Jay-Z isn't retired anymore, but he still seems to enjoy the comfort of Miami.

The iconic rapper added another performance in support of Obama to help register new voters before the presidential election next month. New voters who register receive free entrance to see Jay-Z perform.

Jay performed Saturday night in the land of senior citizens and now has tacked on an extra show today (Oct 6) in Miami. This date is the last day which new voters can register and still be eligible to vote next month. Wyclef Jean also performed on Sunday.

Hov has been vocally supportive of Obama in the past. While on tour with Mary J. Blige earlier this year, Jay paused his show at each stop to endorse the Illinois Senator as images of the presidential hopeful beamed behind him. The senator often cites Jay-Z as one of the musical artists he has on his iPod.

Russell Simmons was also in Miami over the weekend. The Def Jam founder put on a fashion show for his latest clothing line Argyle Fashion. An after party for the show was sponsored by GlobalGrind.com and included notables in attendance such as Kevin Liles, Grabrielle Union, and Simmons.---Anthony Thomas