Show & Prove: Jazmine Sullivan

Name: Jazmine Sullivan

Hometown: Philly

Testamony: All this stuff people call work is not work for me. I do get tired , but I’m just happy to be doing something I love.

[On writing] Not all  the situations I write about are personal, but they are real. It’s about connecting with people and feeling what you’re actually saying.

Jazmine Sullivan “Need U Bad”

Jazmine Sullivan “Bust Your Windows”

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  • dusty boy

    This shawty right here is the muthafuckin’ TRUTH!!! I fux with her HARD!!!


  • no hate

    Creative, but not forced. You can hear the passion, the emotion. Plus, the girl can really saaaaang! Fitting sound beds underneath both tracks. I LOOOOOOOOOVE the reggae track to death. I’ve been impressed by most,if not all of the stuff I’ve heard from her since I heard about her. Wish there were more like her comin’ out these days.

    • no hate

      Plus, I forgot she writes… Maaaaaan!

  • Bang

    Hot as fuck

    (music too)

  • 619

    I was with the first joint, shit was bangin’. Then the second joint, whoaaaaa hold up miss lady…..’I bust the windows out your car…I wrote my initials with a crowbar…I drove into your door’? WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW! Just when I was thinkin’ ol’ girl look alright, I’d fuck with it, voice’s nice, music’s smashin’, she gotta go say some shit like that. NNNNNNOOOO, red flag, that’s some psycho Halle Berry type shit, hittin’ dudes with cars and shit!

  • Silverback Gorilla

    Co-sign 619, lol. But i guess its better than rat poison in ya’ breakfast.

  • Michelle S.

    I tried to put people on to her last year when I first really listened to her. On my iPod: “Take Over You” & “Round Midnight”. Got her on Myspace early.

  • Clever

    I hear women talk about all the time I got that fire or, I’mma 10 piece or Dime piece. Lets step it up ah lil.
    Lady’s are you a DIME PIECE OR, A ICE PIECE? Fella’s do you think your Lady is a ICE PIECE? I’ve had ICE PIECES in my time of being a single player in da world of romance. I’ve had more Dimes than Ice Pieces. I was blessed to get one or two. So fella’z how many Ice pieces have you had, or dime pieces? Lady’s how many of you Think your a ICE PIECE, send me a pic and, Let me see if you are a ICE PIECE. Its not all about looks either. ;-)

    My Song ” ICE PIECES ” explains about the real life experience I was fortunate to have with some ICE PIECES.


  • acai berry max

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