Jay-Z Announces Sale Of Las Vegas 40/40

Jay-Z announced today in a press release the sale of his Las Vegas 40/40 franchise.

“The sale is a great business decision, we are delighted,” the rapper said in a distributed statement. “We look forward to expanding the brand even further to Chicago and Tokyo.”

Along with the Las Vegas site, there are 40/40 sports bars located in Manhattan and Atlantic City.

The Las Vegas site, however, was the newest franchise. Upon its opening, rumors swirled regarding problems the rapper was having with production. The lounge opened without a hitch with a New Year’s celebration this past December.

The property was located in The Palazzo and the sale was for the lease of the area. The new owners will operate the space under a different name and not 40/40. The terms of the deal were not announced.

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  • hova

    best there is best there was best there ever will be

    • shad

      Sounds like god, you need some humble pie.

  • kayking

    yALL know i got hovis back jst lyk an extra tire behind a truck…lol……go aheadand sell dat franchize big bro and i swear 2 GOD 50s ass iz gonna be kissed goodbye outta da no.1 of da hip hop cash kings…..beliiii dat..peace up.no.1 young hov….im out

  • http://www.nerditry.com nerditry

    Imagine how many more dumb replies we could get from the Stans if they had both hands available for typing instead of rubbing themselves to Jockin’ Jay-Z.

  • texasleen

    who cares put more video ho’s in this spot

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Yes I agree more video hoes, less Gay-z !

  • TheCo!!inB

    funny you mentioned “Jockin…” cause I woulda sworn Jay woulda put niggas on front street about copying all his business ventures….including the sports clubs…..eh

  • Laughin@u

    Jay shoulda knew them itliano’s wasn’t finna let him get no bread dolo in vegas! you get down or lay down over in the LV.It’s all money tho so either way jay stay winnin’.

  • CHEA

    “40/40 in Vegas at the palazzo
    They said it was not so”- Jay-Z Maybach Music

    I guess it was not so, bet he makin mad dough of the sale though… HOV knows what he’s doing.

  • http://www.webbentertainment.net webba

    HOVito!!! I go tthem beatz for you homie




    The 40/40 Culb in VEGAS was DEAD every night of the week.

    Place was a rip off!

    They gave me the Jay Z suite for free..but, I spent $300 on drinks for 4 people….Not to mention another $200 on food.

  • http://yahoo amoney

    jayz didnt do shit for vegas good he gone naz and fab better ne wayz….vegas streets.com

    • CHEA

      Tell me what Nas and Fab did for Vegas?
      Absolutley NOTHING.. SO what the hell does that have to do with anything…

      Did he have to do somethin for Vegas? He opened a club and it decided to sell it and is makin money off it…

      All Nas got is Fila! Who wears Fila? LMAO
      I aint hatin on Nas I’m jus sayin. Dont say pointles remarks!

      • http://www.nerditry.com nerditry

        Nas did more for Vegas with Street Dreams Goodfellas video than Gray-Z with a faux sports bar.

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  • Born

    Who cares about this ugly Trolkin…bawhahaha

  • Maurice L Dees

    Intill Las Vegas police solve the murder of Tupac Shakur, I’ll never go back to that state.

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