besides, it had to be weapons, the metal detectors cant detect lean.

    And Jay-Z isnt a “GOD MC” fuck him, hes had 4 good albums and hes been rapping for 37 years now.

    • For Really Real Real?

      Wow, a “Jay-z is old” joke, that was clever. Did you come up with that joke all by yourself? And he’s had more than 4 good albums. You just didn’t hear them because you had Lil Wayne and T-Pain earfucking you while Souljaboy stole your wallet. Fucking loser.

      Hate. Hate. Hate.

  • Inglewood Blood

    how the hell is yung berg doing a show with neyo aren’t they beefin anyway can’t wait till the big homie Game does a U.S. tour 1 Blood.

  • Weezysagirl

    I completely agree with “Anti Mainstream”…..
    This Ally McBeal crackbaby lookalike is RUINING HIP HOP! His dickridas talk about how he’s so clever with his wordplay, but how can you say that when NO ONE can understand a word he’s saying????!!!!! What a fuc*i’n gimmick this guy is! I can’t watch RapCity for more than 30 seconds without puking in my mouth. Him and his SHIT-POP diciples, like Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy, and T-Pain,…they’ve taken my genre and ass raped it,…and the fans of TRUE HIP HOP are the ones who are waking up with sore asses everytime we log on to see/hear what REAL Hip Hop acts are doing.

    If I was at that show, the cancellation would’ve been the best part of the night…ya know why? MORE HOVA LESS WEEZY –always a good thing.

    Weezy needs to take that cough syrup laced lollipop out his mouth so I can at least TRY to understand what the hell he’s talking about….Otherwise,…he’s just another wack rapper who happens to be at the head of the Hip-POP line.

    STOP SUPPORTING SHIT-POP! Anyone who’s given a dime in support of Weezy should be ashamed of themselves… Thanks to YOU for killing REAL Hip Hop, you bunch of losers!


    “I’d rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6″.

    Lil Wayne needs to carry his heat if he be flashing that red rag everywhere.

  • Chris

    oh man, it was sad. weezy left his dj and his whole band out to dry, the dj was pumping up the crowd for a good 20 minutes before he left the stage and they just started setting up for jay z. dude needs to humble himself and realize he just alienated an entire region of fans by screwing them out of his performance.

    thank god for jay-z, he did put on an amazing show, per usual.

  • lizzy

    weezy is a joke. i was at the concert and it SUCKED. he sucks so bad. but good job to jay z; he was a real hero last night for saving SOME of the show.

    • kratzy

      if he sucks so bad. why you go

  • keith street

    FUCK lil wanye! the REAL reason people like this syrupdrinkin, cokesniffin, pillpopin, motherfucker anyway is because of swag, if it wasn’t for that he would STILL suck (yes he used to suck…no really…who was lisening to HIM until fireman came out)

  • Justice4All

    Actually “Trouble” you sound ignorant. “Keeping it real” is the black mans downfall. In the effort of “Keeping it real” Weezy lost money and respect of other promoters that may have wanted to bill him for other major events. It’s about Doing Your Job!! Keeping it real is for suckas. It’s a cop out for not being able to really keep it real, which is being a man of your word. If you say your gonna do something, do it. No one is above the law, he doesn’t own the arena, he was a paid guest and he can’t even follow the rules and do the show when HIS fans paid to get in? Are you kidding me? Shows us just what he feels about his fans (you).He won’t even leave his heat on the bus like civilized folks who got a job. Our prisons are full of ignorant black folks that keep it real. Ignorance and jail is realer than a mutha’.

    Get smart, do your j.o.b. It won’t be there forever…

  • OmegaSun

    He also missed the show in Rochester N.Y. on the 26th.

  • A

    Aint nobody in the Bean feelin this faggot anyway. I didn’t even know this clown was in my city.

  • Trouble

    Im not trying to sound ignorant, the fact of the matter is that when its found out that Rick Ross is a former C.O, everyone goes ape shit because he had yall believing that he was a fuckin drug lord or a kingpin, and hes a former law enforcement agent.

    Now Wayne refuses to go into the show because hes strapped, and its a problem, get the fuck outta here !!! KEEP IT REAL, IF U A GANGSTER ON THE BEAT, BE A GANGSTER IN THE STREETS.

  • stuckfresh

    Weezy “fuckin up” Baby

  • hiphop_since1977

    @ trouble

    You sound young as hell. How would u fill if you paid to only see lil wayne and he didnt perform because he didnt want to go through security? I never heard of somebody getting shot walking on stage. Until that happen, leave your hammer on the bus. besides, you dont need a hammer to whoop lil wayne’s 5’3 ass. lol

    • Trouble

      Im 24, and If you pay all that money to see Wayne and he pulls a Amy Whinehouse, lesson learned. If he dont feel safe without the heater, then thats him doin him. Im sure he knows why he was carring a gun, even if we dont.

  • brand-new

    he was fucking the birdman, no homo. gotta get something 2 drink, yes thirsty.

  • Lil Haiti 305

    @ keith street
    U can’t be for real, no one knew him before fireman. Wayne was hot before fireman y’all haters just started vibing to Wayne, down here in MIAMI we been listening since “the block is hot” SQAD up mixtapes and so on. Y’all talk sh!t about Wayne but what r u doing with ur life?

  • Jerod

    You all are a bunch of faggots. Straight up. Especially you, “Weezyisagirl.” HO-mo you’re mo Ho than Karrin Stephens. Every single one of you gettin’ on XXL in the morning (late afternoon I imagine) thinking damn, what did Wayne do that I can hate on today? I mean… come on. Yeah, and fuck all that God shit. Nas the God duke the God, jay Z the God, you’re all a bunch of bitches. GOD IS GOD. And fuck being “Anti-mainstream” too. CONCEITED ass motherfuckers. “Waaa I only listen to underground shit, so I’m coooool.” Dipshits.

    • Anti-Mainstream

      Fuck you too Jerod. If I had a name like Jarod I wouldn’t diss anybody. Sorry Jerod, I didn’t mean to diss that overrated, faggot-ass rapper you like. I’m sorry you find someone who sings lollipop to himself in the mirror Hip Hop. I’m sorry you find someone who kisses another guy on the mouf Hip Hop. This clown’s a joke, and everything Weezyisagirl said, couldn’t be more on point. By the way that weak-ass shit you said, how are we conceited?????

  • JitzDaGreat

    His entourage say he was too doped out to hit the stage

  • WeezyEF69

    he was too doped up thats why he no showed

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  • 619

    This website is turning into a joke. Here’s the news everyday: Wayne gets a lipring, Wayne won’t put his styrofoam cup down for security, Kanye makes his tenth autotune single in a row, Wayne hides in his SUV with the doors locked in L.A. so he doesn’t get his ass kicked, XXL questions for the hundredth time if Kanye’s being creative or just putting out garbage, both of them collab on Weezy and Yeezy’s R&B duets. Damn, why don’t you just put a picture of the two of them hugging on your homepage while your at it. Quit with the bull shit and get back to REAL HIP-HOP! Maybe that’s why I haven’t bought an issue of XXL since Cube was on the cover.

    • EReal


      And 619 been on this site for a minute, the people who been here since Yung Lip Gloss and Tara Henley know the deal.
      This mag turned into a straight Wayne/Kanye SLOBFEST!

  • Rae Tha Great

    All he had to do was live the drugs & guns and home with daddy, I mean Baby.LOL!!! I just got that new XXL today best issue since the Datwon takeover. PEACE

  • Trickdd

    I went to a Lil Wayne Concert and it was tight one of the best concerts I been to he put on a good performance when he free styled people went crazy its pretty tight when you see him live this was before carter 3. I don’t get why they don’t let Wayne just go with out checking its either that are no Wayne if they want him there they gonna have to do what he wants. I like how Lizzy said he was at the concert and it sucked he sucked so bad nigga he didn’t even perform dumb ass. Lil Wayne haters are the best Lol yall say so much shit but you no its just making Wayne more popular. HATERS ARE THE LIL WAYNE DICK RIDERS YALL NO SO MUCH ABOUT HIM I JUST LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC YALL ARE ALL UP IN THE NIGGAS BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LIFE LOL SHITS FUNNY FUCKING GAY ASS NIGGAS

    • 619

      Your the one ridin’ dick, check out how you talk about him. The only reason we know so much about him is because XXL would report if he wiped his ass sideways. They’re so far up his ass they could tell you what he ate for breakfast.

  • Chris Mac

    how ya gun comment on this and not q-tips new album. Weezy’s tight bin rockin wit’em since bg’s first album when he was pre-teen. But shit did he fall of wit that last record. Go peep out what some real rap cats layin down, cuz this dude is auto-tuned right right out. Not even a whole cup full of what hes drinkin can make him sound good now.

  • Kid Pistol


  • Haveyounoticed

    Have you guys noticed that every Lil Wayne supporter can’t spell? Or write complete sentences? Are you guys on the drugs and whatnot too?… AH HAH! THATs why you like his music! Makes all the sense in the world now. I have not, and WILL NOT ever buy/support this fool. Know why? Because he is a joke. He knows he’s a joke. There isn’t any hate in this comment just facts. You somehow trick all these people into believing you are some outstanding rapper.. okay. good job on that.. but then to MISS a show (or more like 3 sounds like to me)?… nah, fuck that you shouldn’t get ANY money at all… And Wayne WAS wack before fireman and all that shit.. seriously. WOBBLE WOBBLE?!!!.. yeah think back. And Jay-Z is a professional… you dickriding wayne supporters should look that one up. Nigga came and DID his performance like a PROFESSIONAL… that’s why he’s the GOD MC. The nigga hustles grinds and SHOWS UP. Stupid ASS NIGGAS…

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