Gnarls Barkley is set to release a limited-edition EP next month that will feature several versions of their hit "Who's Gonna Save My Soul."

The track was the first single from their sophomore effort, The Odd Couple. The EP, scheduled to drop November 11, will include four different versions of "Who's Gonna Save My Soul." In addition, the demo version of the track, and instrumental version, and a live rendering will also be packaged on the EP.

A new song, "Mystery Man," and a live version of their song "Neighbors" will also appear on the EP.

To help promote the project the group is setting up a "Who's Gonna Save Your Soul" Web site. When the project is released, however, the link to the site will die. "Who's Gonna Save Your Soul" is infamous for being leaked by the Roots drummer ?uestlove and for the dark Chris Milk-directed video to the song.---Nino "Dubs" DeLuca