T.I. Sued By Children’s Mother For More Financial Support

The mother of two of T.I.’s kids has filed a lawsuit against the rapper for more child support.

According to the Associated Press, Lashon Dixon said she’s having a hard time supporting her two boys, ages 7 and 8, with the $2,000 a month she currently receives.

The suit claims Dixon, 30, wants a stipend that’s more in line with the rap star’s current success.

T.I., 27, and Dixon reportedly have known each other since their teens and dated before the rapper attained success.

The Atlanta rapper is currently under court supervision stemming from his 2007 arrest for attempting to illegally purchases firearms. Part of Tip’s agreement to lessen his jail time is to perform 1,000 hours of community service. As a result, T.I. has signed on to promote the Hip-Hop Caucus Voter Registration Drive.—Nino “Dubs” DeLuca

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  • Flow

    tips bitch can lick my lollipop

  • BirdsFlySouth

    I thought she could have whatever she likes???????

    • ben jammin

      lmao right

  • the real jay

    bitches always tryin’ to bring a nigga down.



  • Project

    Come now. 2 grand for 2 boys a month? 24 grand a year? Aint that way less than wat these muthafuckas spend on they cars, jewelry, hoes(strip club), etc? But ya two boys only get 24 grand a year! Fuck outta here. His B M should have been guaped up from the gate. I will never let my B M suffer. She aint hatin. She wanna eat too. But if she throw a crazy number out there a month in court, then yeah, fuck the bitch.

    • SouthCakC23

      Magne GTFO HERE! What elementary school age boys you know that cost ANYONE $2k a month? She’s getting more in child support now than millions of Americans make on their annual salary.

      That trick needs $0 additional in support. I guaran-damn-tee you that he spends money on top of the $2k a month on his sons. This is complete bullshit.

  • WarsawThaGod

    “So you gonna need more than a child support lawyer (yep, listen up)
    I got some child support for you,
    Get off your ass bitch and get you a job
    Tell your other 3 baby daddy’s to sell dope or rob”

    Jeezy said it best

  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    $2,000 is more than enough for the kids, but it’s not enough for HER! she wants to live it up as well. u can’t please hoes these days, u gotta support ur kids, HER AND HER FRIENDS AS WELL. CHILD SUPPORT SUCKS!!!!

  • KSA1001

    Just to play devil’s advocate:
    Not supporting capt save-a-ho or nothing, but 2Gs a month ain’t shit. I make more than that and my ass is broke 1/2 the time. Plus being children of a global celebrity can’t be cheap [protection/private schools]. Shit..don’t Diddy break off like 35Gs a month? THAT is crazy, but asking for more than 2Gs ain’t greedy.

  • Stuckfresh

    Man T.I spend more on big Country Wack ass every mouth then that!! He need to give here at least 10,000 a month for 2 kids!! He got to much income for 2,000 a month! Shorty lo should be giving his baby 2000 a month not T.I.P!!!

  • Mutada al sader the king



    You cant even get a decent apartment/townhome for less than 1500.00, gas, schools, food, clothes etc etc. He should be doing at least 3000.00 so she can break even.. (But she needs to work also)

    Tinys kids live it up and get lavished with gifts and wealth.

    • SouthCakC23

      child support is not for paying FUCKING RENT!!!! It’s for CHILD SUPPORT. She would have a 2 bedroom apartment regardless of those 2 kids. You can’t include the shit she’d already be paying for had she not had the kids in as reason for increasing the fucking child support. Child support is as follows:

      school supplies
      day care
      health and dental care
      college fund
      savings account for child
      life insurance for child


      Car payment
      Electric bill
      Water bill
      Gettin ya hair and nails did

      It’s child support not baby momma support.

  • KSA1001

    U’s a fool Stuckfresh
    LOL @ the Shorty Lo comment…co-sign

  • geico lizard

    KSA1001 diddy pays that 35K per kid. he should have bought some condoms instead.

  • anutha_level

    bitches mane….ho need to get a damn job. 2g’s is more than enough per child each month, think about it. when ya’ll were 7 & 8 years old, how much shit did YOU need growin up that passed 1g per month?? guarantee not even HALF that much. the shit start gettin short when she start gettin her nails/hair/feet done and shyt….tryin to live off their money.

  • JeffDaChef

    2,000 dollars is a little cheap for the amount of money that T.I. is making. But, his baby’s muva should’nt be struggling to raise kids with that kind of money unless her lazy ass doesn’t have a job, which I suspect is the real reason why she can’t make ends meet.

    • BigNat

      yup thats what it is baby mama don’t wanna work. 1000 for each kid thats good thats 250 a week. if they really wanna raise it make it 3 g’s a week 250 a week for the baby mama 2 hahahha

    • SouthCakC23

      to hell with how much TIP makes. There should be a cap on Child support. If child support per annum exceeds the annual salary of the baby momma, something is WRONG!!!!!

  • http://deandresurrelllife.ning.com deandre surrell

    ti trickn wit all dem nasty ass sluts,he need to be helpn his kids and puttn dat money where it need to be instead of spendn a million here and there on dem sac chasers

  • huddini

    now honey 2thousand for to should be cool wow!!!!what are you doing trying to buy everything top of the line or is it you want more of because of what his o lady is getting now she got a baby???

    • SS

      Seriously??? What is wrong with you people. $2000 a month is really nothing and she has 2 kids?? I hate that she has to go to court just to tell a man to do the right thing! These are his kids too not just hers!!! Jeez!!!

      • SouthCakC23

        you act like this bitch don’t have a job. AGAIN, if child support payments exceed the annual salary of the gold diggin how bitchin bout the child support that she does get, SOMETHING IS DEAD WRONG!!!! She ain’t tellin everyone how much money is spent on those kids by TIP; is she????????????

        I guarantee that he is the one that buy s their clothes, school supplies, pays for their healthcare, etc…..she is pocketing that money. That money is not for her rent, car payment, electric bill etc. It’s FOR THE KIDS. That shit should be put away in a college fund or a savings account for those boys.

  • TzDaGoD

    Ju silly mudda fukkaz, da shit is called child support not baby mamas entitledment support, obviously da bitch ain’t got no job or if she do she tryn to eat good on what that man has achieved. I bet you that 2K ain’t accounting for what he does outside of his 2K financial obligation to his kids. I wish Ju silly mudda fakkaz would reply. AND A NI66A GOT FAMILY COURT 2MRW, YALL POSTED THE WRONG SHIT 4 ME 2 GET @

  • marz

    2 gs a month is not ALOT. kids cost, some of you must don’t have any or don’t want the best for them. t.i. made 18 million last year. 24 stacks?
    for your two oldest boys. come on man.

  • marz

    why does the court have to make you pay child support anyway.

    they can’t have whatever they like?

  • ito

    2k a month, thats like 500 a week… shit is enough for da kids!! he ain’t gotta be supportin her assss, send that bitch to work.

  • Project

    I got two boys and they take damn near half of my muthafuckin check. They aint takin half of his shit. If ya’ll know the hood niggaz make way more than 2 grand a day!!! The shit aint nothin. Let them kids eat. The baby mom too!!! If I was caked up like that my baby mom wouldn’t have to work. Period point blank. Being a parent is a job. And I got custody of my oldest son so I know what the fuck I’m talkin bout. He probably do way more than what articles would say tho but this shit shouldn’t hit news at all. Give that girl some money nigga. It ain’t goin hurt him.

  • nellz

    2k a month is more than enough. I could see if tip wasn’t payin 4 they’re clothes…school n wat not…but u know he is. He makes sure his kids are good….he just doesn’t need to pay that greedy bitch….word to Jeezy

  • nikeindabutt

    “2k a month is more than enough”

    ^^^ Fuk outta here…that might be enough for two hood kids going to public school and living in a lil ass apartment but this nigga Tip got chopped azz Tiny rocking some ice on her finger worth millions—his bitch deserve to get more than his two seeds? *dead*

    That’s what he get for talking about “you can have whatever you like”!!!
    His baby moms was like “cool…i’ll have some of that child support like what Puffy seeds get…thanks!”

  • lostgyrl

    T.I is my man in all but from a woman’s point of view. It’s hard now a days being single, but to be raising 2 kids on $2,ooo a month that’s not going to cut it. Especially with the money he mades. I bet Tiny is spending more than $2000 a month for her children’s expenses…. Paid up a least 4.

  • balaramesh


    i feel you son. these chicks getting over 100k a year for “child support”. it should be capped. trust me, i agree. but dont have kids with no woman that you not going to keep. plain and simple.

    i only make 57k and pay $1,796 a month. AND, my BM already makes 40k a year. do the math. anyhow, that is my problem.

    regardless, how the BM wastes the money. he should have broken her off anyway. PERIOD. ti is too smart for this.