Details About 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct Emerge

On his last album, 50 Cent opted to go the collabo-heavy route and bypassed stalwarts like Dr. Dre and Eminem.

The two stars guided Fif’s massive debut. So this time around, for Before I Self Destruct, the G-Unit General decided to return to a winning formula.

Dre and Em are both set to produce and appear on 50′s fourth–and possibly last–Interscope solo project.

50 is also putting together a film to compliment his album.

“My film captures the harsh realities that reflect so many communities today,” the rapper said in a statement. “There will be some who will greatly identify with the characters and the situations presented and then there will be others who may be shocked at the struggles that go on in the inner city. I made the film for both groups.”

In the flick, Fif stars as Clarence and is revengeful as his character tries to avenge the death of his mother. (A trailer for the project is available to view here.)

50 Cent’s first single, the Scott Storch-produced “Get Up” has been serviced to radio.

Before I Self Destruct is scheduled to be released December 9—Anthony Thomas

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  • Goose

    50 is back haterssssssssss!!

  • Trouble

    This isnt a smart move, 50 cant move units anymore. If this shit doesnt sell VERY WEEL, his career could really be over.

    The G-Unit album flopped, so did fifty last album. He will be on Koch if he isnt careful, but shit he hasent dropped anything hot since Get Rich or Die Tryin, everything else exept a few mix tape tracks have been garbage. And G-Unit lost there 2 best artist (Game, Buck) yayo and banks cant sell records either.

    I seen this shit comin, after Camron did the whole comeback album/movie, a few summers ago.

    • EReal

      Uh, Curtis did 5 Million you hump.

      Get off that haterade homie.

      • sthxdnn

        yea i agree.. 50 is making a bad move but who isn rele gonna buy the cd seriously…and umm for the idiot “Trouble”..Get Money was the hit of the summer and G-Unit’s Album sucked cuz they treated it like a mixtape

  • niggaplease

    LOL @ niggas in 2008 still thinking people haven’t already figured out or seen what happens in the projects and shit.

    Dumb ass goon.



  • LightSkinMofo

    Yo I’m feelin the new single. As for his last album Curtis… Actually he moved 5 mil world wide. 1 and change here in the states and four overseas. I can’t say what the total sales figures are for the G-Unit album are though… I know they’re like 300k here in the states but dunno bout world wide. One!!!

  • real niggas

    out of state niggas go suck a dick g unit run this rap shit period.

  • RL

    Well, if the lead single is any indication, the album will be another groan. Does this dude actually rap anymore?


    yup. time 2 make these g-unot niggaz pissed once again…its on bitch niggaz…n o yah juss 2 make u hatien ass niggaz mad 1 moe time CURTIS did 5,000,000 worldwide dum fucks….



    oh yah i fogot

    hoe ass niggaz

  • ripsta

    lol, you stupid lil white boys love g-unit! lol and selling over a million world wide aint shit, what matters is USA sales. dumb ass kids lol go read a book or do your homework instead of posting retarted comments. and nobody but you cares about fifty. i actually hope he makes a hit record, sing me a song you faggot, i said sing bitch! entertain me you buffed up monkey

  • stuckfresh

    He will sell 250,000 frist week and slowly move past gold!! LOL!!

  • brand-new

    50 will prob sell a million and not much more. he knows how 2 pimp his cds

    • TonyStackz

      Nah he knows how to pimp the lameass niggaz that Still buy his CDs lol Doesn’t matter how much his album sales if this album Doesn’t come even close to be as good as GRODT than that totally Comfirms that Curtis is Wacker than a mothafucka lol as if People don’t already Know!!!

    • drox

      thanks for ur prediction homie… what’s next on ur list? the presidential race… the solution for the middle east… damn u’re soooo talented! u gotta understand there r ppl behind 50 that invest money on his projects (not that he cant do it himself) even Curtis moved 5 mil (a dud!) and u predict this… peace

  • styles11

    Im one of the people who stopped supportin 50 a long time ago but Im definetly gonna buy this album 50 cant go wrong if its dre and em coaching him hes gonna go harder than all these gay ass niggas ya heard you wayne dick ryders this album gonna be tight

  • Shawty J

    Okay, I just looked up 50′s record sales:

    Get Rich Or Die Trying
    Certified 9 times platinum (9 million in the States alone, 12 million world wide)

    The Massacre
    Certified 6 times platinum (6 million sold in the United States, 11 million world wide)

    Certified Double Platinum (2.2 million sold in the US, 4,728,000 world wide)

    Rounding the figures: 50 lost more than 2/3rds of his domestic sales and total in World wide it’s just under half.

    Maybe the hunger’s not there anymore. Maybe the music’s climate has crippled 50. I can’t say. But unless 50 (lord forbid) gets shot again his record sales may never been the same again.

    Maybe having Dre and Em on deck may help, I don’t know. As long as I don’t have to hear another “Candy Shop” or “Amusement Park” or “Straight To The Bank” I’m cool.

  • Shawty J

    Where I said “more than 2/3rds” in my previous post. I meant to say “almost 2/3rds”.

  • internet thug slapper

    why is everybody so concerned with record sales theses days? i remember when selling 500,000 copies was great and anything over a million was a blessing. I mean think about it how many of you could produce, market, and sell even a 100,000 units of anything? Fruit, pieces of gum, candy bars etc. Its not like these dudes are going broke if they don’t go platinum. However, I can say that 50 did slightly cripple himself by bringing so much attention to his sales after GRODT knowing that the cd market was declining. So maybe it is all his fault and maybe he will suffer for it. I just take it all with a grain of salt. If its hot I will bump it, if not its gonna be a weed plate selection like the bootleg of 808′s and heartbreaks(I know that shits gone be wack as fuck).

    • Sthxdnn


  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man fuck 50 nigga fell off lost over 60% of his fan base eversince GRODT so dont expecy him to sell more. it’s true he did over 4mil worldwide and after he did only 2.2 in the states meaning he did just below 2mil in the rest of the world meaning that, the nigga aint shit coz even Game’s name dropping ass pushed over 2.5 mil for the Doctor’s Advocate, minus sale stateside. and fuck em and Dre em niggas aint put out hard shit since Shaq was with the LAkers

  • Jay Monee

    Let me school all you fools:

    50 cent is gonna sell units regardless how bad the album is.
    But to say you’re going back to the winning formula, you can’t. Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is a classic. Think about this: If he didnt have the assistance of Dr. Dre and Eminem you think his name would be big as it is now? Just like Game became famous for the help of 50 and Dre. Young Buck was big because he was with G-Unit. I’m not hating on 50 but to me G-Unit is not the same. I like it when it was with Game and Buck in it. That time they was a force to be reckon with. Now he backed by a big lipped motherfucker with no lyrical talent and Gayo who sponges off 50. Before I Self Destruct to me will be a good album but it wont be a classic. I don’t like the first single, he need to come hard if you’re doing the original formula. Another thing, 50 and Game need to squash the beef and stop all this nonsense. Keep it real, L.A.X. is a great CD and I think it’ll be better than Before…… but Game’s album will not push units like 50′s. That’s reality. 50 said that The Massarce was gonna be like Get Rich…… WRONG!!!! He said the same thing about Curtis WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So keep it real. At the end, I’ll still buy 50′s new album regardless because he’ll have some joints that’ll be bumping. And here’s what I have to say on the new album, It will be a good album as long as you don’t have Yayo on it. Thank You.

    Any Questions

    • Jay Monee

      Another thing I want to add:

      His first two CDs got big sales because people was hoping he diss someone. On Get Rich….Ja Rule. On The Massacre……..Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, and Nas. On Curtis…….NOBODY!!! and the album “flopped”. Think about that.

      • sthxdnn

        actually he did diss ppl on Curtis and WE ALL HEARD PIGGY BANK…that was enuff..we bought The Massacre cuz of Disco Inferno, Just A Lil Bit n Candy Shop [sadly they all mean the same thing]

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    @ Jay Monee
    get 50 dick out your mouth the nigga is historry and you know it he aint gon sell more than 2 mill, i guarantee you that.

    • Jay Monee

      Technically you can’t read or understand where I’m coming from. I’m not a fan of 50 if you read my comment. Im just saying he’s gonna sell although I ain’t a fan. I’m still tripping on the sales of TOS. By the way, you’re right I will get his dick out my mouth: I prefer you ugly mothers bush better. Tell the bitch bring the hot sauce. And speaking of dicks, I can’t put mne in your mouth cause my zippers stuck. So your girlfriend will do it for me.