Run-DMC Nominated for 2009 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Class

Jam Master Jay, DMC, Rev. Run

Jam Master Jay, DMC, Rev. Run

The Kings from Queens, Run-DMC, are officially royalty now. Run-DMC, it was announced today, is nominated for the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, joining a possible induction class that includes Metallica and Bobby Womack, among others.

The three-man crew, comprised of Rev. Run, DMC, and the last Jam Master Jay will undoubtedly get voted in. When they do, the two MC/one DJ group will be only the second hip-hop group inducted; last year Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five made it in.

Run-DMC are true pioneers. The group achieved a number of firsts in the hip-hop world. The act was the first to score gold, platinum, and multi-platinum rap albums. Run-DMC was also the first hip-hop act to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, first to have a rap video appear on MTV, and first hip-hoppers to sign an endorsement deal, when they inked an arrangement for Adidas.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • styles11

    ok question is did these niggas do rock and roll
    man fuck this shit its just another ploy to turn hip hop main stream and get some higher ratings because few niggas watch this shit

    this aint even an article to be printin its ass is for the birds like lil wayne

    • TheRefriedMexican

      Relax dude! Hate to break the news to you but hip-hop has been mainstream for years now. That train left the station along time ago homey! Anyway Rock & Roll is Black music. Blacks invented it. Chuck Berry and Little Richard were a couple of the founders of rock

  • Michael

    I don’t know if they’ll get in. The Beastie Boys didn’t get in last year and they won’t this year so i have to believe they will make Run DMC wait a couple of years.

  • Tony Grand$

    They may or may not get in, and this could be in fact a ploy to use hip hop to maximize viewing, but if its getting us heard as a little more as a respectable artform and not just misogyny and premeditated homicide threats, I’m all in. Not to mention that Run DMC deserves every bit of praise. They usered in a new form of our music, taking from the Af Bam, Kool Herc day to the rebellious voice of the youth back then. Nobody was reppin their namebrand gesr like they did it, until they did it. All black, DJ just as live as the frontmen, that was a breakout time in the culture and Run DMC was right there, along with James T. Smith, and The Beasti Boys. Props should be given where they’re deserved.

    • Tony Grand$

      ^^*dressed in all black*^^