Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie Presents…The Mad Rapper: Appreciate the Hate: The Mad Rapper Chronicles Vol. 1.

If you don’t know, kiddies, in the late ‘90s a few rappers—and even a country singer— dropped albums using alter egos they created. Noreaga was Melvin Flint (And it wack album, whoever you wanna credit it to), RZA became Bobby Digital (He had a few dope cuts on the album, but it wasn’t all that) and Garth Brooks became a whiter man (Like I’mma listen to any album by him). But D-Dot’s alter ego, the Mad Rapper, knocked all of ‘em out the box.

Hating on rappers with more money, more power, and more respect, the Mad Rapper’s interludes on those classic Bad Boy albums were the shit. Then he rode shotgun on Fif’s infamous “How To Rob” and it was a wrap. The Mad Rapper was officially a rapper. But that was then and this is now.

This mixtape had that T.I. vs. T.I.P. concept, except that it had more than three bangers and you can easily tell who was who—was T.I. any different than T.I.P. on that album? Some joints have the Mad Rapper getting it in and other’s showcase D-Dot’s skills.

Surprisingly enough, D-Dot is as good a rapper as he is a producer, even when D-Dot is… well, just plain ol’ D-Dot. When he’s himself he’ll spit slick lines from “Breathe” like, “Call a doctor, flow’s gotten sick / old fashion criminal, rap got me rich / sat back watched cats whack out New York / waited for a minute now I’m ready to talk / man, I got cracks to cook, it don’t take long and got a throwback Jacob on and you got makeup on? Do you know all the years that I’ve been getting dough / got guns, got hoes all itching to blow / gangstas awaiting my phone call / Brooklyn New Yorker smoking the boom – boom!”

Then as The Mad Rapper he’ll OD and say shit like this from “Baby”: “Took her robbin’ and stealin ‘ / we stole some bread / and I’m messing with her head, humping all on her leg / army fatigues on, eyes blood red / and whoever comes baby, pump ‘em full of lead / I love to stroke ya when ya talkin’ vulgar / the herb on your breath tells me you’re a smoker / my Backwoods missin’ tell me it’s an addiction / she like gettin’ high on the floor in the kitchen / nasty girl, talkin’ foreign lingo / she like her men dirty, she called me gringo / and she don’t give a damn if I put out a single as long as she jingle.”

I have to give it up to D-Dot for creating this mixtape. It’s sound was definitely a throwback to that ‘90s NYC hip-hop era that seems like nothing more than a nearly forgotten memory. But that’s expected. He did help craft classics like Life After Death and No Way Out (Let’s not front on Puff’s only good album). With the exception of E. Ness, all of his features (Busta, Cory Gunz, Papoose, Joell Ortiz & newcomer Ceion) were pretty good guest MC’s. Thank God he ain’t feature Chopper’s wack ass on this joint. That would’ve sent this mixtape’s value plummeting like the economy. Who the fuck gave that man a mic and told him to rap? Helen Keller?!

Anyway, dope mixtape. Only problem is, I don’t know which persona I prefer to listen to on a record. A laid back D-Dot or an over-the-top Mad Rapper.

Hottest Joint: D-Dot: “Breathe”; Mad Rapper: “The Corner”

Weakest Joint D-Dot: “Disco Freestyle”; Mad Rapper: “Carried Away”

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  • Pierzy

    I just copped this the other day and it also includes some classics like “How To Rob” and “Stir Crazy” with classic Eminem

  • texasleen

    Shit is banging like yalls girls on labor day thinking its 4th of July…pop pop she asked for fireworks


    NE 1 kno were 2 get dis frm i wanna hear it.
    cos da barz he put in da blog waz gud

    • E

      someone please get this kid a dictionary.

      • SCRAPZ

        I dont kno hu da fuk u r so shut da fuk up

        Its da internet so i dont have 2 rite properly, cos its alot quiker 2 rite in text langauge

  • Eric

    I am looking all over for this, where can I get it?

  • fireforreal

    Tell em why you mad son ! I wish rappers would do more creative shit like that for there interludes instead of the typical rolling up to someone’s hood and saying what’s up now and star shooting and shit like that. I think that mad rapper shit made alot of rappers look in the mirror and try not to be that guy.

  • texasleen

    say it with me bo-de-ga

  • O

    Chillin’ in the back pool room of la bodega!

  • enzo

    Bobby Digital in Stereo is the greatest album of all time. you don’t know shit.

    • O

      In hinds sight I guess you’re right. Bobby Digital was in fact better than Criminal Minded, Amerikkkas Most Wanted, Illmatic, The Chronic, Ready To Die, Reasonable Doubt, Makaveli, Life After Death, The Blue Print…

  • enzo

    In hinds sight I guess you’re right. Bobby Digital was in fact better than Criminal Minded, Amerikkkas Most Wanted, Illmatic, The Chronic, Ready To Die, Reasonable Doubt, Makaveli, Life After Death, The Blue Print…

    I know

    • O


  • enzo

    way more creative and thought provoking anyway.

    • O

      More creative, maybe. The cover itself was a classic cover. But thought provoking?? I don’t agree. Like I said, the album had alot of bangers, “NYC Everything,” “Domestic Violence,” “Love Jones,” etc. But his album didn’t break any new ground like the above mentioned classics. It wasn’t even better than Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. And he co-created that album too.

  • O

    And for the record, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is a CLASSIC!

  • BklynBandette

    D-Dot has been rhymin’ for years! Before he was captain of Diddy’s hit making team of producers- “The Hitmen”- he and Ron “Amen-Ra” Lawrence (also part of the Hitmen) formed a group called TWO KINGS IN A CIPHER. Can’t quite remember when ’cause I was a young shorty, but I believe it was in the early 90s. So this is not unchartered territory for him. Brother just going back to his roots.

    Holla …

  • enzo

    well i guess we will have to respectfully disagree on that. all of those albums you mentioned are classics, but it all comes down to taste. I liken Bobby Digital to a trippy Stanley Kubrick flick like Clockwork Orange and all the other albums you mentioned are like box office smash hits like Pirates of the Caribbean. That doesn’t necessarily make them better – maybe to the mass public, but in Wu Tang ideology the mass public are the 85 who are dumb deaf and blind. So it makes sense that most people tend to share your opinion on the subject. But on a side note out of all the classic albums you mentioned, I would still rather listen to something like Three Six Mafia Chap. 2 World Domination or Teardaclubupthugs Crazynthelastdayz. But what can I say that’s just me.

  • enzo

    the genius of Rza/Bobby Digital and artists like Wu Tang is something like Van Gogh. People won’t fully appreciate and realize its aesthetic value until much further later on in the time space continuum.