I know this mixtape is type old and I wasn’t even gonna do a write up on it, but after peeping Zekey on the news as an Atlanta motorist complaining about gas prices, I had to check this out.

I mean dude does have a G’d up background. He done been shot up more times than Dirt McGirt; does a bid whenever he has free time and was even ran over by a car in a jux attempt. If it’s to be believed that 50 Cent went 5 times platinum just because he had that gangster background, then by all account this man should’ve been at least 3 times platinum, right? So why isn’t he?

Well see, Curtis went 5 times platinum 'cause he can rap. Freekey’s on the news talking about gas prices 'cause he can’t.

You can call me a hater all you want, but this dude couldn’t win a rhyme battle against Mother Goose. She’d straight body this nigga and lay an egg which he’d probably take and boil it to quiet the stomach rumblings. I mean come on, how this dude gonna spit over the “Big Spender” joint? Yeah he was the president of Diplomats, but they ain’t sell records like that.

And you know he ain’t getting paid off his own self rapping. The dude can’t rhyme, flow or even spit one decent line.

I mean saying corny 3rd grade shit on the "Big Spender" freestyle like, “Little mama break it down just a bit / I love the way your pretty self lick them lips / can’t you tell I’m getting chips, bitch / came home I ain’t have to rap, your boy’s been good off them publishing checks before daddy back / yup, the presidente is here / come and take a good look at the jewels I wear…”

And that was one of his more complex rhymes. Imagine how weak his others are. Not to mention that his flow couldn’t catch up to most of the tracks he used.

Word to everything, if you take this nigga’s mixtape and throw it on the oven and heat it up, you’re gonna get a big bowl of popcorn. That’s how corny this shit is.

It shouldn’t have even been presented by DJ Scream. Orville Redenbacher would’ve been the idea choice to co-sign this release.

If Ezekiel Jiles is getting paid off this mixtape and this mixtape alone, a half pint of Henney and a loosey would be far too rich for his blood.---The Infamous Omar

Hottest Joint: "So Many"
Weakest Joint: Probably every other joint except "So Many"