Busta Rhymes Detained At U.K. Airport

Busta Rhymes has been detained at a British airport after authorities refused to let him enter the country due to “unresolved convictions,” according to the BBC.

The New York rapper is scheduled to perform Friday at a charity event in the country. Immigration officials, however, attempted to return Busta to the states as soon as possible. The rowdy MC was instructed to board a flight heading to Amsterdam immediately.

The rapper’s lawyer was able to file an injunction, though, that will keep the rapper in England for the time being. Immigration officials are debating whether or not to admit Busta into the country. His criminal record is being held against him.

“We are selective about who we let into the UK and will oppose this entry to the UK of people who have been found guilty of serious criminal offenses abroad,” a spokesperson for the Immigration Department told the BBC. “It’s important that people play by the rules and earn the right to stay.”

Ludacris and John Legend are also scheduled to perform at the same event at Busta Rhymes. The Orange RockCorps show in London is set to celebrate 5,000 fans who obtained tickets by doing volunteer work. Busta was among those in the UK who helped to kick off the event in August.

“He has the necessary work-permit and has been in the country twice already this year, so we’re a little puzzled that a question mark is now being placed over his ability to enter the country to perform to volunteers,” Stephen Greene, co-founder of RockCrops, told the BBC.

Earlier this year Busta plead guilty to assaulting his former driver. In March he was sentenced to three years probation, 10 days of community service and ordered to pay several fines and court fees. He was also ordered to take anger management classes.—Anthony Thomas

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  • RL

    Racism is a cock-eyed bitch. And she burns too.

  • Nate

    UK must really get off on this stuff.
    First Snoop, then Busta

  • EReal

    Meanwhile you have terror cells all up in your damn country and people bombin your subways and busses, you supreme duchebags.

  • master cheef

    who the fuck would want to go to England, anyway?

    besides that, something fishy is going on here and I thinks it runs deeper than racism.

    maybe, bol was right about his arab money post. or maybe, jimmy iovine has the power to blackball people from whole countries.

  • 92FS

    There is a possibility that England has the most races in the world! I been there nuff times! You find people from aaaalllll over the blood clot world! Especially in London. But they fuckin’ strict when it comes to people who have criminal records! Many of ma friends that have a bad police record have the roughest times in that airport. Trust me…it na nothin’ to do with racism! MANY MANY people who work in that airport are either black or from the Middle East. I just came back from London and nearly everybody I dealt with is either from the Caribbean,Africa or the East. So yea…they don’t take kind to people with a bad police record ESPECIALLY if you’re a rapper.

  • droopey

    Stupid they let everyone else in (Asylum seekers ect.) ridiculous.

  • Zottapottamottakiz

    and i guess the US is better. fuck off. racism my ass. busta rhymes is a convicted criminal. get uncle sams dick out of your mouths. your country does the same shit to other people everyday. im not even from the UK but everybody knows it. only thing is it doesnt make XXL news so most of you dicks probly wouldnt know about it.