Jermaine Dupri signed a dude who’s well past puberty?!

Well if 30's the new 20 then he probably thinks 20’s the new pre-teens. The kid's name is Q? I haven’t heard that named used since Tupac was trying to murk Omar Epps just 'cause.

Regardless to whom or what, he made the right call.

This kid Q got that old New York style with the new New York swagger. The flow isn’t anything spectacular, but is versatile enough to spit over a street banger like “Get Yours” or a club spinner like “Gettin Mad Cream.” Not the illest lyricist, but the rhymes are good enough to carry the young’n through a track.

Like when he used “NY State Of Mind” to say, “You can call this hip-hop or just another classical moment/ this is big so I’m calling for atonement / on the grind you hear the hunger in my tone, huh/ I got a gift to spit it that’s what I’m showing ‘em/ the flow is si-dick/ I paint it, I’m so vivid / there’s nothing like show bid-ness (I’m so below frigid)/ I’m cold, I’m hot, I’m ill, I’m all of thee above and then some--did I mention I’m feeling myself? I’m so Brooklyn, so 'hood / gritty like them subways/ you can’t change the way that these niccas was raised…”

Nothing bananas about it, but it sounded cool over the old school Preemo beat.

The only real suspect move on Q’s part was collaborating with Bow Wow on “What A Hater Got To Say.” What Brooklyn MC would want to make a song with Bow Weezy? I don’t care if I am signed to Jermaine Dupri. The dude’s throwing up on the lap of one of the sexiest women in the world. Maybe he don’t know what’s 'hood anymore. If he did he would’ve hurled all over her breasts like a real nucca. Show the world he’s keeping it gully for the streets. Instead he’s trying to hide his vomit in her lap. SMH.

Anyway, Q puts together a pretty impressive mixtape. Decent freestyles and songs along with a consistent flow and good voice tone make for a good project. Q, you got the juice now...

Hottest Track: Get Yours

Weakest Track: Hero Freestyle