Gnarls Barkley Nominated For Two VMAs For “Run” Video

Cee-Lo Green and his production partner Danger Mouse, collectively known as Gnarls Barkley, have been nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards, it was announced today.

The musically-askew duo have been tapped for Best Art Direction and Best Choreography for their hit “Run.”

The video is noted because the clip was rumored to be rejected by MTV initially. However, the video didn’t pass the Harding Test–a measure which determines if viewers was be at risk of seizure–in Europe and was temporarily banned.

GB won two Video Music Awards previously for their video “Crazy.”—Nino “Dubs” DeLuca

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  • iLL G

    good to see that creativity acknowledged

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Um Cee-Lo was the shit till he started wearing wedding dresses and diapers. Creative is one thing but turning into a weido is something else. I agree though they make good music

    • Aalon Boots

      Yea i have to cosign. he is a little spaced out, but the music speaks for itself.

      like my shit… check me out ppl let me know what u think. just need some real heads to be real with a nigga…motivation my dudes, 1ne

  • MattSonzala



    gud for him, I lyked da video and da song

  • balaramesh

    ceelo was such an exceptional lyricist. too bad the majority know him from gnarls barkley and not from “soul food”

  • Tony Grand$

    I don’t necessarily agree that hip hop is dead, but it sho must be gettin sicker every year. Example, Cee-lo, Andre 3000, Common, Mos Def, these cats hit the ground running with a new style of hip hop, basically pioneered a whole new movement when they came out, and all them cats got hella skills as lyricists. Then, for whatever the reason, they just turned into weirdos overnight. Maybe they got fed up with white tees and truck jewels, and all the drama that came with being a rap nigga. Yall remember 3 stacks from southernplayalisticaddilacfunkinmusick? When he was just Andre? That nig was harder than bat guano! Now, he’s like a hip hop Michael Jackson, still a genius, but a lil scary to me. Cee-lo is still the biz, but come on, diapers? A friggin wedding DRESS? Dude, turn it down a notch Cee! The white folks are lovin you juice, so you can start movin away from the shock value now. U aint gotta keep it hood, but damn nig, @ least keep it heterosexual. Eatin all that expensive shit made you forget about some good old soul food! But congrats to Gnarls Barkley, they earned it! Who the fuck came up with the name Gnarls Barkley anyway? Oy vey.

  • wellz

    oh most def this is deserved. ppl droppin sh*t on some EXTREME creativity always brings a crowd. but one thang u gotta do ofcourse is accept it. ppl had such a hard time seein Andre go thru his change. and tha thing is, he changed right after southernplayalisticadillacfunkinmuzik. right before atliens he switched up his steeze. no different than how hard kanye switched it up with tracks like stronger, nelly with tim mcgraw, wiz kalifa wit “say yeah”, steppin outta tha box doesnt make u NOT hip-hop, just brings more hip-hop to those who arent, dig? CONGRATS GNARLS BARKLEY, DO IT BIG. CEE HOLDIN IT DOWN FOR THA A-TOWN. by the way, i dont care wat nobody says… DUNGEON FAMILY ALWAYS been CREATIVE.

    “..they callin us slo till they see us at tha tip-top / southern bretheren are runnin what we call “HIP-HOP”..” -WEllZ- lol.

  • Tony Grand$

    I feel u dude, I never said that didn’t make them hip hop though. I would never deny any of the aforementioned their props, like I said, they paved mant a way (cosign the dungeon fam), but just bcuz they might be the rawest embodiments of pure, unadulterated hip hop doesn’t mean that they’re not weird. Just bcuz they got creativity down to a science doesn’t mean its not disturbing to see a 250 lbs black man wearing a blonde wig and diapers. I don’t down the talented and success, I just state the obvious. They’re bringin hip hop to new plateaus, new demographics, suburbs and beyond, but hey, call me nostalgic. Its just not my favorite flavor of the tea I like to drink.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I feel you Tony..I remember being in 6th grade and seeing Dre and Big in the video for Players Ball, Dre in the Atlanta Jezzy swinging his arms and flowing his ass off. I was like who the fuck are these dudes, (as all the dope music was coming from the west at the time) I bought that shot the day it came out. That album was a classic and in my opionion better than most of thier later work although I do appreciate them pushing the envelope. Remember how Cee-lo nearly stold the entire b side of the album with “Get up get out and get something”? That was one of the best “thug motivation” songs at the time and still is better than 94.9% of the stuff that comes out today. Now he’s wearing diapers, wigs and wedding dresses… I never said a thing when he did the Cee-lo Green funk machine thing and had the Cameo codpiece on. But the Gnarls stuff is just to weirdo for me.