REVIEW: Crooked I presents The Block Obama: A Mixtape for The Streets

Words by The Infamous Omar

I’m still trying to figure out how of all the MC’s in hip-hop does the one who’s been in the game for years and has had little to no influence on the mainstream game decide to dub himself the Block Obama?

Would that make Bubba Sparxxx the Community’s McCain? Lady Sovereign the Public’s Palin? I’m not knocking any of these fools, I’m just saying.

These the peeps that were supposed to change the game only to find themselves Tara Reid’d (Not relevant). It’s like asking who has more power: Miss America or Miss USA? Ok, that made no sense, but y’all know what I mean.

Crooked I’s fall to obscurity wasn’t his fault. At the time that Tha Row was plotting it’s big comeback, the industry became the 2008 MLB and straight Barry Bonds’d Suge Knight and all his artists (I heard Eastwood is selling socks on Crenshaw. 6 pairs for $3.). Wasn’t no one trying to do business with Suge. Hence the fall of The Row and Crooked I.

A few years later Crook got his walking papers and has since been grinding making mixtape joints and appearing on street DVD’s.

Now we have The Block Obama.

If I give him props for anything, it’s that he ain’t using the T-Pain machine to help him get radio spins (I swear to God I think Kanye uses that thing even when he takes a sh*t. How else do you explain “Heartless”?).

While most rappers love to say “I ain’t your average rapper,” I’d have to say that Crooked is just that: an average rapper. Just embrace it. Just like Spiderman calls himself “Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman,” Crook could be “Your neighborhood average gangsta rapper.” Not to say that dude is wack, cause he ain’t by any means, but he doesn’t bring anything new to a game that’s just about seen and been through it all.

He has an average flow, rhymes and lyrics. Well, maybe above average. ‘Cause if you give him the right beat he can hold his own with the best of them.

But that also turned out to be the problem. Not enough beats on this mixtape were good enough for son to showcase what he can do. He ended up playing catch-up on joints like “Freak,” “New West Baby,” and “What’s Hip Hop?.”

On the flipside, joints like “Rappers Ain’t Shit,” “Stronger,” and “Hood Politics” Crook was getting it in on them f*ckers.

On “Lift Em Up” my nucca was got amped on the street thumping beat and spit, “Don’t get it twisted ’cause I rap hustle/ gun lift you in the air like a pair of calf muscles/ live you a damn puzzle/ I mean in pieces–Jesus, you bringing brass knuckles to a shoot out / the silencer it got my mac muzzled / I’m past trouble for your dummy asses / tell your friend I’m selling tickets to hell that come with buddy passes… I take action I don’t talk / I’ll put a price on your legs, you step to me and you won’t walk…”

Simple yet to the point gangsta lyrics.

Sad as I am to say it, there were more weak joints on this joint than strong ones. Son can make a joint bang like Lindsay Lohan on Perico, but he needs a dope track to ride. And TBO just didn’t have enough tight production. A lot of the beats sounded one dimensional and hollow at times. Sort of like John McCain during the debates.

Now I like homie, but if this man wants to make a difference in the game and outright earn the moniker Block Obama, then he needs to start with change. As in change your muthafuckin’ producers.

Hottest Joint: “Rappers Ain’t Shit”

Weakest Joint: “Freak [NC-17]”

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  • http://xxl fortywater619

    come on with thta east coast biased shit…Crooked is the hardest out not named wayne, game or lupe…I admit TBO is not his best work and seems like it was thrown together at the last minute(mostly filler) with his wordplay and intracate lyrics crooked is primed for a big 09…he does need better beats tho…crooked i 4 prez…619

    • 619

      Good to see someone reppin’ the city. We out her doin’ it big. Smashin’ past Greenfield Cemetary, to 45th and Imperial, past Jackie Robinson YMCA, down Imperial past Willie James Jones Dr. R.I.P., past Huffman’s BBQ and Green Cat liquor to Euclid Ave., hit up Fam Bam parking lot. Regular South East like rolled tacos with cheese! HAHAHA!


    co-sign my man up dere. crooked I is a beast on the mic. he under rated 4 real.


    Weak ass review…

  • Bang

    Mang, youre an idiot. Crooked has more TALENT and skill than most, yet you dont like him so you tell us about his long career and failed mainstream attempts. Y’all tell me random NY mixtapes that no one give a fuck about get a HOOD rating but Crook dont? Man, get the fuck outta here and judge music, not the story and hype.

  • The Infamous Anonymous

    Wow. that just seemed like an ignorant ass column. Crooked I has seemingly came from nowhere to take the internet over. His ‘hip hop weekly’s’ were getting incredible amounts of attention, and they were dope. I’m not sure how a supposedly credible website allows this type of negligent writing to be passed off as acceptable coverage of hip hop music. As far as Crooked choosing to title his mixtape, “The Block Obama,” more power to him. Hip hop and art in general is supposed to be about creative ingenuity and doing whatever you want to do and taking your ideas wherever they might go. “The Infamous Omar,” (who I never heard of til I just scrolled up to see who wrote this- so how infamous could you really be) open your mind up to creativity and get out of your 1996 mentality…step your game waaaaay up sun.

  • Kakish

    Who ever wrote this is an absolute idiot!

    Crooked I is an average lyricist? Are you retarded?

  • marc

    This mixtape was just average
    BUT Crooked I is by no mean average
    Really his punchline game is better than Cassidy’s (which are really redundant)
    I think he proved himself as a top mc with hip hop weekly
    I think his was mixtape was average because his group is below average

    But despite this i’ll put Crooked I in the top five anyday

  • buckets

    TERRIBLE REVIEW! did this guy say crooked was “an average rapper”??!??! you need to go do your PROPER research.

  • balaramesh

    i am a HUGE CI fan.

    CI is by far an above average lyricist

    i’d put him line for line againist anyone game.

    however, i can agree that this is not his best mixtape.

  • fishy

    you sir, are an idiot.

    Crooked is one of the top in the game no where near average.

  • Ali

    yeah most of the beats were wack i cant lie but ur neighborhood rapper is kinda messed up lol….this guy is 4 real….go hear “welcome to my city” again

  • supernegro

    I was not impressed by this mixtape, but Crooked I is still the illest lyricist ever. As far as punchlines and metaphores are concerned, he’s beyond people like Big Pun, Canibus and Eminem.

  • !*Hostile*!

    R U FuCCin Serious??? Mann u needa juss give up ur Review Career…Crooked I is a 6east at tha mic u juss made urself Look like a complete jaCC Ass

  • theone


    Terribale review with all these whack ass “rappers” on the front page of this website you should be praising CROOKED I and what he brings to the game,its a sad day when in todays day of age you call crooked i “average rapper”



  • jr

    Terrible Review.

    This mixtape is better than most albums these whack ass sucka “rappers” put out and calling crooked i “average” LMAO wow sad day in hiphop when you got these GARBAGE ass BELOW average “rappers” all over your front page

  • uhoh

    agreed….crooked i is an overrated old ass internet rapper…don’t say that around his loyal internet groupies tho or they’ll eat you alive

  • postthissssss


    Terribale review with all these whack ass “rappers” on the front page of this website you should be praising CROOKED I and what he brings to the game,its a sad day when in todays day of age you call crooked i “average rapper”



  • buckets

    uhoh aka SNOOP DOGG

  • feedback

    Damn? Crooked an average rapper? man fuck you, give him respect, the dude spits way above average.

  • Ali

    The reviewer is wack as fuck! The reviewers is totally out of their mind, that “What’s Hip Hop” joint is insane, and most of them joints were the shit. Funny how the reviewer takes a shot at auto-tune users but features that exact market on their cover each and every month. Come on man, you say ”Weakest Joint: “Freak [NC-17]” that joint was good! And don’t motha fucking come here and say that crooked i is an average rapper! He’s Not! That’s like saying Krs-One and Rakimg and all of them are average! Listen to all Crooked I tracks, and listeeeeeeeen! And see if he’s average or not! He’s underrated, just like Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9” and Joell Ortiz.

  • dj nice wit it


  • buckets

    ^^^ boring??? HAHAHHA probably cuz most of it is over your head. keep up.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    posted by xxl staff


    xxl staff who???

    I think “The Block Obama” is a good mixtape, good lyrics, good flow but poor beat. Crooked I is like Joell Ortiz, poor beat selection.