Diddy, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige and Warner Music executive Kevin Liles have written an open letter to the hip-hop community together urging people to register to vote by the national deadline this Monday, October 6.

"We are in a state of emergency," the letter begins with an exclamation. "You must register to vote by Monday, October 6, 2008!"

The letter then notes that the presidential election is only 31 days away; the hip-hop leaders call the upcoming election the most important of our lifetime, citing the sagging economy and the unpopular war.

"It it our responsibility to protect our futures," the collective said. "Time is running out."

Diddy, Jay-Z, and Blige have made it no secret of their affection for the Democratic nominee Barack Obama. The Illinois Senator often receives a shout out from Hov. During the "Heart of the City" tour, Jay took time out every night to denounce President George W. Bush. Meanwhile, an image of Senator Obama would appear in the background during Jay-Z's words.

Blige appears in Big Boi's latest video, a tribute to Obama. And Diddy's latest video blog was titled "Palin Scares Me," a reference to Obama's opponent John McCain's controversial Vice Presidential selection, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

"Barack Obama cannon win this election alone," the open letter continues. "He needs our help. This election is about us. This election is about our children's future. If you have not registered to vote, you are disrespecting everyone that sacrificed their lives for you to have this right. You are also disrespecting your future.

The time is now for us to use the voices with which God has blessed us," the letter concluded. "We need you to do all you can."---LaTisha Robbins