50 Cent likes to get in the middle of trouble and start beef. But Fif reportedly doesn't like to get in the middle of an investigation. Authorites are alleging that the G-Unit boss has not met with fire officials to discuss the burning of his Long Island Mansion. The home was occupied by the mother of his son and others, but no one was hurt during the blaze. Officials claim they've made several attempts to contact the rapper through his lawyers but to no avail. "We interview every owner of every structure that goes on fire," an official said. [SOHH]

Looks like its been a tough year for JD. The hip-hop mogul's girlfriend, Janet Jackson, had her most recent album flop, his latest artists 9th Ward is struggling to breakthrough, and now his latest business venture, Cafe Dupri, is set to shut down. “The economy has changed dramatically and people just aren’t eating out as much anymore,” Dupri explained. [AHH]

Murs is taking his album pretty serious. The Cali backpacker will appear at the Democratic National Convention to promote his latest LP, Murs for President. The DNC runs through the tail end of August and Murs' album arrives in stores September 30.