Diddy, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige Call For Community To Register To Vote

Diddy, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige and Warner Music executive Kevin Liles have written an open letter to the hip-hop community together urging people to register to vote by the national deadline this Monday, October 6.

“We are in a state of emergency,” the letter begins with an exclamation. “You must register to vote by Monday, October 6, 2008!”

The letter then notes that the presidential election is only 31 days away; the hip-hop leaders call the upcoming election the most important of our lifetime, citing the sagging economy and the unpopular war.

“It it our responsibility to protect our futures,” the collective said. “Time is running out.”

Diddy, Jay-Z, and Blige have made it no secret of their affection for the Democratic nominee Barack Obama. The Illinois Senator often receives a shout out from Hov. During the “Heart of the City” tour, Jay took time out every night to denounce President George W. Bush. Meanwhile, an image of Senator Obama would appear in the background during Jay-Z’s words.

Blige appears in Big Boi’s latest video, a tribute to Obama. And Diddy’s latest video blog was titled “Palin Scares Me,” a reference to Obama’s opponent John McCain’s controversial Vice Presidential selection, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

“Barack Obama cannon win this election alone,” the open letter continues. “He needs our help. This election is about us. This election is about our children’s future. If you have not registered to vote, you are disrespecting everyone that sacrificed their lives for you to have this right. You are also disrespecting your future.

The time is now for us to use the voices with which God has blessed us,” the letter concluded. “We need you to do all you can.”—LaTisha Robbins

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    this is the single most important moment in african american history.
    vote for your greatgrandmother who wasnt allowed to think about voting.
    vote for your grand kids who will see us in the history books. vote for all the africans who died on the ships.
    vote for all the people in jail / and thier victims . before you vote go to your parents house and look at all the old pictures of those black people.your people ..remember how they would smirk when they reported that shirly chisom was running or jesse jackson …or al sharpton was running , remember katrina jenna 6 rocafella drug laws that sent kids to prison for life ……….as i look at my black hands type this .i think about how many died that never learned to read or had their kids stolen and sold… thank you fredrick douglas thank you nat turner thank you chuck d thank you krs 1 thank you .. OBAMA 08

    • iLL G

      yo I respect what u wrote. but when are u gonna realize that this country dont give a flyin f*#k about us?? and voting? hahah what a joke…its just a ploy the gov’t has put in place, to make americans think we have some sort of say in who runs the country, but the 2000 election proved that completely wrong when they robbed Gore of the presidency. EVERYTHING is a FACADE!! we are all living in the dark. so thats why I aint voting, it wont do shit. No matter how bad I want Obama to win, they will find sum way to make McCain/Palin win. its sad but true. im moving to canada lol

  • Tre83

    Good! Don’t vote! Just don’t bring ya silly ass on here giving lame ass excuses! Step outside the box homie! Vote for people who couldn’t vote. Vote for the fact that it might be the first chance in history to have a black president! NIgga Vote because that one vote may just help Obama get into office! But if you’re not planning to do something about it, shut the fuck up and keep it moving! Only person living in the dark is you! “I’m not gonna vote because Mccain is gonna win anyway” what kinda shit is that? Maybe Obama could win if dumb niggas like you went out and voted

  • Ariel

    The only way McCain/Palin are going to win is if we don’t turn out to vote for Obama. The race is tight in many states as once reliable Republican states are now toss ups because of the economy. One vote can make a BIG difference this election. It’s very important that this one time we put all our excuses aside. Sure our country has a bad history for people of color, but we now finally have the chance to put one in the presidential seat! Don’t let this one slip! Who knows when is the next time an opportunity like this will come up. Maybe never! If we want this once in a lifetime opportunity to happen, we are going to have to do our part and actually go and vote!

  • Capostatus

    Why do you blacks get happy when another black person does something that they are just supposed to do. If a white man did what these three primates you call black leaders did, it would not make the news cause its normal for a white man to contribute to society.

    Mary, Jay and Diddy are simply singers. They lack the intellectual capabilities needed to influence any reasonably educated society. But then again, Blacks are not educated, simply parasites. Eating of the decent hard work of the white men of this country.

    If you Black americans lived anywhere else you would surely starve to death. You so proud of Barack Obama but the reason he is so appealing is because he thinks like a WHITE man, NOT a NIGGER like Jay-Z< Diddy and that bitch Mary J Blige. Smell me?

    • Ariel

      Well I am not even black, I am Latino and I still support Obama for president. It is not the same for a man of color to run for president as it is for a white guy. Because of inequalities ingrained in our society it takes twice the effort for the man of color to do what white people do in politics. To see that an African-American is so much better for the presidency than his white counterparts is a great feat and should be acknowledged.

      All that’s left is for America to vote him in as the best candidate and it will be set in stone, a man of color became president even after facing many obstacles white people don’t have to. Obama is a great man and an inspiration for us all who face adversities.

  • Tre83

    Every white person that blogs on here is a fuckin racist tough guy. Lets be clear, You and I both kow your afraid of some black dude catching you write this shit cause if it were face to face, you wouldn’t have the balls to say what you just said to my face. Lets be honest. You fear black america. We are proud because this black man stood up and ran for the presidency. He’s actually credible. And his roots go all the way back to AFRICA!(how many times have you told somebody black to go back there?). So everytime I catch you writing some ignorant racist shit, I’ll follow it up with a great rebuttal on how much of an ignorant piece of shit you are!!


    @ ILL G:

    Brah, you are right in a way but you still need to exercise your right to vote no matter who you vote for!!! If the race is close, yeah I’m sure that they will find a way to put Mccain in office…Just like Bush in 2000 with the state of Fla…..It’s sad to say that you have millions of people out there that say, Oh my one little vote won’t count….But imagine if those millions of people saying that actually went and voted. People lost their lives back in the day for you to be able to vote today!! Atleast show them some respect and vote, It’s your right to!!